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Dyson DC35 Multi Floor - $355.11, DC35 Animal - $381.81, DC44 Animal - $478.82 at Harvey Norman


Noticed Harvey Norman was having a vacuum cleaner sale for the weekend and decided to look at the website. Advertised price on the main vacuum models page shows the non-discounted price, but clicking on either of the DC35-44 models, shows some discounted price (maybe others as well).

I purchased a DC35 Multifloor for $355.11 pick up from a local HN store near me.

Not sure when will this offer end but I was about to buy one for $410 until I saw this.


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    Best vacuum ever. Haven't used my corded one ever since getting this. A spare battery and charger keeps you going even longer!

    • how's the power? they look week vs a corded

  • offer ends tomorrow. It's 11% off all ticketed prices of vacuums and steam cleaners. Some purchases get bonuses. If I'm reading correctly, the OP gets a bonus Airflo stick vacuum because the purchase was a vacuum over $250.

  • What's the main differences between these 3 models? Runtime?

    • colour of the plastic and the included attachments

    • -3

      In general, for Dyson, "Animal" translates as "has a rotating, vacuuming, brush head on the end of a tube for getting dog hairs off the sofa".

      Multifloor translates as "main head adjusts for different surface types and has different brushes for hard/soft".

      But as these are all stick ones, that translates as "not likely to be useful for anything".

    • Oops double post

  • On the Dyson site I picked Asthma/Allergy as a criteria and the DC35 Animal came up. Any comments on this? I thought it needed that HEPA filter or something which I can't seem to find on the description.

    Is the power of the vacuum comparable to full sized ones? Wondering if I should buy a stick or a full sized vacuum.

    • The power and suction doesn't go close to matching the full sized ones. But these are excellent for small apartments and hardwood floors, I own 1 and it's unreal.
      The mini powerheads on them are good, have a graphite fibre in it that uses static electricity to attract and pick up dust, does a fantastic job.

    • Not 100% sure about the DC35's but I know all the DC39 models have a HEPA filter. Check the Dyson website or more detailed specs I guess.

  • For OzBargainers who can be bothered, Masters hardware have a 10% price beat guarantee, if you're keen for a further discount.

    (Masters sell Dyson products, but Bunnings don't)

  • Picked up a DC39 (corded) model yesterday and was surprised how much dust it picked up in comparison to my old bag k-mart brand.

  • I've been needing to replace my handheld dyson for a little while now. Ordered the DC34 for $265.22 with $5.95 delivery as well. I seem to go through them every 3-5 years but they're great for the incidental cleaning rather than getting the full one out all the time. Plus should get the bonus stick vacuum, perhaps I can sell that on gumtree or something?

    • Where did you get the DC34 from, and how long does it last on each charge?

    • We had one of those. The battery was dying after about 3 years, we called up to find out how much a new battery would be and they gave us one free. Might be worth calling up.

      • I'm pretty sure it's the motor head has gone in this one. It's about 4 years old now so out of warranty. I can vouch for the service you get from Dyson as I very first one had a dying battery, and was out of warranty. We were also given a replacement one for free. This is part of the reason I'm happy to use them again.

  • im also interested in getting one that is for Asthma/Allergy but i thought the dyson site would suggest the DC39 Allergy model and not the animal model. anyone can tell me which is better cos currently my wife and i just cant stop coughing. thanks

    • Both the allergy and animal models are good for allergy sufferers but the animal is better due to the mini turbine tool/upholstery tool which gives it an edge over the basic matress tool that comes with the allergy. If you're wondering about the HEPA filter, all DC39 models have it.

      The animal also comes with a 180' swivel hard floor tool for those interested.

  • I think I paid around $340 at Harvey Norman for the DC35 a few months ago during a sale. It is an oustanding product. We've stopped using our regular vaccuum (our house is entirely floor boards and tiles). If you have young kids, this is a life saver. Suction is excellent. And no consumables to buy!

  • I've had the DC35 for a while now, and it's really handy. It's not particularly powerful, no, so it's not the best option if you've got difficult carpet, but the rotating brush on the head does a reasonable job of picking up hair and fluff on carpet (although if there's someone the house who sheds lots of long hair, you'll occasionally need to take the brush out and cut the hair off, because it gets tangled in the bristles).

    It's fantastic for getting into difficult corners, and tiles and wood floors.

    • +2

      if there's someone the house who sheds lots of long hair, you'll occasionally need to take the brush out and cut the hair off

      I'm not sure my sister would appreciate that.

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    Oh God,

    I have a full size one that weight a ton I got a handheld one which I love (although longer battery life would be perfect) but I really want this for everyday quick vacuuming. Couldnt be bother picking up the full size one every day.

  • My friends have the DC35 and they say it has only a 6 minute battery life??! Isn't this a significant problem?

    • +1

      That's only on the 'turbo' high-power setting. On the normal setting it lasts about twice that long.

  • ok fair enough. But 12mins ?! That's not gonna get you far. If you can't clean the whole apartment / house in 12mins, then you need another battery or another vacuum cleaner !

    • Then this hand stick is not suitable for you. You need the full thing (ie.DC39/DC29 etc). It certainly depends on what's your preference.

    • You'll be surprised how much you can get done in the time it lasts, but its not really meant to replace a full size vacuum.

      Also it's 16 mins of usage. You generally don't have the trigger activated the whole time.

  • The offer online is still on as far I can see. Might end tonight for the 11% discount as jdr mentioned. Just picked mine up a while ago. To test later today. I can finally dispose of my 'super' under performing handheld & Kmart vacuum!

  • I haven't checked the other ones, but you can get the DC35 Multi Floor from Amazon Spain for EUR 240,78 (~ $304) delivered

    • thanks.
      local stock at $50 more seems better

      • and you gets a bonus Airflo stick vacuum as well.
        Alternatively, someone already mentioned earlier, go to Masters Harware and get 10% price match (brings it down to $320)

        • what's that?

    • I'm glad I paid $50 more for that extra 2yrs of peace of mind warranty.

  • I tried both dc-44 and 35 in store. DC-44 has stronger suction motor and longer battery life (20min instead of 15). I would recommend dc-44 if you have carpet or rugs and I guess the dc-35 is good for hard floors.

    While it's not a replacement for a full size vac, it's so easy to whip out the handheld when needed. Also, emptying is a breeze, just one click and it practically ejects the particles into the bin, no need to dismantle and touch with your hands.

  • This is a good stick vacuum. But misleading- "double the suction power" while it lasts just 6 minutes for 3.5 hours recharge. Worth $350??? It is overpriced.

    Harvey Norman advertisement says free Airflow stick vacuum for any vacuum purchase over $250. But hanheld vacuums are excluded.

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