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Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-Speed Mountain Bike Cassette - 10-51T $83 + Delivery ($0 QLD C&C/ $199 Order) @ Jonny Sprockets


OE Packaging-No Cardboard box

SLX - 12-Speed - HYPERGLIDE+ - MTB Cassette Sprocket

With its BEAM SPIDER construction, the SLX M7100 12-speed cassette shaves weight while increasing SHIMANO's MTB gearing range another gear. Using SHIMANO's new MICRO SPLINE freehub body and HYPERGLIDE+ tooth profile, the 10-51T cassettes deliver advanced shifting performance.

  • Advanced shifting performance provides the confidence to enjoy any trail
  • Pedal continuously while shifting
  • Lighter and stiffer cassette sprocket construction reduces inertia and increases acceleration
  • Lighter drivetrain set up
  • 10T lowest sprocket realized by new FREEHUB body construction
  • Wide range and close step 12-speed drivetrain

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  • +6

    First time I've seen a decently priced 12 speed cassette.

    Beware anyone who is thinking they can move from 10 or 11spd to 12spd you cannot.

    Its a different ecosystem that needs new hubs etc.

    • Thanks for the warning

    • +1

      It is starting to sound like razor blades. At what stage do you say this is getting pointless?
      Call me nostalgic, but maybe 9-speed was the sweet spot. Easy to adjust, and rugged. So what if my cadence is a few rpm off ideal?

      • Oh for sure, I have 2x9 ultegra on my road bike on a smart trainer and the shifting is so smooth. However for 1x applications mountain biking, the 12 speed is great and really comes into its own.

      • +2

        MTBs use a single chainring, more gears are very welcome.

      • lot of 1 x systems, so they can do away with the front cassette, derauiler and shifter, that alone saves lots of issues . However with MTB ebikes starting to dominate in the MTB community (I have one) you'd think 1x10 would be good enough and a beefier chain to help deal with lazy changes and lots of torque on the rear cassette. albeit I am no drive train expert.

        On a non ebike, I preferred 2 x 10. Lots more steep stuff in climbing with an MTB vs a roadie, need more gears.

    • There are cassettes available for regular HD spline from brands like sunrace that will allow you to go to 12 speed without new hubs. However the hyperglide 2 system does work best with shimano cassettes and chains.

  • -2

    Mountain Bike Cassette - 10-51T $83

    Bad timing… I've just upgraded to CDs.

    • +4

      Don't lie, you're still rocking 8-tracks.

  • -4

    10-51. Wow. Must be thin. Probably have to change the cassette and chain every 5,000 km.
    Better off with a 9x3

    • Perhaps, depends on your application. Many modern bikes are 1x only and won't even fit a 2x or 3x system. 1x also means a very solid derailleur with clutch system that wont drop chains, even on the roughest trails.

    • Sram does 10-52…

    • +1

      The thickness of the sprocket is the same on 10-12 speed, 1.6mm, the bigger sprocket is just more inboard than the 11 speed. 9 speed is 1.78mm.

    • +1

      Wax your chain

  • +1

    Note that if you're not so fussed with a few more grams, the 'lower' series deore (6100) is largely the same, except more durable as it's made of steel.

    • +1

      Only the 51t is alloy on the SLX version.

      • That's actually interesting but still annoying that they can't just make a full non-aluminium cassette for once.

        Possibly the CUES stuff might introduce a full steel cassette for ebikes?

        • +1

          The deore is full steel, as is linkglide 11 speed stuff for ebikes.

  • How early is too early to buy one of these as a replacement? a year ahead?

    • +2

      Wouldn't hurt to have as a spare, never seen them for this sort of price before. During covid they were near impossible to get.

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