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PowerColor Radeon RX 7800 XT Hellhound OC 16GB Graphics Card $829 Delivered @ PC Case Gear


Price drop at PC Case Gear on this specific model ATM, good alternative over the XFX speedster models if you want some more RGB.

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    Dam that is a good price for a non standard card

    • umm $829 is an awful price. Was same price 2 years ago


      Also hellhound is mid tier, Gaming trio is top tier, ie a competitor to the red devil

      • The link you put is 6800xt. Are the two of them showing the same performance?

  • +1

    This is the variant with the really good thermal and noise performance, right? Good price if so

    • +1

      It is the quietest and almost the best thermal performance. Nitro is king with overclocking.

  • +5

    my god this card is ugly….

    • Not that bad, just a very basic design

  • +1

    these don't have RGB, the LEDs only show blue or purple.

  • +2

    What are the chances of further price drops and the end of the month when the supers come?
    Assuming this about half the price of 4070ti super when it's released

    • +3

      Honestly not sure if it will be immediately affected, if you look at AMD pricing now the difference between a 7700xt and 7800xt is only $100. The 7600xt is meant to come in around $500 according to US pricing but will likely be $550.

      7800xt $800~
      7700xt $700~
      7600xt $550~
      7600 $450~

      Not much wiggle room for a price drop when factoring in the cost for the 7600xt only just releasing. Don't see them moving the prices too much immediately after releasing the 7600xt.

    • +1


      This is now at the standard 20% AMD discount vs NVIDIA since starting street price on the 4070 Super is AU$1K+

      More likely to see price drops on the 7900 XT and XTX because the 4070 Ti Super 16GB is going to destroy the value of both those cards

      The bigger news is that Battlemage is locked and at TSMC for fabrication for launch around September

    • Also the 6800xt ended around $800 on sales and didn't get much cheaper, seems like they're keeping pricing fairly consistent over generations.

  • +1

    (profanity)… im crying…. i just blew $1100 on a 4070… shoulda got this instead :(

    • The XFX speedster has been this price for a while now, was there a reason to not purchase that?

    • +1

      4070 was as low as $820 a couple of months ago and came with a free copy of Alan Wake 2.

    • Or a 7900 XT

    • Which model? I don't see a 4070 for $1100 on Staticice until I'm 8 pages deep..? Not to mention the new 4070 Super releases in a week for $1200. Possible to return your card?

      • pretty sure they bought a strix 4070 or aorus master lmao

    • Should have got the basic one like PNY for 899 instead :)

  • What was the original price? $879?

  • saw the Sapphire Pulse 7800XT $799 at umart
    Is this PowerColor better?

    • That one's been posted here, I'd say triple fan is likely better compared to dual most of the time.

  • +1
  • I like the Powercolor 7800XT spectra. So beautiful in white.

  • so how reliable are brands like these??? Powercolor, Sapphire, PNY?
    are they as good as the big name ones — ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI etc. ???

    • For AMD video cards, Sapphire, XFX and Powercolor are usually the best ones, better than the big names generally

      PNY is generally reliable

      • +1

        Powercolor is definitely not the premium brand.

        • For AMD cards, you can very much say that they are, this model is however not a 'premium' model yes. You'd be looking for the Red Evil lineup if so.

  • I just bought this and it’s free delivery now , $799 total

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