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Mini Portable Massage Gun Green US$13.32 (~A$20.34) Delivered @ Shop1102988492 via AliExpress


Mini Usb-C Rechargeable Massage Gun

This generic version, sold by many sellers has been around for years and has stellar reviews.

Great price, comes to $AU20.34 including GST at checkout with free 10 day delivery.

Don't forget cashback and first user coupons!

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    @ Shop1102988492

    That's not an odd name for a store at all. 100% trustworthy. /s

    • +7

      Especially after Shop1102988491 went insolvent.

      • +2

        I saw what happened to Shop1102988490….. lets just say I have to take medication to help me sleep, and I'm seeing someone regarding the nightmares

        • +2

          I used to love wandering the aisles of Shop1102988489…

      • I thought Shop1102988489 was engaged to Shop1102988491 and Shop1102988492 got jelly!

  • Awesome thx

  • Lol remember when Reps used to post these for around $100.

  • Same model is available via eBay locally for same price with make offer so should be cheaper.

  • Thx, got 3 units.

  • Thanks Valentines day gift sorted!

  • +2

    Gotta laugh at description Little girls can also operate it with one hand.

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