AMD Ryzen 7 Processor: 5700X3D $349, 5800X3D $499 Delivered (OEM Tray Version) @ Metrocom


I have ordered from this sellers eBay store before, and they were fantastic with their support—even months later when I had requests. Free shipping.

It's worth noting the 5700x3D has only just come out, but at this price it's quite attractive considering—when compared to the 5800x3D—it's 85-90% of the performance for 70% of the price. And also that these CPU's are only really worth purchasing if you're upgrading from an existing AM4 platform, not building new.

OEM tray version, meaning no box is my understanding.

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    @ReaperX22 @n3dd Don’t.

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      LOL DAMNNNNN ya got me. (Sick deal though!)

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        yeah now i want it even more

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      Add me to this 5600X support group please. If the 5700X3D gets any lower, it will be hard to say no.

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        Worth upgrading to 5700X3D if I'm also on 5600x but play at 1440p? I see benchmarks comparing the 2 processors only for 1080p, none for 1440p. I know the difference in FPS will be less - just don't know how less

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          I believe when measuring the performance of a CPU, lower resolutions are more meaningful because at you approach 4k and higher, the GPU becomes the bottle neck.

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    5700X3D replace with my 3600 and off I go yes? No other bits n pieces need to be done?

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      You must check your current motherboard's compatibility via its website, and also needing to update your BOIS is extremely likely. You don't need the new chip to do it.

      Other than that, yes it's just a drop in upgrade.

      • Ive got the MSI b450 mortar not sure what bios though

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          Safe to say if you've never done a bios update you should do a bios update first.

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          This is your motherboard's CPU compatibility list:

          The 5700x3D is supported in the latest beta update, likely be pushed to full release soon.

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          goes without saying, but make sure you upgrade to the latest BIOS (as per duckduckering above) before you upgrade your CPU.

          So upgrade, make sure it's all working with your 3600, then do the cpu upgrade.

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          You can update your BIOS with a USB stick, download a bios from the MSI website. Very simple.

          Depending on your budget situation (and desire to tinker), you might also be able to save your dollars and squeeze a bit more life out of your 3600 by undervolting and overclocking.

          Just did this myself and very happy, games run better and I saved some coin

      • Anyone know how necessary it is for the bios to explicitly support it? My board has updates for the 5600X3D and 5800X3D but they don't list the 5700X3D in the compatibility list yet.

        I assume it'd just work, it's just a lower binned 5800x3d anyway, unless AM4 does weird things if it doesn't recognise the chip?

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          I would also assume that it's likely to work since it is almost the same chip, but I feel like it's also equally possible it won't work either.

          This chip is almost brand new, and the user above's MSI motherboard only supports it via beta update—give it time and I'm sure it'll be added in the coming weeks. Could always message their support and see if they can confirm it's being worked on.

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            @duckduckering: I have a B550 Tomahawk, MSI just added the chip to the compatibility list and set the first compatible BIOS version to the one that added the 5800X3D. Same for the 5600X3D. Though on the other hand the 5600 and 5700X are just downclocked 5600X and 5800X as well, but those didn't work for a lot of people without the BIOS update.

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      So long as you have a b450 (with the latest bios) or b550 motherboard. I recently upgraded from a 3600 to a 5700X(Non 3D) and it almost doubled my PCs performance.

      • Awesome thanks

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        X370 and B350 motherboards should also support it with a BIOS upgrade - they support other 5000 cpus.

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      BIOS update and big cooler. The one from your 3600 won't cut the mustard.

  • so for someone who is on a 3rd gen intel i5… how much of a lead in performance should I expect… any reason why I shouldn't stay with intel?

    i appreciate i could go look at cpu benchmarks but that means nothing to me and my level of TQ.

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      Unless you already have an AM4 board with a Ryzen 2000 or 3000 chip, you are best to buy an AM5 board and CPU.

      Whether it's worth it is entirely dependent on your use case.

      Look at these benchmarks and compare them to your current CPU (or closest equivalent) in their list, and you make the judgement.

      $589 (7800x3D) for the current best available gaming CPU vs $899 for intel's closest competing flagship (14900K) is a no-brainier. Intel does have the edge in some benchmarks so again, it all depends on what you need it most for.

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      Well depending on the model of your 3rd gen i5, probably looking at around a score of 5000 on PassMark CPU score. 5700X3D is 26690.

      For basic web surfing the difference will not be huge. For anything that needs a lot of CPU power it's a big upgrade.

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      youll get an absolutely monumental uplift. i was shocked by how much of a difference there was between my 7800x3d and my 4790k which just a few years ago was still considered competitiveish

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        Almost a 10yr age difference between the two which is wild

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          with a stupid amount of years of stagnation in between

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    As per GamerNexus tested, there is little point to spend the extra $ for a 5800x3d when it's only offering a 6-10% gain on average across games and other workloads.

    Considering going price for a 7800X3D is 589$ across oz retailers as of this moment, those that wanted to go for a good x3d cpu…should just go that extra mile to AM5 instead of droppin 500 bucks on a last gen chip - even factoring cost of motherboard.

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      Agreed, this is only really an appealing option for someone already on Ryzen 2000 or 3000 and are not looking to build a whole new PC for the near or forseeable future.

      • Hardware Unboxed on YouTube had 3600/5600/5800x3d comparison and it clearly showed that if paired with a highend GPU then you could get a sizable uplift. Once you factor in selling your old CPU, the you could close to 30% uplift FPS on average (with even more on the 1% lows) for like $250.

        But if you don't have AM4 then I think it's only in the same ballpark as a R5 7500F, so I'd probably go down that path as they can be found for $300 (and you'd have clear upgrade paths to Zen 5)

        • CPU usually outlive motherboards anyhow. So much so that retro motherboards keep their value while CPU depreciate. Do low end and older AM4 CPU have any resale value at all these days?

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    5700X3D cheaper here than aliexpress - very impressive. Huge bang for buck CPU at $349. I bought a 5800X3D recently second hand for $370 and have been happy with it, although it is a real hot boy compared to the 5800X it replaced. have it under a 360mm Corsair AIO. Definitely wouldn't recommend just dropping it into a system with an older ryzen chip under a stock AMD cooler or a regular 120mm tower cooler without also beefing up your cooling.

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      The CPU is fairly efficient, it just has issues dispersing heat due to the 3D cache layer acting as insulation. So a beefier cooler won't help, its not an issue of generating too much heat that the cooler itself becomes the dispersion bottleneck (ehem Intel). Although its hotter than the usual CPUs, its not anywhere near thermal throttle, and these chip runs at that temperature regularly in laptop for years anyway.

      Undervolting is the best way to lower your temp, the 5800X3D can easily take a -30 all core curve, as they're failed EPYC parts and are easily the highest quality silicon in the consumer lineup. 5700X3D being failed 5800X3D parts might be worse, but its still worth playing around if you really care about it

    • Mine is happily churning away under the Wraith Prism that came with my 3700X, the smaller cooler than came with some slower CPUs may not work so well.

      • Sure, but what does it boost to under a sustained load?

        Mine went from 4.1ghz to 4.3ghz in cinebench (still reaching thermal throttle of 90 degrees) at much lower noise level under the 360 AIO. the wraith prism is a banshee at the best of times.

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    Hmm, coming from a 3600 with a 3070 and I play Flight Simulator 2020 with a Meta Quest 2

    I find I need to bump the settings down a bit for VR.

    I can only presume the extra cache in the 5700x3d will be where most of the performance gains come from but would it be a decent upgrade?

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      You can install an app called FPSVR that lets you work out whether you're CPU bound or GPU bound

      The software isn't free ($5.95 AUD on Steam) but it's useful for situations like these where you need to work out what part needs upgrading first.

      For $349 I think it's a decent upgrade from the 3000 series. You can sell off the old processor too, meaning your upgrade will potentially cost you a lot less.

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    Looking at this cpu can anyone offer anymore insight how these mobs are ? Never heard of them up until now

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      They're pretty popular around here for selling ex-mining cards, reception is pretty positive.

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        Yes as per the post, I have also bought from their ebay store before. It was an ex-mining card. I messaged them over a year after my purchase for both the purchase invoice for tax purposes and their original purchase invoice for warranty purposes and they sent it through no problem. I've also had 0 issues with the card almost 18 months later.

  • Selling my 5950x and going to 5800x3d worth it?

    I know it’s better for gaming, but would I notice much of a difference in day to day sluggishness and general browsing/multitasking ?

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      Better for gaming yes, day to day performance loss no, and you might even notice a difference in day to day quality of life because its a significantly easier CPU to cool -> less fan noise.

  • I have a 5800x3d main pc and a secondary linux pc with a 3700x…… do I update it with this and is it more of a power hog….

  • I would be concerned that these a grey imports and your warranty would be pretty limited.

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      3 years listed on the page, bound by Aus consumer law, shouldn't be an issue.

  • 3900X

    Should I upgrade?

    • Google "3900x vs 5800x3d" and see if it's worth it for you?

    • Am in same boat but with w 3800x. :(

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    Hi OP thanks for the post.
    Yes they are gray import but we provide same warranty with the retail version. Any issues within 3 years we will organize a replacement straight away. If a replacement is not available then a upgrade or refund at your choice.
    BTW we got the 7800X3D in stock as well.

    • No problem, Jun. Your assurance is quality, and I can confirm your post purchase support has been quality.

      For the record, I just saw your listing of the 7800X3D go from $549 to $625, super good deal to whoever managed to snag it.

      Boxed version going for $589 at the moment, not worth updating the post to include it at $625.

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        Sorry price sync error, just fixed it.

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          Thank you for clarifying. Excellent deal, I decided to post as its own deal instead.

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    if I hadn't upgraded to the 5600X I would get this.

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      Same. Upgraded from a 1600 so can't exactly complain.

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      I'm in the same boat, kinda torn. The 5600X has excellent energy efficiency and runs fairly cool. I don't really want to get something that uses a lot more power…

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    worth upgrading over a 3600?

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      Yes - I did it.

      Though, you probably want to have a think about it:

      • Do you currently have issues?
      • Do you play games that would benefit?
      • Do you plan to play games that benefit?
      • Does your graphics card play well?
      • Will a future upgrade play well?
      • What is the quality of your existing components?
      • Any other components require upgrading?
      • Should you upgrade to a new platform?
      • etc
    • If you're going for the 5700x3D I can definitely recommend it as an upgrade, the performance of the 5700x3D is very similar to the new 7700x. Just make sure your motherboard is compatible and the bios is up to date.

    • In my view - Yes.

      12 months ago I went from the 3600 to 5600 and that in itself was a worthwhile upgrade at $200. I've just gone from the 5600 to the 5700x3D and even that has been a huge step up depending on the use case. Most benchmarks were about a 50-60% increase (3DMark, Cinebench) but for me it was the improvement in Escape from Tarkov, which benefits mainly from the cache. Nearly doubled my framerate on some maps as the CPU was the bottleneck with my RTX3080@1440p.

      As others have said, make sure you have the right firmware. Mine was about 2 years old and "compatible" but it was stuck at 3.3Ghz, barely pushed 10% utilisation and wouldn't boost. I had to install the more recent "5800x3D Optimised" firmware to get it to behave properly. Can't believe AM4 can still deliver like this.

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    AM4 continues to be an absolute beast

  • Tempting to update my 3600….

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    You can get the box retail version of the 5800x3d from here for $490 :…

    The code is SAVB5

    Can’t post as its own deal as the quantity is less than 10, 6 available at the time of posting.

  • Any am4 mobo deals?

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      It's not worth buying into AM4 if you're not already on the platform. Go for AM5 instead.

    • If you are in the market for a new build, get this instead.

      AM5 you can upgrade later. AM4 is a dead platform.

  • Damn! Might be time to replace my 3900x on my ROG X570-E, but which one ……..

  • not sure why you included the 5800x3D as $499 is not even close to a bargain

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    I guess 5700x3d good upgrade from 3800x?

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    ..waiting for $199 delivered on a 5700x :D

  • Hmmm, i have a 3600 with a 3070 GPU.
    Considering this 5700 upgrade.
    I game a bit, cutrently alot of COTW. I like to keep open to new titles though.
    Also music production.
    Would i notice a worthy performance improvement?

  • I only got a 5600 last year. Worth the price for an upgrade? Or buy one second hand a few years down the track? Not really playing any demanding games tbh, except for RDR2. My GPU is a 3070.

  • 5600x 154fps
    5800x3d 168fps

    20 game average at 1440p… This is gonna be less….. Just doesn't seem worth the hassle to change.

    • +3

      In this case, I think looking at the blanket average performance uplift is kind of misleading and inaccurate. Because in some games the performance uplift is huge, but in other games the uplift is negligible.

      For users that primarily play the types of games that benefit the most from the 3D v-cache, it’s absolutely worth it.

      For other users, it’s not.

      So you need to check for which games you play the most.

  • Picked up a 5700x3d from this deal, arrived fairly promptly (normal shipping), works perfectly as expected though anything else would just be scam/super unlucky.

    Apart from some minor annoyances with installation and memory speed strait forward drop in upgrade with the latest bios on my x470 crosshair VII hero (thought my board was T topology but it's daisy chain so learned that no the imc on my previous 3700x was not garbage i just have a shit motherboard for 4 dimm)

    As an upgrade from a 3700x its done exactly what I wanted. Paired with a 3080 (ex mining deal), I'm now GPU limited in pretty much everything I play or at high enough frame rates that I no longer care for 1440p which is exactly what I was hoping to get from the upgrade. 1% lows are significantly better though Black Desert is still garbage for frame drops and nothing will ever fix that completely to my knowledge

    Runs fairly cool on a custom loop so maybe ill be able to get a bit more out of it with some bclk overclocking when/if I need the extra performance (not recommended)

  • Just noticed Amazon has dropped price on the 5800X3D to $493.15:…

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