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Cadbury Gift Box Chocolates 500g - $6.80 (Was $34) @ Woolworths


I just grabbed a couple of these at my local store, the app lets you click & collect. Surely no-one actually paid $34 for them?!?

From the website:-

Cadbury Dairy Milk A Cheer & A Half Gifting Tin is a delicious assortment of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas or want to give someone a sweet treat? Looking for that perfect box of chocolates? Do you love the soft centres, nuts, praline or just all chocolate? Make seasonal gifting easy this year and give them the sweetest present of all, chocolate! Whether it’s a stocking stuffer for the family, a memorably delicious present for your best friend, a crowd pleaser for your upcoming Christmas party, or even a Secret Santa gift for your co-worker, there's something for everyone in the Cadbury chocolate range!

Cadbury Dairy Milk A Cheer & A Half Gifting Tin is a delicious assortment of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Classic Milk
Smooth & Creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

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    FYI 600g Roses for the same price

    • +8

      Which tin is better at storing buttons and sewing stuffs. 🤔

      • +2

        Square one for sure.

      • +2

        Biscuit tins are far superior for this purpose!

        • +8

          Oh the trauma we had as kids. Opening that tin. Expecting biscuits but seeing sewing supplies instead.


          • +2

            @xoom: Haha I share your trauma/lived experience.

          • +1

            @xoom: Still can’t trust those bloody tins, even to this day.

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      Thanks! Found them at my local, in the special valentine's section. Plenty left, but the staff may have grabbed them after I alerted them.

      Bloody Woolies! Can celebrate saint's holy days, but not our nation. 😀

    • Which one is worse, this or the Roses?

      • Roses hands down

  • Nothing avail at my locals qld hervey bay

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    Says out of stock on the website.

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      Yes, but use the app & if your local store has them you can add it. I just picked up 2 tins with my click & collect order this evening.

      • Just curious why is the website stock level data different to the app? Website says out of stock at my local stores

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          Try postcode 2220 & 2232 on the website & you will see there is stock. I'm just guessing it's getting low.

  • I'm in southern Sydney, currently showing stock in Kirrawee & Hurstville

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    Saw them but didn't think it was worth it

  • +9

    Notice the glass and a half is no longer to be seen in any packets?

    Cheer and a half what a scam

    Clearly they halved the block plus changed recipe so seems impossible to fit glass and a half anymore

  • Honey price tracker says usual price is more like $10

  • +10

    Step 1. Inflate price
    Step 2. Discount to seem enticing
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. Profit!

    • +1

      They all received the memo.

    • +3

      Step 3. Post apparent bargain to OzBargain

    • There are some laws around price hiking for the sake of advertising when it’s lower (aka: regular price). Pretty sure it just delays the process a little (has to be at the higher price for a certain length of time).
      I think.
      IANAL please don’t quote me on this.

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    They would have been priced to sell at half price ($17) with probably half of the perceived value being the metal box. That leaves $8.50 of value in the chocolate and that itself lines up almost exactly with the per-gm price of Aldi Choceur.

    Based on this $6.80 is a reasonable deal for the novelty.

    • How does Aldi Choceur compare to Cadbury?

      My instinct is to think it’s not going to be as good but I’ve never even heard of it before so I need to put aside my anti-novelty bias because the price has me interested!

      A penny for your thoughts? (Chocolate coin, of course) (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

      • +2

        You're right, Cadbury is utter dogshit these days. Haven't bought a bar in forever. The Aldi chocolate however is excellent

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    I used to be a firm believer of 1c/gm. Sadly I haven't seen this for a very long time. I've saved a lot of money though.

    • +3

      Love it. $10/kg is my benchmark for everything at the supermarket.

      • +3

        Ozb zen master

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    Ever since the yanks bought out Cadbury it's gone downhill.

    • +4

      It really has. It's never been great in Australia when compared to UK, or Ireland (which is/was even creamier), but the quality has nose dived even further recently. It's claggy and grainy. It doesn't melt, it kinda just softens to a gloop.

      • +1

        Yes, they now have the same as we always had. I was there last summer, such a shame.

        • oh really? I always got my cousins to bring me the UK Cadbury as it was so much better. Have they changed the recipe as well?

          • +1

            @lonewolf: Yup, it's now the same as Aussie chocolate. The UK galaxy chocolate is what you are seeking, still decent, but all the Cadbury brands have changed.

      • Kinder is the only chocolate.

        Don’t @ me (^ー^)

        • +1

          @Jennerino instructions unclear.

          • +1

            @xoom: @xoom you cheeky little shit (๑>◡<๑)

    • +3

      When a nation that thinks Hersheys is good gets involved, you know you're in trouble.

  • Done, got 2 thanks. Dad birthday sorted.

    • +4

      Surely your dad deserves something nicer than just $13.80 worth of clearance chocolates and diabetes? Assuming you giving him both and ripping open the tin when outside of bigw

      • +6

        He's only getting one of them.
        Who would give 2? I'm not Jeff Bezos!

        He already has absolutely everything he wants.

        • +2

          Well, you can tell him Jenna from Ozbargain is wishing him a wonderful birthday ^_−☆

      • +2

        Hey, you can't put a price on diabetes.

  • Mrs paid $5 for some back in late Dec. (Actually, $4.50 as it was on our 10% off shop!)
    They make nice little gifts as people perceive them as being 'worth' more!

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    Cadburys has gone to trash under American ownership. Creme eggs recipe now uses generic cheap chocolate also.

  • +2

    FYI those expiring in or around June..

    • +4

      Are you even an ozbargainer if you cant polish off a box of these well before the expiry?

      • haha that's true

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    The RRP for chocolates is insane. But ~$1.25 for 100 grams is a great price in our hyperinflationary environment.

  • wondering if this is just most people refused to buy them at the ridulously over priced normal price and now they have an excess stock of them and had to reduce them like this.

  • My local ww ran out of stock past few days but seemed to restock overnight at the clearance price - now with a July 2024 expiry too.

    They are individually wrapped thumb-sized chocolates

  • Great buy. For anyone that is interested Woolies Noosa Civic has heeps of them, probably over 100 boxes. Please buy them or I will get diabetes.

    • But sharing (the diabetes) is caring.

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