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HTC Cha Cha Unlocked Mobile $75 Free Shipping - EB Games(Online Only)


HTC Cha Cha Unlocked Mobile for AUD65 in EB Games
The deal is back again, last time i purchased it and the mobile is good…

Use promotional code IDKFA for free shipping.

23/10: $75 Linked to silver

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  • Wow no comment with 10+

    You gotta unlock the phone on vodafone webaite. Its free

  • Just ordered mine mehhhhh cheap unlocked android phone free delivery …bargain
    How good are EBgames for delivery and warranty issues?
    Anyone gotta comment?

  • Yeah, seems pretty solid- http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_chacha-review-617.php

    I might pick one up over the possibly unlockable Defy+

    • Note that the specs of the EBGames version are different to the specs of the version advised on GSM Arena!


      2G Network: 900 / 1800 / 1900
      3G Network: HSDPA 850 / 2100

      GSM Arena:

      2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
      3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100

      • It's because Vodas 3.5G is on the 850 bandwave or whatever its called. (I know its unlocked now but this is clearly an ex-Voda stock phone)

  • 850mhz and wifi. yep.

  • I did hesitate on the Defy+ for a long while yesterday, however the physical QWERT keyboard on Chacha, and also the cheaper price, win. Just purchased one with freeshipping as a spare phone. Thanks OP.

  • Reaaaallly think my sister should get this..

    She has an aging E71 and whinges about touch screen keyboards all day, seems like a good fit. Gorilla glass is pretty womanproof too.


      Switched from an E71 as well. The physical keyboard does that some getting used to as they moved the shift key to where the Z key sits on the E71, amongst other things. Battery life is pretty average.
      Internal memory is poor and it doesn't want to move a lot of apps to SD, thinking about rooting it to free space.

    • I have an E72. I know where shes coming from. Android still cant match Symbian for a mobile phone OS, IMO (anything else, tab? pc? sure).
      Symbian is confusing and slow, yes. But once you know it, its much more of an 'embedded OS' feel, you never worry about data loss or errors, you trust no matter what you're doing, the phone part of it will quit or minimise any apps to recieve your SMS or phone call without fail.

      I have both. As a telephone, and an SMS device (which is what I use my phone for) symbian wins hands down.

      As a multimedia device, its a no brainer, Android wins.
      However the E series has proven to have the best quality audio output of any phone (look it up!); and since mine is also an MP3 player, win.

      tl;dr? If you dont expect your phone to be a video game too, I know where shes coming from. I can get almost 50 wpm on my E72 when i need to type a short document. I cant get even 30 with a touchscreen.

      I think the best description is 'I Trust symbian to never miss something. Android has lost data on me before and not shown SMS'

  • Do these work well as a GPS? Thinking of getting this as a replacement for my old Nokia 2600 since my parents mobile stopped working the other day. I can pass the Nokia on to them, as they only text and phone. Meaning I don't have to keep borrowing there Tomtom GPS if I get a replacement mobile with GPS. Since Tomtom recently released its android navigation software

    • the screen is way too smalllll… get Motorola Defy for $34 extra with way bigger screen

      • Seems a bit expensive for a Just after a basic phone. As I only text, phone and GPS would be good bonus. Don't use internet or other social networking etc.

  • Coming from using other cheap phones like the U8150 and the LG GT540, this ChaCha is far superior. Been using it for a while now (6 months?) and find despite the small screen, it's quite fast and the screen itself is very responsive to touches. Very very solid too.
    The mod community can do Android ICS for you and while it works very well, it does take a bit of a hit on your battery. Currently running a GB mod and battery in standby goes for nearly a week.

  • Out of stock? :(
    Really wanted to get my dad one so he can stop using his terrible old blackberry.

  • nooooooooooooo! T.T
    out of stock.

  • Shows out of stock for me.

  • Coupon code is excellent :D IDKFA, so many memories!!!

  • Showing in stock for me…

  • Showing out of stock for me :(
    Has anybody tried the store yet?

    • Could be a few people cancelled checkout and cleared their cart, now it's out of stock again for me.

    • not in store. apparently all stores sent back any remaining stock to the warehouse a couple of weeks ago.

  • Is the battery life on this as bad as a lot of reviews say?

    • That's a built in characteristic of any Android phone

      • built in characteristic of any budget Android phone

        Fixed that for you.

        Actually to be more precise, most smartphones have fairly short battery life (2 days max) due the the sheer amount of gadgetry built into it's chassis. Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G HSDPA, GPS, proximity sensors, gyroscopes, noise cancellation features, are all battery drainers. Not to mention the background apps like email, weather apps that have to constantly check online to get your latest updates.

        If you want a QWERTY phone that lasts days on end, get a Nokia E71. That thing's a champ.

    • my battery lasts a week with wifi and all mobile networks on

  • Note that the internal memory of this is about 120mb (after doing a hard reset to get rid of the Red Bull apps). Can't Install many apps…

    Some EBs still have them in store so it's worth going by your local to ask. I picked one up for $56 that way.

    Rooting it and installing a custom rom frees up internal memory.

  • works great as my dog's GPS tracker. It even takes photos and streams live videos from my dog's view.

    Will buy another one to use as my bike's riding cam/walkout tracker.

  • A lead would be cheaper.

  • all gone by the looks of it.

  • thats one cheap cha cha

  • Blast. Didnt see the silver before. Would've like that colour more >:D
    Too late now…

  • Both black and silver in stock. Although the price has increased by $10 for the same product. Glad I got one over the weekend for $65

  • Phone arrived this morning Sydney. As expected. Package has been opened as phone is ex Vodafone and they have also stuck a label over the Vodafone sticker on the box.

  • It's a good cheap QWERTY phone´╝îI like white