Pepsi and Coke Price Increased up to 41% since Few Days Ago

Has anyone else noticed this increase?

2L Pepsi is now $4.50 when it was $3.10-$3.20 (depending on location)
2L Coke is now $4.90 when it was $3.60-$3.65 (depedning on location)

Not sure what's happened, if a sugar tax or something has been implemented or a shortage?

Prices changed yesterday


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    Nice. I am saving more now by not drinking all this crap.

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      Please teach me. I am addicted :(

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        • Switch your source of caffeine
        • Switch to another fizzy drink - sparkling water, kombucha, etc
        • Optional follow-up: quit caffeine
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          This is actually what I did, and it did help me

          • Switched from Coca cola to Coca Cola No Sugar
          • Switched from No sugar to Lipton Peach Tea
          • Switched from Lipton Peach Tea to the no sugar version
          • Switched from the no sugar version to flavoured mineral water
          • Switched from flavoured mineral water to largely water (with ocasional fruit tea bag).
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          Switching to kombucha isn't cheap haha, I should know!

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            @JoeBogan: It can be if you make it yourself. It requires some patience, though.

          • @JoeBogan: You can make your own, its quite easy and satisfying.

        • I quit caffeine in 2019 did postive wonders for my sleep
          decaf sux compared to real coffee

        • Agreed, coffee for caffeine and soda water for bubbles. Or at least that's 90% of the time for me these days
          (Note that I did 5+yrs overnight maintenance at Macca's and drank litres of that shit every night. Pretty much never drank water til my 30s and have the love handles/fatty liver to show for it…)

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        Addiction and soft drinks is pretty laughable. People go on about the sugar and caffeine but forget the main part of the addiction that is the biggest one to break, the habit.

        You need to replace that habit with something else. Are you having a coke whenever you're thirsty? easy, swap that for fizzy water, or even water down the coke as a stepping stone.

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          Username kinda checks out

        • The habit piece is a big thing. I remember breaking my Pepsi Max addiction that things like hearing other people crack a can of soft drink used to make me "taste" the first sip of a cold Pepsi Max in my mind. That stuff on hot days with ice if can, is magic when you are overheated.

          But yeah, just switch to sodastream and drink fizzy water (don't add anything to it) it satisfies that craving pretty well.

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        Maybe start thinking or relabelling fizzy drink as liquid candy (as it is actually), no matter the brand. It helps to control yourself.

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          Was colloquially known as Lolly Water.

          • @Baysew: lol, true

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            @Baysew: We are in Australia after all. Liquid candy would be appropriate in America.

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            Was colloquially known as Lolly Water.

            Might be different where you are, but around these parts lolly water was the likes of Cottee's. Just flavoured water with no fizz.

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            Was colloquially known as Lolly Water.

            Uncolloquially known to contain cocaine.

          • @Baysew: We referred to Vodka Cruisers as Lolly Water.

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        Just stop drinking it, drink water instead.

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          That's what I did, used to be two litres of Coke per day - I just stopped buying it. I still have my stash of energy drinks, but I limit myself to a couple of cans per week, and with 20 cans left they will all soon be gone too.

          Staying hydrated requires a bit of effort for me - plain water is still "boring", and I have to remind myself to drink it. Occasionally I add Hydralite for flavour.

          One thing I still haven't solved is having something to drink while driving - used to always bring a can of Coke with me, fits cupholders perfectly unlike my 1 litre water bottle.

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            @Mikeer: No door pocket? Refill a Gatorade etc bottle with water, they are pretty narrow.

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            @Mikeer: Kmart has these cup holders for larger bottles


          • @Mikeer: Trust me, I am not a fan of boring water either, but I drink at least a glass at lunch, and at dinner every day. It's not what you're supposed to, but it's better than nothing.

            Try adding some ice blocks in a glass of water to make it 'fancy', and it definitely hits the spot on a hot day.

        • I drink approx 3-4L of water per day and another 1L of pepsi. I don't want to quit drinking pepsi, it taste so good.

        • Unfortunately not that easy. I had a friend of mine who is addicted to coke. He tried to stop it several times, but he couldn't get through the side effects like severe headaches. Ended up going back to the old habit.

          • @Camelface: Easy if you have any bit of self control or willpower.

            • @brendanm:

              Easy if you have any bit of self control or willpower.


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        Try Sparkling with some lemon juice for a bit of flavour.

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        Met an owner once for a bottling company.

        Owner said never to drink this liquid poison (sugary drinks) they were bottling and gave us a slab of water each.

        Nice bloke.

      • try LA ICE. Its if Pepsi and Coke had a baby.

      • IGA Black & Gold cola taste isn't too bad. Diluted 30% with sparkling spring water, and it has helped me with my addition. I rarely drink it.

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        Like many I too switched away from being a CocaCola addict.
        More a health thing but turned out to be the best thing I've done with all these price hikes.

        Mine is less staged than the others. I bought more soda or sparkling mineral water. Start by going 2 parts Cola, 1 part Soda water mix, then go half and half, then tilt it to 2 parts soda, 1 part Cola. Eventually, you just ween yourself off the Cola constituent and drink the soda water on its own. Eventually you ween yourself off the need for the fizz/bubbles and just drink filtered tap water. You can add fruit tea bags or some honey if you need to flavour boring water.

        The loss of caffeine was substituted with more regular serves of black tea.

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      100% sodas are damn unhealthy, even the zero sugar variety.

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    It's so next week they can have them on special and make themselves look good by saying save 50c when you're still actually paying more now. This will then be reinforced by a new deal for the weekly specials being posted on OzBargain.

    • they were never on sale. would be good if they do half price $2.25.

    • Yup. You called it. It's now $3.60

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    Just buying when 1/2. Really don't track the price. As long as it's COKE ZERO.

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      u dont like pepsi max?

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      Just buying when 1/2.

      Your 1/2 price will go up too, you do realise that right?

      If you were buying it at $2 on half price it'll be $2.5 on half price if it's gone up by $1.

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        they were never on sale

      • Like I said, don't really track the price. I love to spend on food really, something I will never deprive myself.

        I hit the gym and run 6x a week. If I am Obese yes, I will make that an excuse not to buy anymore. Lol. But I am not.

    • we haven't had Coke Zero here since ~2018

      • it rolls off the tongue tho

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    Noticed on reddit Aus…

    Good time to buy a sodastream. Or maybe just quit fizzy drinks and drink water.

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      i have a sodastream for making fizzy water for cocktails and i've tried the pepsi flavours. i don't care what anyone says, they are absolutely horrid. So much of a chemical flavour it's sickening.

      • Good to know, thanks. I've owned a Sodestream machine from one of the eBay Plus $20 deals a few years now but I've yet to make any flavoured drinks with it, only plain soda.

        Maybe I'll try Cottee's cordial one day and see if it tastes any good.

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          Juice and zest of 3 limes and 1 lemon, 2 cups water, 2 cups caster sugar, boil for 10mins. Add 1/4 tsp citric acid, stir and then drain.
          Fresh Lemon lime cordial which tastes amazing.

          You're welcome

      • Second that. My sister in law has one and gave me a try with Pepsi syrup. Tastes horrible. Glad I tried before buying one.

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      And if you're in Melbourne use Billy Bubbles for bigger and cheaper gas refills!

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      Sodastream with your own CO2 tank is the way to go. $25 for a refill for 2.6kg. It feels like it never runs out, I've had to refill it once in 2 years with regular use.

      There's a couple of different ways you can go about saving money with a Sodastream, Google 'Sodastream Kegland'. Can simply refill your own Sodastream branded bottles with the CO2 tank, or you can straight up plumb the co2 tank in like I have. Plumbing is better if you've got the space, I've got my co2 tank inside a cupboard with the house fed through a hole. Do whatever you're comfortable with.

      • Once in 2 years??? My 2.6kg lasts around 3-5 months.

        Where is your refill place that charges $25? Mine does it for $36 now. :(

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          I'm in Newcastle area, just go to my local brew shop.

          Damn your house must go super hard on it. I use it regularly but am the only one in the fam that uses it. First refill was about 9 months. Expecting it to run out again soon.

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            @JakeyJooJoo: Hmmmm. I only have one brew shop close by. I'm on the Central coast.

            You're probably right. Three people at home who all prefer to drink the sparkling stuff instead of still.

            I'll admit though, it's definitely helped with us getting more hydrated without resorting to sugary drinks and the attendant costs involved.

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    Why are you drinking this crap?

    I get 500 * 2 L of water for $2.67…

    • That’s an excellent price for recycled urine!

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        As if coke or Pepsi are bottled with virgin spring water…

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      water? like out of the toilet?

      • The only place in your house you can get water from is the toilet?

  • a shortage?

    ..on coke/pepsi?

    I dont remember the last time I bought pepsi from a colesworths. Get all mine in can format through the frequent special s+s prices on amazon

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    Welcome to price gouging. The ACCC will see you….never

    There's a million examples of this. Businesses want to make more and more money each year, they can't be content with $1b in profit each year, they need to double it. So for consumer products like this their options are:

    1) Increase the price
    2) Decrease the size
    3) Combination of the above

    Go look at cadbury, they are doing option 3. Mersey valley is another one taking the piss. Their cheese blocks have definitely gone down by like 20% in size but skyrocketed in price.


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    If the price is too high, don't buy it. Simple. You'll also be healthier too.

    Soft drinks are not essential items.

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      If the price is too high, don't buy it.

      Ah yeah lemme just apply that logic to all the basic necessities relating to groceries.

      Soft drinks are not essential items.

      This rhetoric comes up so often as a defence when prices are increased. just because a soft drink can be considered a "luxury" doesn't remove the issue. Everything beyond potatoes, vitamins and water can be considered a "luxury" by that definition.

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        Ah yeah lemme just apply that logic to all the basic necessities relating to groceries.

        Coke/Pepsi is not a basic necessity.

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          Did you even read my second paragraph or did you just not bother

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            @coffeeinmyveins: Did you not read the part where the person you were replying to stated "soft drinks are not essential items", or did you just not bother?

            It's not a necessity, it's not essential. Don't like the price, don't buy it, it's just poison sugar water.

            • @brendanm: It's absolutely ass backwards logic.

              Are you cool with everything not bare essential to life being unaffordable? Happy to eat nothing but gruel, drink nothing but water?

              Non sugar soft drinks aren't even on the same scale of bad for you that even just the average consumption of plain bread is.

              Why be an appologist for price gouging? Are people just not supposed to have nice things in your worldview?

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                @Grazz989: I don't eat white bread either.

                Artificial sweeteners are also terrible for you.

                Are you cool with everything not bare essential to life being unaffordable?

                If people don't like the price, then they don't buy it, then the price goes down, simple supply and demand. Because you guys are addicted to the sugar rush, you can't not buy it.

                If I want something, I'll buy it. If I don't like the price, I won't buy it. Simple.

    • wtf does this even mean ?

      • I guess it means Albo's sweetness is artificial.

  • depending on location

    What location? 711? Coles? Woolies?

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      Off the shelf, out of the fridge?
      Single, six pack, ten pack, dozen, carton of 24 or 30?
      250ml, 300ml, 330ml, 375ml, 600ml, 1L, 1.25L, 2L?

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    Magnificent gaslighting by big business in this country, so when they hike prices unreasonably the first instinct is it must be a government tax.

    Stellar work, business council, half of us don't realise we own the government not the businesses.

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      half of us don't realise we own the government not the businesses.

      LOL. Big business definitely owns the government mate. you're delusional if you think citizens have any influence or real control.

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        I take your point, but I meant we should be on the side of government, which represents us, rather than the side of Coke, who represents it's shareholders.

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    it'll be locked down to a "better" price in about a month, they jack prices, and then a month later, do the lock down price shit to try and gaslight that they are saving us money

  • Saw this today in store…have they added alcohol because I would understand that but for fizzy sugary water….come on!!!…

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    u and this guy should talk

    today coke and wollies
    tomorrow the world!

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