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Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner $99 (Club Price, Regular $289.99) + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Anaconda


This seemingly popular recliner is on sale again, this time $30 cheaper.

There seems to be stock in WA this time.

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  • Doesn’t appear to be any Perth stores with stock. Only regional locations.

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    Just be aware these are ludicrously heavy and cumbersome. Mine doesn't come camping anymore.

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      Yes they are very heavy. 10kg I think

    • Was going to ask about that. Might pass in that case given that's a lot of weight when lugging 3 to the beach!

      • +3

        Definitely not a beach chair

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      Yes, my wife has trouble carrying it so I can imagine for some people this may be the case. Personally I don't find it very heavy or cumbersome at all.

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        Checkout the guns on dogboy

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        Someone negged you because they can't carry a 10kg chair? The 14 year olds at fast food restaurants are expected to carry more than that multiple times a day when restocking the drink fridges. All I'm saying is I don't think the chair is the issues here…

        • agreed. but imho, the ergonomics are a factor. its far easier to carry a 10kg backpack or dumbbell rather than a 10kg chair.

          ps- i didn't neg anyone. just sharing my opinion

      • I mean as a fully grown man I don't find it heavy either…but it is definitely cumbersome.

        The design is actually terrible, wish I didn't listen to the comments raving about it in the previous post on OzB

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      Yes… I take this away for Easter when I know I will be somewhere for 4 or 5 days to make it worth it… otherwise it stays home. It is damn comfy though.

      • same, im not hiking with this chair any more then 30m. Maybe if I get an off road trolley

    • Yeah I totally agree. I bought one, used it once or twice, sold it. I never even used it to recline. Just made no sense when chatting to others and drinking.

    • Agreed - there is an aluminuim variant that is much lighter. But $200 per chair is a bit much.

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      Not this again

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          You are spamming ozbargain with political statements

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              @bizzish: Seconded thoughts from bboz. Not to spam with any political statement.

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              @bizzish: keep politics in ozpolitics.com.au

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              @bizzish: Sounds political to me too.

            • @bizzish: You know the Jewish people and Palestinian people have the same heritage right, they're both indigenous to the area.

            • @bizzish: "Informed decisions" 🤣

        • -2

          Continue like that and you will soon loose even people who, for what ever reason, might have sympathized with you.
          Now I will buy the chair (and maybe other stuff), just to show you that this spamming is NOT going to help.

          • -2

            @tm001: Your thought processes are exquisite.

            Sometime in the far far far away future, when you eventually come to cease to exist, would you be willing to donate your brain to science…. so the science of the day could analyse to see if there is something that can be identified as bringing about such thinking?

            PS…. I don't think that a rational person that sympathised with a cause….would loose sympathy because someone mentioned that cause.
            What's the correct term for what you did… not being eristic… but along those lines.

    • +3

      I cannot imagine the suffering they are going through. It broke my heart.

    • maybe try freeing hostages as well.

    • +12

      I boycott you for this bullshit. If you want to help Palestine, feel free to take a plane to Gaza and not spread your nonsense here.

    • -2

      Says the man using a product of a child slavery, selective outrage is always hilarious to me. Have you quit your job and stopped paying taxes because they fund Israel too?

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      I'm buying one because of this comment.

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        Pursuit of bargains on a bargain website? How can we allow this… You need to understand that there's a time and place for everything, and posting this nonsense here is not one of them.

        • -4

          This wouldn't be nonsense if it were your own kids getting mercilessly slaughtered. You'd be the first to boycott. Somehow no lives matter except our own.

          • @spy: But I really don't - I come here for bargains and not to listen to this nonsense.
            Judging by the negs you and your friend got - so does most people here.

            Get a one way ticket to Gaza and help your friends there.

            • -1

              @Solario31: Look on the bright side…. your outrage will have blocked from your conscience most of any possible pangs of conscience balanced humans would have about genocide…and in just a short time you'll have forgotten the topic completely!

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        "well informed" 🤣🤣

    • -1


      Now that I know this, I'm going to spend even more at Anaconda.

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        100% this.

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      I'm curious where people think the line should be drawn with politics on here.
      My reaction to bizzish was also a bit of a groan who cares. (I guess i'm also mildly annoyed whenever corporations get involved in politics as well though. I don't see why they bother, and it's obviously a marketing stint in all cases)

      I'm thinking of some different scenarios. My feeling is if something is for sale from China like say a Xiaomi product, then sure I guess you could argue buying it is supporting the CCP, but we all already know that so it seems silly to even bother typing that in the comments repeatedly.
      I think if you were to instead say something along the lines of "this alternative product is only 10% more expensive and it's Aussie made rather than supporting the CCP" I'd be more inclined to see this as a fair comment. Or if it was more focussed around supporting local industry/jobs then I think even better. I think these are attributes of a product that do provide benefit to me when I'm evaluating the options. In a similar way to saying this drill has more torque than that drill etc IMO.

      Do people agree with the above?

      What about a deal for Russian vodka for example? This is probably similar to the above scenario really isn't it.

      Maybe another rarer scenario might be a bargain listing for a product that in itself is somehow relating to politics. Like what if it was a MAGA hat or something like that for cheap.I chose this example because it isn't relevant to us in Australia, so as to not be too controversial, but imagine an equivalent type of thing. The way I see this is that if it's a product that some people want, and it's a bargain then fair enough. Not everyone has to like the product for it to be fair to post. However I think the line for me is whether it feels like an exercise in marketing that political interest. If it's simply a case of Trump handing out free MAGA hats for his election advertising then I'd be against it.

      • +2

        Notice the deafening silence.

        Like sheep in a feedlot outside a slaughterhouse, it seems the majority of ozbargainers are all about the me me me experience. If it's not happening to them, then their world is fine.

        I don't believe the majority of ozbargainers are zionist jews…. though I do wonder about the % of ethnic chinese. I'll throw out a hook here that I believe chinese are more likely to engage in commerce than say those of a european background. Most ethnic chinese living in australia that I know, have significant links "back home"….and frequently travel to china. Some fiery arguments have erupted from what I thought to be non controversial remarks, being taken as an insult to the nation of china.

        Given the domestic politics and general knowledge of china and its people (eg the tiananmen square massacre never happened, despite many of us watching it live on TV)… and the apparent covenant between citizens and government where citizens don't complain about anything if they can obtain enough wealth… I wonder if much of the antipathy to "politics" on ozbargain is because rational thought about politics and international events is alien to their nature, and thus discomforting.

        Anyone got any thought?

        • -2

          Wow you're so woke. Nobody else has ever considered world geopolitics before. And none of us are simply trying to get on about our lives, in our country, without importing the middle east's 100,000 years of bullshit.

          • @Ademos: I get that you just want to live your own life, in australia…..

            I get that some folks find it mentally exhausting to contemplate anything outside their immediate environment. Some folks put their mind to it, and are able to function well without significant support, others need supported living to get by, and can then go on to an enjoyable life.

            I tried to get a handle on you…. you clearly don't find it exhausting to reach outside yourself a bit….. Looking at a small sample of your life (your ozbargain comments) show you're emotionally able to say to people:

            "you're blatantly lying"…. you're able to have repeated technical discussions about electronic equipment… you're able to form consumer judgements "3 years is great for any regularly used appliance" (in reference to a $1K coffee maker)…. you can discuss the merits of motorcyle boots, tvs, EVs, what may be fraud, copyright, how the CCP operates in regard to business in china, telling people to get lost, chinese data mining etc etc etc….

            Your communications go on and on…. you really are a prolific contributor on a whole range of topics. Clearly you aren't sheltered workshop material.

            If I was to suggest a quick word picture, I'd say someone who is interested in a wide variety of subjects, who holds strong beliefs and will forcefully defend them, and likes to make comments. It doesn't really fit the picture of someone "simply trying to get on about your life". I suspect that you're a bit of a madonna, captivated by shiny things…. but lacking much of a moral compass or introspection.

            Everyone is different…. and maybe you just don't have much concern for other sentient beings. Do you have or have you had pets you love…. or a more macabre history with other beings? Don't have to answer that, it was probably not appropriate, but the point I'm trying to get across is that just because you are uncomfortable or incapable of contemplating morality, it's still a valid thing for people to discuss. If you really don't want to consider it in your life, you can always simply walk straight past issues rather than piping up trying to stop others discussing it.

            By the way…. the good old hack vocabulary like "fascist, communist, socialist" has been expanded with the word "woke". Please could you tell me what the word woke means to you when you use it?

            and…. while I'm not even slightly religious, if you wanted to be able to talk with a bit more credibility…. "the middle east's 100,000 years of bullshit" is ever so slightly silly…. those that believe in bibles date moses around 1500BC… about 96,500 years later than you think.

    • +6

      I agree with avoiding politics here. But it's laughable how many have responded with their own politically-motivated, prejudiced and abusive comments, eg. "I'm going to buy one because of this comment" or "Take a plane to Gaza if you want to help". Even the person who first made the political comment didn't attack anyone personally. Blatant hypocrisy and harrassment should also be avoided here!

    • +4

      As someone whose conscience is connected to my brain…. please can you tell me what the link is between anaconda and spotlight, and the genocide.

      I understand that you're copping flack for doing the same thing that made heroes out of a very small number of germans resisting the holocaust….. I see the irony in that.

      I don't think it likely that the large number of ozbargainers negging you are jews… much more likely they are folks that squirm when somone presses their conscience button…. that tends to make a lot of complacent sheeple uncomfortable… just like the majority of the ww2 german population whom after the war said I didn't know about the holocaust.

      (or the majority of jews in israel at the present time, regarding the genocide their armed forces are carrying out)

      • +1

        hmmm… 1 out of 3 commenter histories indicates I overlooked something…
        no votes for cheap chinese flights, one voter for cheap flights to delhi
        should have thought about that… bit of tunnel vision

        • +3

          Ahhh…thanks for that link. While the info you previously posted in that link wasn't meaningful to me (both links led to the same thing, rather than indicating contradictions), it does lead to the information that spotlight and anaconda are in a privately owned comglomerate worth over $4Billion…. headed by two jewish immigrants from israel.

          That leads into topics I ponder over at times…
          The number of jews that speak against israel are miniscule, and if living in israel are often persecuted. Does that mean the great majority of jews have no feelings regarding israel, or actually support the state and its actions? My experiences in private conversations with jews have found an overwhelming majority with very strongly supportive feelings towards israel.

          People would have to live under rocks not to be aware of the incredibly powerful political influence that jewish lobbying organisations have in australia and other western countries. Australia's record of bizzare voting to block international resolutions against the state of israel condemning its actions is a classic example… we tend to stand alongside a handful of countries…. US, and tiny countries that most people wouldn't have heard of. There is no rational balanced political reason for this…. only following the whip of the jewish lobby in australia.

          Joe Biden stands a strong chance of losing the US election because of his strong illogical support of israel's genocide despite the obvious evidence…. support manifested by massive military supplies being used to kill civilians. Why? Because of the massive political financial support he receives from the small US jewish population…. try and find any political impact from jews not supporting israel!

          Your comment on that link indicates you have significant interest in the topic… Are you able to assist solving my curiousity regarding jewishness…. is it a religious characteristic…. a racial characteristic… or both?

      • Hey thanks for being one of the few reasonable people in your response. The Spotlight Foundation Director is Jeremy Leibler - who's also the president of the ZFA (Zionist federation of Australia). He's actively complicit in supporting the IDF and Israel's faux right to defend itself as an illegal occupier.

        These are his recent comments on the case put forward by South Africa against Israel's genocide taken from the australian jewish news website

        "ZFA president Jeremy Leibler said it was reassuring to witness the failure of South Africa’s “egregious and cynical attempt to exploit the Genocide Convention” in order to halt Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and prevent Hamas’s capacity to pursue its stated genocidal objectives against Israel and the Jewish people.

        Welcoming Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s statement that she does not accept the premise of the South African case, he added, “We strongly believe that, in order to uphold the international rules-based order, Australia should make a third-party intervention in this case, urging the ICJ to dismiss these allegations. We call on the government to do so.”"

        • +1

          Jayzus! the fxxxxxxxxxxx is the president of the Zionist federation of australia. You can't get more of an israel lover than that!

          After brief research the commercial relationships are hard to clearly map. Liebler is a director of the spotlight group, which includes spotlight stores. The spotlight group is a privately held enterprise allegedly worth $4Billion, owned by two jewish immigrant brothers (not being liebler).

          Liebler being long time president of ZFA means having such a role, he'll be intimately involved in the lobbying of australian political entities. This happens throughout the western world, arguably massively corrupting the will of the people by artificially influencing politicians financially through both incentive and hostile opposition.

          I mean…. israel is a country of less than 10 million people, but it massively influences most of the major western economies. It appears to be a wonderful return on investment… spend a lazy few million ensuring that only compliant politicians get elected in target western nations (or stay in power, for those that "turn rogue" on zionist aims. The return is billions of dollars of aid and military supplies PER YEAR.

          US in normal years has committed to donate to israel over $3 Billion dollars of money or supplies for nothing. Biden has announced that amount will be increased due to current events (he didn't say to enable the genocide).

          Political bonus results of having politicians in your pocket is blocking UN resolutions against israel (australia, US, and a couple of tinpot countries that receive a couple of bucks for no conscience voting are the main offenders).

          Other priceless bonuses appear to be getting nuclear weapon technology for nothing…. thanks US for making the world so much safer by giving israel the bomb!!! (horrifying)

          And it's not like these fxxxxxxxxs are coy about what they do… the unveiled threat to penny wong shows their power, and completely changes my outlook on penny wong being a politician with some value. The depth of the zionist political lobbying power is demonstrated by the two major federal political parties' willingness to argue and obstruct each other past the patience of an infant…. but they never disagree about israel. Joint missions (taxpayer funded) by senior members of both parties to israel further hightlights this obscenity.

          I try hard to identify jews that aren't zionists supporting the state of israel and its grossly inhumane policies for decades, but they are so terribly rare. Such are very brave people, but more than just a threatened species. This makes it hard to see jews as a whole as moral people. Like the great majority of the german WW2 civilian population, who were aware of the holocaust but chose to ignore it…. so the great majority of jews never say a word against israeli policies and actions.

          I have always thought that trump is a dangerous mxxxxxon…. but now I am hoping he defeats biden, who has shown himself to be so beholden to zionist interests that not only does he ignore the genocide in the middle east, but the US through his decisions is actively supporting the genocide through the supply of munitions.

          It seems that a growing portion of the US population have the same thinking. I believe that like surgery to remove a malignance, the voting out of biden may exorcise this grossly imbalanced political influence held by US zionists. Better for a bit of trump pain in the short term, than to harbor israel until its genocidal policies lead to outbreaks of war on so many fronts that it becomes a world war.

          Is it better to be in a blissful safe cocoon…. or be brave and have morality? The matrix films are interesting. It's funny how mainland chinese sometimes get criticised for ignoring morality and politics so long as their wealth increases…. but shining a light on western systems shows a political system where lobbying (ie throwing money at politicians/ political parties to achieve a result you otherwise wouldn't get) shows arguably a more corrupt system, with sometimes horrifying results like israel's decades long record, and current genocide.

    • +2

      Thanks for the reminder. Was about to buy this and forgot about anaconda being on the boycott list.
      Genuinely appreciate it

      • My absolute pleasure.

    • Plenty of Arabs in Israel.

      How many Jews in Palestine, old sport?

      • -1

        Plenty. Have you heard of them illegal settlements?
        The more pertinent question is which jew wants to live in Palestine given Zionists bomb or kill people there every day since they began the occupation?

    • +1

      BTW, thanks for letting well informed people know where to shop for camping goods, manchester, etc.

  • need one of those gooseneck tablet/phone holders to go with it.

  • +2

    Great camping chair and very comfortable. The only issue I have with these are they are not very good as a dining chair if you want to use it at the table.

  • If you're a member check your emails from 26/01/2024 for the free $20 gift card when you spend over $100 offer:

  • Doesn't take long for the table on these to break off. Knew this was the case so tried to be very cautious but it still happened when quickly folding it up to get out of the rain. They are very comfortable ( and heavy).

    • How has it been sitting outdoor under a shade tho? That's what I'm planning to leave it at.

  • Best way to relax after doing a good run. Got a cheaper one from bunnings and love it.

  • +4

    Great for those long worm watching nights on Arrakis.

    • You high on spice?

      • Those Guild navigators are the ones high on their own supply! Those amateurs can only travel through space.

  • +1

    Part of the Spotlight Foundation

  • +3

    I don't see one wheel, let alone four?

  • +1

    Perfect for movie watching with my Sandworm Popcorn Bucket.

    • You need a thumper?

  • This previous post has a real photo of it. The RRP was $259 back then.

    Any comments on the quality and experiences so far?

    Instead, this Ergolux gaming chair is $70 cheaper.

    • 'this Ergolux gaming chair'

      I would love to see that in use for camping

      • 125kg??? Assuming the description is wrong, maybe worth for a long camping says to experience VR cinema in the bush. Immersive experience!

  • Shipping is $40!

    • Yeah definite C&C I think

  • +2

    not going to lie, considering this as a cheap outdoor furniture on the balcony.

  • I’ve had this from the last deal so about a month. I use it as a lounge chair for my tv room. It’s pretty comfy and I’m 6ft 2. The side table is ridiculous to put in and out and designed poorly, otherwise a great quality chair.

  • I’m yet to have a single online order actually fulfilled by anaconda. I’ve tried 3 online orders (for bargains admittedly) and each gets cancelled.
    You’ve been warned.

    • +1


    • +1

      In contrast, I've bought from them 6 times, delivery and C&C and its all worked perfectly every time.

      • I've also never had an issue. That said I bought this char and I think it is a bad purchase.

  • Anyone ever convert one of these into a racing chair setup for the PlayStation?

  • Can I put one of these in my Spice Harvesters?

  • Does anyone know how good the frame is. I understand it's powder coated but mine will be outside, albeit undercover.

    I'm worried it may eventually rust out, or that the powdercoating is cheap and flakes off.

    • +2

      Just picked two up for the balcony and frame amd powdercoating look good quality and should be fine long term.

  • I'm after Dune 2K not Dune 4WD

    • Probably an EV version coming out soon

  • How do these compare with the Zero Gravity ones on Amazon for $67 ?

  • I bought this last year. it’s the most comfortable zero gravity camp chair I’ve had. Only downside is it’s not compact and very heavy, but that’s expected.

  • Just picked 2 up for the balcony. Happy with the purchase. Seem like really good quality and can fold away if we need to.

    They do have a handle on the side so they arent too bad to carry around.

    Dont forget to use welcome10 or birthday10 for extra $10 off.

  • Love mine, even though it's huge and takes up a big chunk of the ute canopy.

  • this chair appears fairly well cushioned and comfy, that's probably adding to the weight. can anyone tell me if this would be a good outdoor chair at home?

  • +3

    also, I've been through the comments. only in ozbargain would you see a discussion on world geopolitics in a camping chair deal! That's partly why i love hanging out on this website. Some of the discussions are simply brilliant, some mindlessly funny and most of them really really useful/enlightening.

    Love this community.

    • Great to read your post munki! Having catholic interests sure beats single minded commercialism!

      (I do mean in the non-ecclesiastical meaning of that word….not the somewhat less wholesome religious one!)

  • I kind of like mine, but I hate the curvature and pillow location. I don't know if it's my height (172cm) or what but I can't seem to find a properly comfy position for this pillow. The whole seat curves

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