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47%-58% off RRP on Selected Nivea Products + Extra 10% off via Sub & Save + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Lots of Nivea products on sale from 47-58% off, the post link shows all sale products.

I am too tired to list all products (just finished work).

I hope, you could find a nice bargain.

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    Haven't used any Nivea products aside from their body wash, are there any notable products in their catalogue that are worth trying?

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      I like the sunscreen. But it’s just sunscreen I guess.

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      Sunscreen, face wash, moisturiser, roll on deodorant. Use all 4, always buy when 50% off.

    • I like the roll on deodorant (especially when half price at $2.25) and their aftershave balm/shaving foam.

  • Solid deal Ty OP

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    bro what - i tried this and their delivery and charge fee is $12.50…. I got a trial for membership to get it for free but my god that's insane

    • what do you expect, you live in woop woop.

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        lmao my bad i posted this in the wrong thread - this was re: Doordash hahahahhaa

        I actually have amazon prime

  • Got some sunscreen. Thanks!

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    Rookie error on my part but I honestly thought the 'sub and save' would lock a recurring purchase in at this 'deal' price only to find later that for example that the sub n save discount is basically off whatever price it happens to be in the future. Lesson learned…do not set and forget!

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      Cancel sub&save as soon as you receive the goods. That's what I do.

      • FYI you can cancel immediately after the buy

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      Yeah - I learned this lesson ages ago, but it still rankles.
      WTF is the point of locking in a subscribe and save but they can change the price whenever the hell they want?

      • For the convenience of knowing when the next lot will turn up, it's not a best price guarantee.

    • I've wondered about this, I also thought you lock in that price for the rest of your subscription. Good to know the price changes and that I need to cancel it after receiving the item.

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    Not deliverable to this address ☹️

    • Me too

  • Looks like you can't double dip s&s with 5% off $40 any more

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    The even skin tone bb cream is AMAZING. Highly recommend. The coverage is great, the colour is good (not grey), not sticky, not shiny, and doesn't sting the eyes a few hours later.

  • Got the shaving gel for 2.43

  • Good value, I bought last time when there was a big sale but I hate the scent they add to the sunscreen

  • The old double the price then pretend its discounted trick.

    • I saw this before the deal was posted but checking camel3, the prices go up and down regularly. The percent off seems dubious at best.

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