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AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D Processor $549 Delivered (OEM Tray Version) @ Metrocom


I felt like this warranted its own post, since the other post and discussion is heavily oriented toward AM4 and whether upgrading on AM4 is worth it.

Free shipping. OEM tray version, meaning no box is my understanding.

Seller has clarified in the comments of the AM4 post that they are "gray import but we provide same warranty with the retail version. Any issues within 3 years we will organize a replacement straight away. If a replacement is not available then a upgrade or refund at your choice."

I have ordered from this sellers eBay store before, and I can confirm their post purchase support is quality.

AM4 deals: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/831031

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    May be cheaper here at AliExpress if you are willing. Its about $500 for a new account. Should be an extra 20-30 for a normal account.

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      Don't forget GST. Not quite able to get the new user price. I did test with coins. Assuming you have the necessary amount of coins to get the extra discount, it still comes out to be roughly the same.

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        Ahh good point! Completely forgot about GST. Even if the AliExpress didn't have GST, it would be riskier than Metrocom

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          username checks out

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            @piejustice: Hahaha, more often than not, my username does check out. I am kind of new to finding a good deal lol.

    • You forgot to add GST.

      • @netsurfer mentioned that. I completely forgot GST isn't added. Forget about my previous comment.

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          Username checks out. 😏

      • Existing user with plenty of AliExpress coins could get that extra bit of discount so it is $541.65 (using AliExpress coins, normally pretty useless, GST inclusive).

        $7 difference assuming you have enough AliExpress coins from check in to AliExpress (and from using the app) every day.

    • Comes up as total price $529.90 au, including gst free shipping for me ??

      Minus 22.05 with coupon plus 671 coins
      49.26 gst
      Free shipping

      Bit the bullet n bought 7 7800X3D & 7 7700 for $822.60 au includes gst free shipping

    • Yeah AliExpress………unless its a store that has been around for ages I would avoid.

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        Been buying from them for 10 plus years ..

        • Aliexpress or the store?

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            @Franc-T: Both , store about 6yrs hes honest seller never drama even on warranties i had once.

  • Any thoughts on how it compares to 7700x at when paired with a high-end GPU for 4k gaming?

    Most threads say it's a negligible difference unless you're into competitive FPS.

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      I left a similar comment on another thread, but it entirely depends on your use case, i.e. which games you play most.

      Look at these benchmarks from April 2023, and compare them to your 7700x.

      As you can see, the 3D v-cache would be a considerable jump, BUT only in certain CPU bound games, and especially if you have spare GPU usage available.

      These X3D chips essentially allow the CPU be less bottle-necked and use more of the GPU.

      The performance jump is especially significant in games like Rust and EFT.

      I'd recommend stress testing your favourite games with task manager open on the other monitor, and check how much of your GPU is being used.

      In Rust specifically, I know when I had a 2700x the GPU was only using around 40% of it's capacity. After switching to the 5800x3D, it uses almost 100% and frames are more than doubled.

      Considering you could still get at least a couple hundred for your 7700x, it would be a viable option IF you mostly play games that would benefit from it.

      Otherwise don't, or wait till next year and switch out for the 8800X3D.

      • when paired with a high-end GPU for 4k gaming?

        Better to show charts on 4K gaming results. Showing 2K gaming results might be a bit misleading.

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          You are right. I missed that detail.

          4K benchmarks

          Honestly, if you're gaming in 4K it probably means you've got the funds to burn, as the difference between it and 1440p—especially at 27"—is not worth the extra strain on the PC in my opinion. It would be worth having the current best gaming CPU for the task.

          If you do not have the funds to burn, but are gaming at 27" 4K, I'd recommend ditching it stat for 27" 1440p. It is not worth the PC strain, not even slightly.

          Been there, done that. 4K 27" is almost total placebo, not to mention AIDS for in-built Windows 10 scaling.

          • @duckduckering: Plenty of modern displays far bigger than 27" catering to the gamer with funds to burn these days.

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            @duckduckering: I bought a 27” 4K and now regretting my decision everyday.

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            @duckduckering: 100% agree with this comment. I have a 27" 1440p high refresh rate monitor and never for a second have wanted higher resolution over faster frame rate. I've even dropped a couple games from 1440p high @ ~80fps to 1080p Ultra @ 165fps.
            The 3D cache chips really shine at CPU bound games, and I dare say that anything running 4K will be bound by GPU performance instead

    • https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/12walzi/ryzen_7_7…

      Honestly doesn't make much of a difference. A couple of FPS shouldn't make much of a difference. I'm not sure as I'm not much of a Gamer. It should be fine with the 7700x unless the 7800x3d is only a bit more.

    • Definitely wouldn't bother at 4k.

  • what does OEM tray mean? is it different to where we could get it from a Umart or MSY or Centercom or the like?
    what's the difference? what about warranty?

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      Means, no box (no sticker, mini booklet etc…), just the CPU. For computer stores selling systems, they can get OEM tray CPUs to save cost. In this case, they are selling them.

      There is obviously a bit of a risk if you get one from an untrusted source. For example, it could be an ex-demo CPU. The retailer is offering 3 years warranty for these.

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      it means that you don't get retail packaging or a cooler. Basically, you'll get the cpu in a little plastic tray to keep it safe and thats it.

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        so, practically still the same CPU, for all intents & purposes? just minus the packaging…

        • Yes, exactly the same, they are just bought in bulk.

          Check the description (or the AM4 post) for details on the sellers 3 year guarantee. Extremely strong.

        • Im debating about getting this, as I have an AIO ready to go and was looking at getting this exact cpu…..still grey market

    • OEM/Tray CPU warranty is handled by retailer, so AMD won't directly provide RMA support.

      Length of warranty can also differ from retail units, though in this instance the website states 3 years.

      When buying an OEM CPU suggest keeping a screenshot of page showing 3 years warranty or better still asking that the receipt / invoice indicate this info for future reference, should the need to RMA arise.

  • Is this chipset good to fry eggs on?

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      It's not exactly a chipset

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      nope, the 7800x3d is very efficient. your eggs would stay raw if you put them on top unfortunately.

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    Wow tray cpu with warranty, great find OP

  • Doesnt really seem worth saving $40

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      The box is just the cpu and a little booklet rest is foam. So provs worth it.

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    So about $900 all-in-all for an AM5 X3D upgrade (assuming you're fine with a basic bitch board and don't need a (profanity) of USB ports or M.2 slot), compared to $350 for the 5700X3D. Too bad the Gigabyte B650 board they sell is out of stock or you'd save another $50.

  • strange that most of the AM5 cpus in AU still holding the price while in China they have dropped so much already. Like you can get 7500F for around $200. If that is the price in AUS, AMD will crush the market.

  • dam I want to buy it, but got nothing to test if the Cpu work or not, still trying to stack components

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    i want to jump on this

    but the x670 boards are all stupidly priced

    and make no sense

    why does the b650 aorus master,have ESS sabre dacs and allow full pci bifurcation but the 300 dollar more x670 variant does not lol

    • get the b650 then

    • +3

      onboard audio stuff are always joke anyway

    • PCIe bifurcation is done on CPU PCIe lanes, so the chipset doesn't matter. B650E Aorus Master is more expensive than low cost X670. Being B650E, it does offer PCIe bifurcation to achieve up to gen5 speed on all those m.2 slots. Some high end X670E boards offer 2 PCIe gen 5 x16 slot to do x8 x8 bifurcation.

  • I saw that this proccy is on ebay, from a good seller, at $585ish after the Feb discount code. I can look it up if someone is keen.

    Voucher/coupon FEB17
    Applied: AU $118.83
    AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D - AU $699.00
    Postage - Free
    Vouchers/coupons: -AU $118.83
    Order total: AU $580.17
    Seller: shopping-express-clearance

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    What happened to Asrock stock in Australia? Both the B650M Pro RS and B650M HDV/M.2 has been sold out for weeks with no ETA. Great deal on the CPU, but you're not saving much if you have to put the saving toward the mobo because you're either picking between some really low end trash (what's in stock right now) and the upper midranged stuffs that cost $70-100 extra for features you don't need.

    • They are available, just not at discounted price. When the B650M HDV/M.2 deal ($154 + delivery) was posted, it wasn't very popular. B650M HDV/M.2 and Pro RS both require to be priced well to be worthwhile. Also, that m.2/NVMe PCIe gen 5 x4 is probably the main enticing feature on those 2 boards. However, PCIe gen 5 x4 SSDs are overpriced at the moment.

      • Neither of them are in stock currently at any vendor in Australia, with no ETA, I checked. The cheapest option is the HDV/M.2 on Amazon for $250 from the US, but then why bother when I can just get the Gigabyte B650 Eagle from Amazon Germany for $300 with better VRM and being a full sized ATX. The alternative B650M in Australia are barely $10-20 cheaper than it.

        B650M HDV/M.2 and Pro RS both require to be priced well to be worthwhile. Also, that m.2/NVMe PCIe gen 5 x4 is probably the main enticing feature on those 2 boards

        They are pretty well priced, the receptions around here are a little bit out of touch (though fair, given that they were the ewaste trash model in previous generations). Before the current batch of super low end boards came out, the Gigabyte DS3H and the Asrock HDV/M.2 were the lowest end B650M board on the market, while offering a feature set and a competent VRM (can handle a stock 7950X) that you'd need to go up to the midranged for in previous sockets, making them a pretty good deal if you don't need anything special. The Pro RS is basically the HDV but with an extra USB port, 4 DIMM slots rather than 2 and a few other bits and bobs.

        Now, the low end is flooded with with Gigabyte's low end crap (everything cheaper than a DS3H) that's so shit they intentionally disable PBO on them because they know the VRM can't handle any kind of OC. And that's nearly all that's in stock.

        My needs are a little bit more specific which excludes the DS3H (acceptable at $220). I currently have an old Xonar AE sound card and a PCIe wireless card. The sound card is nothing special, but the DAC+Amp drives my cans decently enough and better than onboard audio on these cheaper boards, and I've had it for a long time now. Asrock boards makes it easy because they nearly always come with an accessible E-key slot so I can just rip out the AX200 in the PCie card and install it there, and leave the X1 slot for the sound card (plus plenty of USB ports and headers while being the cheapest on the market generally). Other companies' hides their M.2 card under the plastic shield so its a pain to get to

        • Well, with HDV/M.2, you need to change the TjMax setting in the BIOS (at least for this CPU). The VRM is passable, but only 1 USB 3.2 gen 2 port and the case has to have the right cable and port to support it. The integrated I/O shield is nice if you don't use wifi (otherwise, it is annoying to install the antennas (not included)). It is much easier to do the wifi installation if I/O shield is not pre-installed. While AX210 (and AX200) do work, BE200 (wifi 7) currently doesn't work on AMD boards.

          HDV/M.2 was $154 + postage last year (it technically did drop to $150 for a little while). However, that wasn't the initial price here. It is unclear why retailers quickly cleared out their stock on those boards.

          Asrock B650M HDV/M.2 is a bit odd to be honest. Normally, the low end HDV boards lack that wifi slot, the second PCIe x16 (x4) slot. It even has a Thunderbolt header (though Asrock's Thunderbolt AIC is a pain to acquire and way too expensive). I did help a mate setup a PC with that board last year (that's why I know getting the Wifi antenna sockets installed with the integrated I/O shield is annoying). However, once that's sorted, the integrated I/O shield does make life easier when putting the board onto the case. Also, the rubbish AMD AGESA is a pain (the new one is still a bit of a pain because if the motherboard decides to re-train memory, it will take 30 seconds to boot the PC… but that's a lot better than earlier last year, which could take 90 seconds with DDR5-6000).

          • @netsurfer: Yeah, both the DS3H and the HDV/M.2 are kind of oddballs. They were super low end models before, but AM5 launched with surprisingly competent boards going all the way down to the bottom. The Gigabyte Gaming/B650-K/etc.. trash that we're getting now for the ~$200 mark is what I expected those two to be. For Asrock at least, given the feature set I guess it kinda replaces the Pro4 line, though its a step back from the B550M Pro4

            The HDV has been out of stock for a while now, but the Pro RS were still in stock recently enough that they have listing on the bigger retailers. I'm willing to put up with having to thread the antenna into the built in IO shield if it meant not having to go shopping for a DAC/Amp stack that I don't really need or buy a upper model board with better on-board sound. I'm looking at the DH3P right now, its only $10 more than the B650M Gaming Wifi for a type C port, a type-C header, though the VRM is equally as shit (but it should handle a 7800X3D hopefully), and it doesn't look too hard to remove the M.2 card and drop an AX200 in it.

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