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Free Toshiba NB100 8.9" Netbook with a Toshiba XV500 Series LCD HDTV Purchase


Toshiba joins the promotion fray in time for xmas (still waiting on Sony). First 4000 redemption submissions receive the netbook by mid March.

This applies to their flagship 37", 42" and 46" XV500 series model LCD HDTVs with RRPs of $2199, $2749 & $3299 correspondingly (http://www.toshibaav.com.au/products_lcdtv.html).

Going on my experience with pricing of many other HDTVs in recent years, I'd say that the after haggle price should be $1500, $1900 and $2300, with up to $100-200 over depending on how much stock they have, how busy they are and how much the sales rep thinks he can sell it to you for.

Keep an eye out for the TV review:
- > as per http://www.cnet.com.au/tvs/lcd/0,239035307,339293583,00.htm

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  • Do you have to claim it like a cashback? Or you just go into any electrical store and they'll sell it to you as a bundle? Anyone has any idea on how much the bundle actually cost?

  • Hope its not like the hd dvd redemption and you have to wait 6 months to get your movies after being stuffed around and made to prove your claim countless times.

  • Went to Myers to ask them about the deal. They said you get the NetBook via redemption. The 42" cost about ~$2200k, 47" is about ~$2700k and no price available for the 37" maybe they aren't gonna stocking. Also the TVs themselves aren't available until 15th of Dec.

    So I guess it'll take them 3-6 months to ship the NetBooks and by that time they'll be superseded.

  • Oh dear, sorry! Looks like I double posted at http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/8488 … Well so I saw this in Harvey Norman for 1699 for the 37".. you reckon I might still be able to haggle that price? I still think that it's a good deal for an LCD that's 1080p and 100hz, even if it is slightly smaller. Noslee mentioned that maybe if DSE stocked these then you could get a bonus gps and surge protector in the bundle, but I haven't checked if they do, I'll try today. And I'll try Myer too. It just seems to be in my price range and I just want confirmation if anyone out there thinks that it's a good buy for an LCD TV. Help please!

    • Depends on the shop management in your area, Good Guys used to be the best and now Bing Lee is the best around my area, but normally for something that is just released they don't put the price down as much. I'd rather go for the LG 42" (70YD) that comes with quite good 26" 720p screen via $30 redemption and you may be able to get it for $1800, no more then $1900, but I can't find reviews for it though.

      As for myself, I am waiting for end of this month or even till mid jan if necessary as I reckon Sony might bundle a PS3 with the TV I want or some other very tempting deal may appear, but in any case haggling will be easier post xmas rush. Was afraid of the AUD going down and increasing the prices, but it doesn't seem to be affecting them, so the companies have just been pocketing all the extra profits when AUD was high, don't think it's all old stock from before AUD went down either…

      • I did see this brochure in the paper that gives a free ps3 with some new Sony lines, I think the 200hz ones, but it was an actualy Sony brochure so it only listed RRP's. And yes my worry is about the AUD too, I get paranoid that if I don't get some deals now, they'll use the fact that it's after Christmas to put up their prices.

        Okay, what exactly should I be saying/doing to be able to haggle properly? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm not actually from Australia and I'm not really certain what I should be doing, or what I should be saying so that they'll give me a bit of a discount even. Any tips/basics that I should know? Does my being a poor student help?

        • 200Hz is the Z series which I'm quite interested in, which paper did you see it in and are you sure it's a definite redemption offer? I only know of their special where you go into a draw to win things http://www.sony.com.au/Bond/ and I'm not a fan…

          I'd go in a store and ask for a specific model whcih I already researched, see what he says about the price and can tell from that if he's serious or if he thinks I'm an idiot. Then as a general rule I'd tell him that I'll pay 2/3 of RRP (say it in dollars, whatever that may be), so if rrp is 3k on Sony's site I offer $2k as margins are big. Online prices are usually couple hundred bux over this, so they can beat it in store and I don't like paying more then 2/3 RRP + $100-200 max depending how desparate I am to buy right then and there. If he won't do it, then go to another store and be ready to go to three different stores, lose nothing as I can always come back and take his lowest offer anyway, though worst case scenario other stores will have to beat his by $50 after a phone call.

          If it's a popular model that's been out for a while, lowest price online minus another 10% is probably the lowest you'll get so start haggling at that and don't move up easily or by much. Establish that delivery is included and how much it is in the start. Some guys will give you close to their lowest price straight up and some will never go low enough, but for guys that keep talking 100km/h eg $2150 is lowest, then you maintain your own story, so after he says no can't do $2000, you have many comebacks - but I'm paying cash - ok $2100, but I'm paying cash now - no still $2100, c'mon I'm a poor student I can't afford help out - ok $2070 last possible lowest ever price blabla coz $50 delivery, then you say but I'll pick it up myself no need to deliver so $2020… Be polite but don't let him talk you into it, hassle him more then he hassles you, extra 10min of bs-ing if you can hack it can save you at least $50, good hourly pay so, make sure you don't give yourself away as being too excited about buying it…

          If he won't go down in $, try getting some HDMI/component cables or other things thrown in for free as they are way cheaper then you'd buy them separately for so they can throw them in to make the sale as long as you know what you'd be paying for them online.

          Things get cheaper after xmas, it's just a sham that specials are best for xmas, there are too many people buying and salespeople don't have to spend too much time with you as they can be busy with somebody else, but in january when it all quiets down and nobody is buying, new models are soon to be announced, what will they do with all the leftover stock? Prices go down more…