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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Streaming Service - Free (No Paywall or Signup) until 12pm AEDT on 12 Jan 2024


From the MSO's promotional email:

Now is your opportunity to access all MSO.LIVE content for free!
We're conducting some system maintenance and have taken down the MSO.LIVE paywall for a limited time.

Binge all the MSO concerts you can between now and 12pm (AEDT) on Friday 12 January – no subscription or sign-up required.

Experience everything from Meow Meow to Mahler, featuring the MSO and leading orchestras from around the world.

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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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  • +6

    I wonder what was broken that led them to 'might as well make it a promotion and give free access to all'.

    • +7

      It's good that the comms/marketing team was even invited to the meeting, let alone listened to

      • They clearly didn't have much input cutting it off before the weekend where they could get more exposure

    • +3

      Broken G string in the Viola section?

      • Good one

      • No one takes viola serious anyway ;)

  • Yay! Thanks OP 😀

  • +1

    I shall unleash my inner Beethoven

    • 👏👏👏

  • Is there any way to download everything

    Asking for a friend

    • Tell your friend that would technically be piracy.

      • The laws are grey in my homeland my friend

        • +2

          www(dot)savethevideo(dot)com Just copy paste the url

    • +1

      lol you know other orchestras have same programs on youtube

      • Yeah but they don't have that one violinist

    • +1

      yt-dlp all the way

  • Do they home deliver?

  • +3

    Thanks Op, really enjoying the music :)

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