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Ozito PXC 18V 115mm 4.0Ah Angle Grinder Kit $99.98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


This is the new model 115mm grinder which is $67.98 on its own, so you get a 4.0ah battery and charger for an extra $32. I am guessing this is a promo deal so when stocks are gone that will be the end of he deal.

The main differences I know of over the old model is this has a tool free guard adjustment and has a slimmer grip. Has the same 8500rpm.

Available in most stores but widely scattered in QLD.


Here is a link if you want to see the old vs new model. Specs are limited but you can see the difference in design.

I/N: 0524180 for when Bunnings website plays up.

For cut off discs, my preference is for 1,0mm thick Makita and Bosch. Also I don't bother with grinding discs, I use flap discs. They remove metal way faster and don't bounce around.

Another good addition is a 14mm Fixtec nut which makes disc changes tool free. https://www.google.com/search?q=14mm+Fixtec+nut&sca_esv=0589…

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    115mm? Why?

    • What's the standard?

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        There is lots it’s just this is the in between size. It’s probably a good size really. My 125mm corded angle grinder does feel too big for small jobs I guess

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        115mm is common, therefore access to grinding discs is easier and cheaper

        • +1

          Fair enough. I was told many years ago to get a 125mm grinder and I’ve got heaps of discs. I guess they are cheap nowadays so no worries really

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            @choofa: Just a FYI if you didnt know:

            If you bought those old disks years ago as well check the use by date. If they are expired or dont have one it isnt worth the risk using them.

            The reason that cutting and grinding discs have a shelf life is that the resin that is used to bind the disc material together breaks down over time as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. This means that an out of date disc could break up during use, with sharp fragments being ejected at a very high speed.

            If you have any doubt about the age of your disc, throw it away and buy a new one. They are relatively inexpensive items that are just not worth the risk.

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              @Duff5000: Thanks, yeah I have had that experience and even with a disc that wasn’t that old. Not pleasant lol. I haven’t thrown my old discs out but I do tend to buy a new disc when I need to do a serious job.

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      It's a pretty common size and they have been around forever. And plenty of companies still make 100mm grinders, mostly corded though.

      In recent years the majority of 125mm 18v cordless grinders have been brushless, while most 115mm are brushed.

      • My old & tired Bosch brushed grinder was 115. Work only bought 125mm discs. I modified the guard/shroud, and I can JUST fit 125mm, but if my feeling & concept is correct… It's working the grinder harder.

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    I've got two of these and have no problem with its disc size, never really needed anything bigger.

  • The item title says "skin only", but then also says it's a kit?

    • An error on Bunnings part. The description below that states "With an 18V 4.0Ah Battery and Compact Fast Charger included".

      • why the stock check url has .in domain?

        • Why does it matter?

  • just bought 5ah ryoby battery from yesterday

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    If you have batteries I'd go the brushless for $110 (skin only)…

    • Or save $50 and get the brushed skin only?

    • +4

      I wouldn't. I bought the brushless one yesterday to do a job where the power cords on my other grinders were getting in the way. It's gutless. I was grinding off small welds and it would regularly cut out after a few seconds. At first I thought I was pushing a bit too hard maybe, but even with fairly light pressure it would cut out after 5-10 seconds.

      It didn't make a good first impression as the spindle lock button is a fiddle to press. You have to press it in exactly the right spot (just off centre) or it will NOT move. There is no leeway at all.

      It really chewed through batteries. I had two fully charged 4Ah batteries that lasted maybe half an hour each of intermittent grinding (maybe a few minutes grinding in total).

      I went back to a corded grinder and put up with fiddling with the cord to keep it out of the way. I'll be returning the battery grinder.

      • +2

        Edit - I realised there is an updated model since I bought mine, and it now has a wide lock button, whereas mine has a small one. So button related stuff below may not apply, but the other stuff should be similar.

        As a comparison, the lock button on mine presses easily from position / angle. If I press it, I can feel it move until it hits whatever part of the gearbox it engages into. If I then spin the output of the grinder while keeping light pressure on the button, I can feel it drop into a notch, and lock the spindle.

        By the sound of it, yours might be faulty. If there is a gearbox problem, that might account for some of the other issues.

        If the grinder is still spinning at a decent speed under load, cut out is typically from the battery BMS disconnecting because of undervoltage / overcurrent. On mine, that is relatively hard to do when grinding with a freshly charged 4Ah battery. IIRC the lights on the battery flash when the BMS cuts power, and it takes a little bit of time to reset. Whereas the grinder motor controller cut out allows operation again immediately. If yours has a gearbox problem, then it might be under higher load and cause either the BMS or the motor controller to cut out. Or the motor controller is faulty, or if your batteries are older, then they might have too much voltage droop. You can test voltage droop by seeing if the battery cuts out, and if it lasts longer before cutting out when the battery is fresh off the charger

        Don't get me wrong, the grinder does not last long on a 4ah battery. Based on comparisons between the 2.5Ah (35A output) battery and the 4Ah (50A output) battery, the grinder seems happy to draw 600W+ at full load. For a 4Ah battery, you would expect to get under 5 mins of full power output. But as the voltage drops, so does the power, so I'd only be expecting a few minutes of full load grinding before the BMS kicks in unless you ease off. Going for the 6Ah or 8Ah Ultra batteries would help, but even then runtime is not going to be much more than doubled.

        That's the nature of the beast with battery grinders. A 600W grinder (maybe a bit more on the Ultra batteries) is on the lower end to begin with, and really only suited to short periods of use at full output, or prolonged use at lower load. For anything other than light grinding when welding, I use a mains powered grinder. To get mains power levels in a battery grinder, you need something like the DeWalt 54V model. But then the grinder, two batteries and a charger costs close to $1000.

        • Can you share your links please. I've always wondered how the ratings really compare! (And they they measure)

          • +2

            @Ulysses31: The comparisons are just from my own use. EG, swapping between 2Ah, 2.5Ah, 4Ah batteries and comparing grinding ability. Not super accurate but enough to get a rough feel. Fully charged, the 2.5Ah and 4Ah are about the same, but power from the 2.5Ah drops much sooner with use, suggesting the grinder is using near to the full output.

            On the to do list is making an adaptor that allows me to log voltage and current while using a tool, which would give more accurate results. I am not aware of anyone else who has collected such numbers.

            The battery ratings come from opening the packs and looking up the info on the cells (4Ah and 2.5Ah anyway). Though the Einhell website does give watt ratings for the batteries that match.


            1350W for the 8Ah and 6Ah Ultra. 1260W for the 5.2Ah. 900W for the 4Ah, 720W for the 2.5Ah. 450W for the 2Ah.

  • -4

    Better off getting a deal like this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704678

    • 3/4 the price for only a Bosch skin, in a deal from almost 3 years ago.

      • *1yr, 8mths

  • +2

    The brushless was $79 not long ago

  • -1

    Head up that u cant take off the guard, even if you want to on this newer model.

    • +1

      Isnt the guard there to protect you? In what situation do people prefer the guard taken off?

      • +2

        Conversions. e.g. attaching polishing wheel

        • +2

          Also the Abortech wood carving attachments.

    • +3

      You can remove it. There is a spring clip that stops it sliding off the shaft..

      • thanks so this can be used as both an angle grinder and a polishing wheel ?

      • Maybe I'm confusing sizes, the replacement I got of mine few months ago - newer model/not same, can't be removed.

        • +1

          I have the one in this listing and the guard definitely can be removed. Is yours the same as this one?

          If you remove the disc and bushes and look at the boss where the guard is mounted there is a thin wire spring clip there.

  • -1

    this bosch angle grinder, (corded) is a better deal, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/386205003052

    • +4

      1: Thats a bit like saying "this hand saw is a better deal" in a post about circular saws. Not really the same thing.

      2: It isnt is stock.

      If you wanted a corded then this ozito would be a better deal anyway https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-125mm-5-angle-grinder-kit_…

      • -2

        both are angle grinders tho, corded is much better for cutting

      • that sounds like spam

      • You would hope its better for around 5 times the price.

        Does the average person need a $500 grinder? No.

  • "(Excludes QLD)"

    That sounds like blatant discrimination against Queenslanders.

    And I'm quite ok with that. 🙂

    • Ok,I have to be the first idiot to say it. Youth crime in Qld?

  • is this brushless? im guessing its brushed at this price. nonetheless not bad for diy and occasional use.

    • Brushed. The brushless is the 125mm one.

      • picked up the new replacement 125mm cordless brushless Ozito angle grinder and I'm impressed. The thing is comparable to my 1400w bosch corded unit and it has variable speed too. narrow body so easy to hold too unlike the 115mm version.

        bunnings have it in the 'hammer drills' section of their website for some reason:

  • Back in stock in QLD stores!

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