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$75 Reward for Referrer & Referee for Opening ING Orange Everyday & Savings Maximiser Accounts (Min Deposit & Spend Required)


It's back, but slightly worse ($75 instead of $100).

Moderator's note: This campaign began on 17 January 2024. Referrals entered before this date have been cleared from our system. If you have received a new offer from ING since 17 January, please re-enable your referral on this page or click the Edit button in the REFERRAL LINKS box below.

  1. Open an Orange Everyday at ing.com.au/everyday and enter the promo code you give them in the box at the end of the online form.

  2. Deposit $1,000+ from an external source into their new Orange Everyday account within any calendar month.

  3. Make 5+ settled (not pending) purchases using their new Orange Everyday card within any calendar month.

  4. Open a Savings Maximiser (if they don't have one already) and deposit any amount into it.

Previous deal post.

Referral Links

Referral: random (585)

Until 30/6/2024, referrer and referee will each receive $75/$100/$125 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts.

Referrer: Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $75/$100/$125 referral code.

Referee: To qualify, you are required to deposit a minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions within any calendar month.

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  • Beat me to it

  • +8

    I remember both getting $250 iconic voucher . Good times

  • +3

    Where do I find my personal code to supply to my ‘friend’?

    • Once you get the email, I assume it's going out in batches.

      Mine is the same code as the previous $100 deal.

      • Yeah my code is the same as previous deals. I don't think your code changes.

      • Same for me

      • Same for me too- code hasn't changed from previous campaigns.

  • Are you still eligible as a new customer if you've had an ING acc before?

    • +6

      The webpage linked to this deal has the following clause in the fine print:

      The offer does not apply where [the referee] has opened an Orange Everyday account:

      • at any point since 1 July 2014 (even if the account has now been closed); or
      • as part of an application for an Orange Advantage Home Loan.
  • Previous deal for anyone interested:

  • easiest way to make 5+ payments?

    • +1

      Afterpay, if you use it. Can make custom payments as low as $0.01

    • +3

      5 $1 Amazon gift cards via Amazon website or shopback

    • 5 x $1 beem it payments to your mate

      • Just want to confirm whether this worked for you? Don't wanna be caught out and put the work for nothing!

    • +5

      self serv checkouts
      coles or woolies
      all in 1 go, then remaining balance on normal card ie hsbc for 2% cashback
      i do 1st week of the month 1st visit. never fails

      • How do you split a single checkout between multiple cards? I have never done this

        • +1

          At Coles, when choosing payment method, choose “split payment”, then card, tap ING . Repeat 4 more times. In the last go, pay remaining with your regular card

      • It's very hard to do this @ woolies now

        • I got rejected this month at woolies somehow, I did 3 payment 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 rejected for 0.04, I was wondering if woolies or ING is cracking or maybe I just mistyped the amount, anyway you have to call the staff when your card is reject it's kinda annoying, now I am worried to try more than 3 split in one go, it probably didn't help i just bought a small can of tuna.

          I wonder if anyone else had this experience.

          • @rather-potato: Do you have the card saved to Google Wallet or Apple Pay and are you paying via that?

            After 3 transactions done quickly in a row, it will ask for you to verify it's you making these payments and you'll need to fingerprint/FaceID to unlock. It's a security feature. If this is happening when you only pay via the card itself, you might need to wait for a cooldown possibly

            • @fezzo: @fezzo thanks for your reply, I was using Google wallet, good to know what was causing it.

      • +2

        Likewise I like to get it done and out of my way so, I won't forget. I go as low as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cents then, the remaining balance on hsbc card. And grow my balance as much as 1 cent.

        On the last day of each month I would moved most of the balance from my maximiser to Park it in everyday orange and, in the first day of each month I then moving the balance back to maximiser minus the interest earn.

  • Didn't receive a code this time. Can I still use the old one to refer? It's usually always the same.

    • +1

      Maybe, maybe not.

      The webpage linked to this deal has the following in the fine print:

      The offer applies in respect of the original recipient of this email only.

      ING is known to target specific customers for each of these offers, so if you did not receive an email from ING regarding this offer today (and you do not receive one over the next day or so), it is very likely you are not eligible for this offer.

      Obviously, there is nothing stopping you from giving your referral to a “friend” anyway, but knowing how stingy ING can sometimes be with paying out referral bonuses (especially if they suspect you shared your code via OzBargain, which is actually an exclusion in the terms and conditions), I would expect ING to enforce their terms and conditions and not pay out bonuses to anyone not targeted for this particular offer.

    • They might send an email later it's not always at the start.

      • +1

        Correct, I didn't get it yesterday but I just got my email this morning and I can confirm it's the same referral code.

        But I can also confirm I don't always get it when it appears on ozb, hence having to message the ozbargainer first to make sure they actually got it for this period, otherwise I don't think it works.

  • So the way this kind of referral works on OZB is that it sends a random message to someone who signed up to be a referrer? As opposed to adding a code like normal

    • Yeah not sure why this isn't set up like previous offers? I just have a random code in the email.

      Perhaps it's to get around the exclusion in the terms posted by scaryspace below?

      • OMG just saw that now. That's nuts lol

  • +5

    you use this offer in a manner that is not satisfactory to us or in line with the intent of the offer (such as sharing your referral code on the 'OzBargain' website or other similar websites, or advertising or marketing your referral code), we may refuse to pay the cash reward

    Interesting how this is patrolled

  • +1

    All too complicated !!

    • Better than the low rate cards needing to meet minimum spend limits within a time limit eg commbank.

  • +3

    everything about ING is slightly worse than what it was.

    • +2

      Unfortunately, everything about everything is 100% worse than what it was 😒

  • How do I find my referral link? Is this targeted?
    Edit: nevermind will monitor email

  • +1

    Good luck trying to close it

    • +1

      ING are very efficient at closing cards they deem inactive.

  • Good Intention Notice: Everything related to ING is just absolute crap and just not worth it. Especially not for $75.

    • U will have to elaborate on this lol

    • +1

      My savings account says otherwise.

  • +1

    I tried before. Not worth it for $75 only. Rvl is my favourite.

  • +5

    As ING increased in popularity, they just stopped giving AF about their customers, I called and was unhappy with the service, they said they'd be happy to close my account if I was so unhappy, that I did.

    Now offer after offer for new subs. GF'd.

    • +1

      Who'd you move to?

      Looking to change, but haven't found a good enough alternative yet…

      • +3

        Up - backed by Bendigo, no fees, no intl' transaction fees, digital virtual cards, excellent overall.

        • +1

          Brilliant. I'm joining

  • whats the email title.. I cant find it

    • +1

      'Name, you could get a $75 bonus for you and your friends'

  • Double checked the condition
    the unique code share in ozbargain maybe monitor by the ING staff and both the $75 cash reward will get reject

    • It's a private message to share code, not like other referral where it's visible.
      Unless ING join OzB and ask for a heap of PMs they can't see it

      • might aim for those who can get lots of cash reward

        • They can follow this deal, so many review bombs… Good times

  • Has anyone received their code in the last few hours? I got the email for the last $100 promo but not this one yet.

    • +1

      Yep I only just got it an hour ago

      Was thinking I was excluded this year but they seem to be sending it out in batches

  • Got an email too, yippee.

  • +3

    If you use this offer in a manner that is not satisfactory to us or in line with the intent of the offer (such as sharing your referral code on the 'OzBargain' website or other similar websites, or advertising or marketing your referral code), we may refuse to pay the cash reward (including in respect of any or all referrals made in relation to the offer). This includes conduct on your part which is designed to undermine the fair and intended operation of the offer.

    Good luck everyone 🙏
    We're famous it seems

    • +2

      Another reason to avoid these crooks. A customer is a customer, why TF does it matter.

    • You need to enable private messaging I think to get referral.

  • Hi and just wondering where to get unique refer code? When you apply for and need enter refer code. Does anyone know code?

    • +1

      Click the referral link under the deal description and you will send a private message to a random referrer. Wait for them to reply with their referral link and/or code, go from there.

  • If i click go to deal it says ive been referred, is that all i need to do or do i go about the nornal referral process

    • +2

      You need to use the referral link under the item description, the deal link goes to the right page but has no code.

  • I got the email today about the increase to $75 so it’s still going

  • Great deal, slightly worse at $100 but I think I've also seen $50 before? Pretty seamless getting paid both referee and referer

  • Hey guys, they just ask me to go to Australia Post with a form to verify my identity. Is there any other way to do it?

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