This was posted 5 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black 4-Pack 520g $7.50 @ Woolworths


Shin Black is all about the broth – thick and rich with garlic and onion to give the depth of flavour that you crave. Plus the famous Shin Ramyun ‘kick’, with red pepper and green onion to add a powerful punch. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and spices.

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      The other deal is the normal version while this one is the "black" version I think.

        • My bad, didn't check the description.

  • Is it cheap ? Not always around $5 when on sale ?

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      that’s the original one with red colored packaging

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    Is this more spicier than the red colour packaged one ? Or is it same spice but with garlic and onion? Thanks.

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      It's not vegetarian. Has pork, beef bone extract and fish flakes.

    • I tried it once.
      I think
      sarigomtang + shin = black

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      I find these less spicy

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    I like the original but the black are much better and worth the extra money

    • I've never tried the black ones. What do the black ones taste like compared to the red?

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        I’d say less spice more flavour. Softer, more delicious

        • Sounds good. For a 50% increase in price compared to normal Shin Ramyun, it better be worth it lmao. I'm looking forward to it.

          • @NotReallyaMoneySaver: It’s worth the extra :)

          • @NotReallyaMoneySaver: About $1.85 per packet. That's a cheap feed in anyone's books, but this is the good stuff.

          • @NotReallyaMoneySaver: how was the black shinr ? @NotReallyaMoneySaver

            • @capslock janitor: Couldn't find it anywhere. Checked in multiple stores. Either there is no stock or I am blind and can't see it haha. I did try the Kimchi stir fry which is the $5.50 and it was really good, maybe even better the original one. It is not a soupy noodles but a dry one if you'd like to purchase it. There are also little pieces of the Nongshim logo inside the packet as well.

  • Whats peoples go to on a budget packet noodles? I might give these a try but cant see myself paying $7.50 for a 4 pack very often

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      This is the more expensive Black variant of Shin Ramyun, get the OG red packaging one that's cheaper if you want budget

    • Indomie's one of the best, and cheapest.

      • Too small for adults.

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          Just as well they also come in Jumbo size.

        • 2 packs = decent size snack

    • Give mama pork and tomyum flavours a go. They're fantastic when you add eggs and not water it down too much.

  • Black is great. Like others have mentioned less spicy and more flavoursome. Will stock up . Thanks OP!

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    $5 for 5 pack vs $7.5 for 4 pack, I'm going to try this once.

    • how was it ?

      • I'll stick with the normal version😆

        • thats harsh from a noodlefan.

          what didnt you like about it ?

  • Looks like my tummy is ready for a feed.

  • Black is creamier and slightly less spicy, the small veggies pack has slightly more ingredients too. If you like the original and prefer less spicy, you should try this one as $7.50 is good price for the black.

  • My favourite….thanks OP

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