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Samsung EI-T5600KWEGAU SmartTag2 - 4-Pack (2x Black & 2x White) - $111 + Delivery @ Skycomp


As it appears the Amazon single unit buy deal has expired…
Here is a 4x pack offer for $111 + del. Depending on your location and the option you choose.
(Yes, this is a Samsung device and doesn't work with Apple Fruit products…)

Samsung EI-T5600KWEGAU Smart Tag 2-4 Pack (2 X Black & 2 X White)


Keep it found. With an enhanced battery life up to 500 days, IP67 dust and water resistance rating, Compass View and Search Nearby features for intuitive finding, the Galaxy SmartTag2 keeps your valuables located and helps control various IoT devices with a simple click. Easy to use, simple to find Think of it intuitively. The redesigned Galaxy SmartTag2 is convenient to tag and carry, durable with IP67 dust and water-resistance rating, gives you remote access to your IoT devices, and alive for up to 500 days or even up to 40% more on Power Saving Mode. Relax, it's tagged No need to retrace where you last saw it. Register a new Galaxy SmartTag2 and get started right away on SmartThings Find. With its intuitive UX experience, you now have a simple method in your hand to locate the things you love. Not lost. Nearby Something misplaced? Switch on Search nearby and get intuitive instructions via Compass View. If you still can't see it, have your SmartTag2 call out to you via Ring Your Tag. Find it in Lost Mode Give it a way back to you. When Lost Mode is activated, the Galaxy SmartTag2's NFC (Near Field Communication) displays your registered contact information and message on the finder's smartphone, regardless of the OS.

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  • Not all features are supported in Android 11 or prior (Galaxy S20 or prior)

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      Shipping starting at $17.40 for me, ruins the deal.

      • me too… need one and too many…

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      I don't agree. Everyone lost their minds at Samsung Education Store at $135.20 2 months ago.
      (240 uovotes)

      If they added in their postage to their price and offered free postage, why should that change everyone's perspective? I realise that GG Commercial eligible people have gotten it for cheaper I'm sure.

      My personal view is it doesn't deserve a neg when they are likely the cheapest option available to your door at this moment in time, I suspect.

      Bing Lee are $159 not including postage!

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        You probably could price match with Bing Lee and other stores. So I don't know why @tboss is making a whole fuss over it.

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          He's fine. He is being well overnegged now. 🤣
          I understand his opinion, postage is crazy, but their base price is crazy. If it was my business I'd be offering "free postage" and Jack the price up, still cheap. But yeah, if you are buying a 1k TV and they bring the price down to $200 and tell you it's $200 delivery fee. Still cheap as, great deal, weird business perspective. And that hypothetical would absolutely not deserve a neg.

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            @seamonkey: Reminds me of the whole Tipping in America situation with the whole "Low cost" food but spending around 15-20% just on tipping. I agree with tboss on this that it is misleading to have a low price but have a ridiculous delivery fee but the way he wrote it, wasn't the best either. The delivery cost of the Smart Tags is about 16% of the price of the smart tags, when it will cost more like $5-8 for a delivery of that size. It is still a good deal nonetheless.

            • @NotReallyaMoneySaver: Great analogy. Yeah, hopefully with an increase in orders the store owner traces it to ozbargain and hopefully he'll consider our feedback. I may even call them tomorrow just to provide some friendly customer feedback. I purchased today.

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                @seamonkey: Thanks! I'm not a fan of the whole extra price you have to pay as what can seem like a good deal ends up being a pretty bad one when you factor in hidden costs. HP Printers are a good one being cheap at face value but having to pay ridiculous amounts just to buy the ink to use the printer. What about the delivery fee and service fee when things are already inflated in value on UE and DD? They earn about 30% of the someone's order, a service charge and maybe a part of the delivery fee.

                Good idea @seamonkey. Skycomp doesn't seem like a bad seller, however the whole extra for delivery is one thing I hate.

      • Samsung education store deal was good if you had Samsung reward points to use. I had points that I would not have used otherwise and that brought the price down significantly.

  • need amazon to price match

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    What do ppl use it for?

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      Kids, back packs, luggage

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        In car of
        - Wife
        - Mistress
        - Girlfriend

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    JB hifi said they are not able to price match..

    • Boooo.
      Thanks for checking dude

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    Is there even enough ppl in this ecosystem to actually find stuff

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      Smart things come preinatalled on most new Samsung phones.

    • The Car Expert Australia comparison showed it to be the highest performing tracker ecosystem in their side by side comparison. I'll post the link if I can find it again - someone had posted the link before.

    • Most people either have Apple or Samsung. That leaves the oddballs / pixels whatever else left. So probably.

    • We used them in Hawaii last year for our luggage and backpacks and also a few weeks ago in Japan.

      Worked perfectly fine in both countries…. In Japan we used their luggage forwarding services quite a bit so we didn't have to carry our luggage in trains, so was great to see exactly where our luggage was when it was being forwarded.

  • Dammit, bought it last week for $150 @ Bing Lee.

  • I wonder if people would be interested going 4 ways?

    • I need two. Halvies?

    • +9

      DM sent. To be clear, we have zero interest in getting any Samsung Smart tags.

    • I struggly with 1 sometimes, let alone 4… But im open to discussions… hahahah

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    It works. Have tried in my last vacation.
    But mistake I did was - should have put one on the kid as well. More prone to getting lost, compared to car

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      Damn dude. I really hope you find your kid soon . 😥

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    lol I brought a 2-pack at Amazon for $100.
    Works quite well when travelling. Could get status updates as my bag moved through Australian domestic airports and also overseas airports. This new version can turn on when I'm at the gate to make sure when the baggage trolley gets loaded that my bag is inside.

  • +1

    shipping cost for 1 pack ~=11,
    2 packs ~=22.

    still no deal for buying 2 packs lowering the cost.

    • Do we happen to know each other outside of the virtual world? :)

  • Not showing up anymore? Only shows the 1 pack for $40.

  • Link not working anymore

    • Yeah not working anymore

  • Dispatch notice sent…
    Inc. shipping to Sydney: $127.

    Link has been pulled from their website. Suspect OzB stricks again!

    Items Ordered
    Items Ordered
    Samsung Ei-t5600kwegau Smart Tag 2-4 Pack (2 X Black & 2 X White) EI-T5600KWEGAU
    Subtotal $111.00
    Shipping & Handling $16.60
    GST Included $11.60
    Grand Total $127.60

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    other supplier optuons:

    4x Packs - Costco: https://www.costco.com.au/c/Samsung-Galaxy-SmartTag2-4-Pack/… - $139

    JBHIFI Commercial: $41 / single buy - if you have access to the commercial site

  • Any suggestions on similar product that I can stick to an avata drone? I tried the tile but not happy with it, crashed in the bush and couldnt find the tile.. useless. Android user. Cheers

    • +1

      The limited range of Bluetooth, and the reliance on a network nearby devices to ping the sensor, are going to be less useful when you're flying in relatively remote areas.

      Plus you're also heavily limited by the small payload capacity of these drones, and the potential interference from nearby electronics and other radio transmissions.

      The best success I've had with finding crashed RC aircraft has come from a tiny "screecher" speaker controlled by the aircraft radio. You can trigger a loud, high-pitched alarm for a few seconds (to save battery) and then follow the sound towards the crash site. This only works if your battery doesn't go flying in the event of a crash, but I've found that electronic connections are far more robust than airframes.

      However, even a screecher isn't going to help if you're flying a few kilometers out - which of course is highly illegal and you definitely shouldn't be doing, but then again FPV flying is basically illegal in Australia anyway.

    • +1

      Also get a label maker and put your phone number on the drone. Won't help in the bush, but if it goes down where someone may find it then you'll likely get it back.

    • +1

      Yea I fly always on very remote areas, never on properties or when potential karens are around.
      The avata has a beeping system integrated and I bought a battery holder so in case of crash it holds it in place and will still powered and connected. The tile thingy was perfect as if I got stuck on a tall tree ir very tall grass and the power eventually went off, I could bluettoth its position easily. I am aware theres gps long range systems but they are expensive ( I never fly more than a k anyways). Something loke the tile or an airtag woud be perfect, when they work I guess

      • +1

        A Tile or equivalent should work fine, but the problem is that you need to be reasonably close (less than ~75m) to the actual location before your phone can pick up a signal and guide you closer. So you still need to have a pretty good idea of where you should be looking - this can work okay if you are recording your google view during flight, and can review after a crash.

        The Tile Pro has longer range (~120m) but isn't officially sold in Australia anymore but you can still get them on eBay without too much fuss. This would be slightly better, but still relatively limited.

        The next step is stand-alone GPS trackers with a cellular connection, which will doubtless be much more expensive, heavier and probably require independent power supply.

        It's not sold here due to legal issues around the replaceable battery - more background here if you're curious:

  • Does this only work with Samsung devices, can I use it with a pixel?

    • Samsung only. No pixel.

      • It seems it's possible to side-load a modified APK version of SmartThings app that would enable these tags to work with non-Samsung devices, but I'm yet to see confirmation of which version works.

  • Thanks, Valentine Day gift sorted

    • You hopeless romantic :-)

    • Did you buy me some as a 'thank you' gift too? :)

  • Mine arrived today - all sorted!

  • Hei for the guys who missed out this deal, I was able to chat with JB Sales and price match with i-tech.com.au for $129 and then used the discounted gift cards. $5.99 shipping or pickup in store for free.

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