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Earn Double Points or Status Credits on Eligible Flights (Activation Required) @ Qantas


You can register for this offer on the Qantas website or in the latest version of the Qantas app.

  • Register your choice of reward by 11.59pm (AEDT) 27 February 2024

  • Book an eligible Qantas marketed and operated flight by 11.59pm (AEDT) 27 February 2024, for travel between 28 February 2024 and 14 February 2025.

There's also a separate double points offer for Qantas Business Rewards members.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members who register and make an Eligible flight booking between 12.01am (AEDT) Wednesday 21 February 2024 and 11.59pm (AEDT) Tuesday 27 February 2024 for travel between 28 February 2024 and 14 February 2025, will have a choice of either one (1) of two (2) available rewards. The choice of either double Qantas Points or double Status Credits must be made before 11.59pm (AEDT) Tuesday 27 February 2024 via the Qantas App or qantas.com. An email will be sent confirming successful registration. An Eligible Flight for the purpose of this promotion means a Qantas marketed and operated flight (with a QF flight number) on an Australian Domestic or International ticket where Qantas Points and Status Credits are normally earned. Any flight with a QF flight number on the ticket which is not operated by Qantas including Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan and other partner airlines will not be eligible for this offer. For full details, see Qantas Frequent Flyer terms and conditions. Double Qantas Points or double Status Credits will not be earned on some fare types and booking classes. See Airline Earning Table for details. The reward chosen will be earned on each eligible flight booked within the offer period and only one (1) reward can be chosen per member. If a member registers for multiple rewards or changes their reward, the reward fulfilled will be the last reward chosen before 27 February 2024. For example, if you register for double Status Credits and book an eligible flight, you will earn double Status Credits. If you proceed to change your reward to double Qantas Points and book another eligible flight before 11.59pm (AEDT) Tuesday 27 February 2024, you will earn double Qantas Points on both bookings. Double Qantas Points and double Status Credits will be credited within eight weeks after travel. Bonus Status Credits earned from this offer do not count towards Loyalty Bonus, Platinum Bonus Reward, Platinum One Bonus Reward and Status Accelerator/Challenge earn requirements. Status Credits are not transferable and will be governed by the Qantas Frequent Flyer terms and conditions. Full or part travel of an itinerary is eligible only if you book (regardless of payment date) and travel within the promotional dates as listed above. If you cancel your initial qualifying booking or change it to be outside the promotional period, the double Qantas Points or double Status Credits offer will not apply. This bonus offer applies to travel taken by the recipient who registered for the offer. Other passengers in the same booking must register separately to be eligible for this offer. Your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number must be recorded at the time of registration and booking to earn double Qantas Points or double Status Credits. This offer is not transferable. If you qualify and register for multiple bonus Qantas Points and bonus Status Credits offers for the same flight segment, the highest value bonus Qantas Points and bonus Status Credits offer will be applied to each individual qualifying segment. Double Qantas Points are based on the Base Rate which applies, or the Minimum Points Guarantee if applicable and for the purpose of this promotion does not include any Status Bonus that may apply for tier members. Only one double Qantas Points and double Status Credits offer can be used per individual qualifying segment of your itinerary. Double Qantas Points and/or double Status Credits may be earned on multiple eligible flight bookings made during the promotion period. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Points or Status Credits offers offered by Qantas. Flights are subject to availability and any applicable fare conditions. Flights can be booked via the Qantas website including the Qantas App, a travel agent, or Qantas Contact Centres. Fees and charges may apply. Flight gift vouchers purchased during the promotion but not redeemed for an eligible flight booking during the promotion period will not earn double Qantas Points or double Status Credits.

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  • +5

    That's a lot of fine print…

    • +28

      Spirit of Australia.

    • +2

      They only sell a bundle of contractual rights

  • Booked an international flight this morning (20th)! Anyone ever had any luck getting them to honour it when it's been slightly before cutoff?

    • +10
      • +1

        Oooh thank you!

        The one thing that makes me a little hesitant is:

        "Bookings that cannot be refunded:
        We're not able to refund flight bookings under this policy:
        -For travel departing outside of Australia"

        Given it's a return international ticket, technically the second half of the journey is departing outside of Aus, and I might get stung with a cancellation fee for that second flight?

        • +4

          if you booked both legs together, i.e. same booking reference, then your entire itinerary is considered "departing from Australia" and so the free 24 hr cancellation window will apply to your return journey.

          remember, your return journey isnt considered a separate ticket.

          • +8

            @random2555: Thank you!
            For those reading in the future confirming this is correct - it appears you'll be cancelling one "leg" of the flight on the initial screen, but then it takes you to another screen where both flights are included, and then it also gives you a confirmation about the 24 hour thing.

            The only thing that isn't refunded is the card fee if paying by card (~$5).

            Thanks legends!

            • +2

              @snoopydoop: Used this policy many times before and the card fee should be refunded as well. It might not say it on the confirmation screen, but it should come through as a separate transaction on your statement.

            • +2

              @snoopydoop: Just make sure that the departure date is atleast 30 days away. That is one of the T&Cs in the cancel for any reason policy. Learnt the lesson the hard way.

      • +1

        Qantas allegedly has a "special service" that will cancel your flight for you and not even let you know until months later ;-)

        Too soon?

  • +5

    Time for the old Melbourne - Adelaide - Sydney - Christchurch return route.

    • How many points does this net you?

      • +1

        also interested, is this some sort of optimised route that the frequent flying pros have worked out?

        • +1

          Not necessarily, depends on the price at the time, but usually lots of short legs is good as there is a minimum amount of SC per leg. In business class it should be 40 + 40 + 80 = 160 SC one way or 320 return and then double SC is 640. But actually right now Melb to Christchurch direct has some pretty cheap dates that work out better, however I'm sure there is some convoluted route that's better if you search.

          NZ usually works well as domestic fares are jacked up during double SC promo, and routes with lie flat business class are going to be expensive regardless.

          • @CheapBrah: Curious - how much is this setting you back, based on your dates?

    • Interested as well.

    • Subscribing

    • +2

      Gold Coast - Melbourne - Auckland - Melbourne - Gold Coast for $1500 in Business. Nets around 560 SCs

      • I checked this route couple days back and it landed for around $1450 which is now around $1700 :(

      • That's really good to be honest

      • +2

        Do you book these as separate flights? Sorry it's all new to me.

    • assume this refers to a variation of the route they talk about in this article: https://www.pointhacks.com.au/qantas/worth-chasing-platinum-….

  • if i book all my flights on a flexi fare (which is more expensive) for the year i can probably make gold - question is, is it worth it??

    • Hmm gold… Debatable. If you can somehow net WP at an acceptable price, that is worth it.

      • +4

        Hmm.. gold is good if you plan on flying in future. If you become gold or platinum just to chase status then it’s not worth it. I have been both gold and platinum. Some years those status were not useful as I didn’t fly much. But for majority of flyers gold is good enough with priority check in, boarding, lounge access and rewards seats access 353 days from departure for premium cabin. Platinum only adds small benefits over gold if you are not flying much. Apart from first lounge, and some upgrade priorities over gold, there’s really nothing significant to spend 2x money to attain platinum. This is all from experience.

        • Yep, this. Gold is the sweet spot, even if travelling internationally. WP is occasionally useful for stuff in the US and Europe, but 99% of the time all it gives is slightly nicer food in a First lounge (that said LHR QF gin bar is better than the First lounges there)

    • Gold offers substantive benefits compared to Silver, however whether it is worth it depends on your own circumstances (particularly how much you fly), your own valuation of the benefits and how much you're willing to spend.

      Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer Guide

    • +1

      For bookings well in advance, you might find that business can be close to or even cheaper than flexi, giving you more (double) status credits.

  • So if I book a flight operated by emirates under a Qantas ticket, this promo doesn’t apply? Only QF flights operated by Qantas?

    • +2

      Does not apply. Qantas only.

    • -4

      qantas operated or qantas marketed. basically codeshare flights need to have a qf xxxx number

      • +2

        It won't count for this promo. Needs to be QF number AND QF operated flight.

      • +3

        “Any flight with a QF flight number on the ticket which is not operated by Qantas including Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan and other partner airlines will not be eligible for this offer.”

        Must be Qantas xxxx number AND Qantas plane.

        “Qantas marketed AND operated flight“

  • +2

    I read through the fine print, you can also stack this with the double qantas points for business offer which you need to activate here:


  • +1

    I booked a flexible flight a few days ago. Does it count if I change to another flight on the same day now that I have signed up for the DSC, or do I have to cancel, pay 100 dollars fee for the cancellation and rebook?

    • I’m in the same boat, guess I’ll be checking this today As well

      • See my comment below.

        • thanks for the heads up mate

    • +2

      A new PNR needs to be issued for DSC to count, so you will need to cancel.

  • Right on schedule, thanks for making it so cheap to retain WP, Qantas :)

  • +2

    If I book a flight with the $450 Amex qantas credit, will these also be double status?

    • Yes qf marked ticket

  • -3

    I’m going Japan on JAL am I Eligible???

    • -3

      No if on Jal marked , yes if qf marked ticket

      • +2

        “Any flight with a QF flight number on the ticket which is not operated by Qantas including Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan and other partner airlines will not be eligible for this offer.”

    • No. Must be on Qantas plane with Qantas flight number.

  • +1

    In the Qantas media release, apparently someone booked 63 flights during last years status credit promo. Haha.

      1. He/she is planning on attaining lifetime platinum in 6 years lol.
    • +3

      I've known people who live in one city, but visit another every week (Sydney->Melbourne for example) so they can directly manage a remote team. 63 flights paid by work in advance, both legs booked as one way flights might only be a years worth…

  • If I book a Classic Flight Rewards will give me double status credit.. let say SYD to LA = 44 normally and 88 with this offer? Thanks

    • Not sure with the exact SC, but it will work for rewards seat operated on Qantas ticketed flight.

      • +2

        Yes it does. That’s how I got gold when I stacked the double status credit with fast track gold status and flew domestic business class. Provided you’re Points Club or Club+

        • yeah I am currently PC+.. Syd to Mel BUSINESS CABIN 18,400PTS + $45 should earn 18 SC each way = total 72 SC earn with this offer correct…? thanksssss

    • only points club members get status credit on reward flights, and its less than the amount than the cash price.. check the classkc reward table which categorised by miles

    • +1

      It should for Points Club and Points Club Plus members, but if the system does not automatically credit it (as happened to me in the past) you may have to fight them for it.

      I contacted them and they mindlessly recited the T&Cs to claim that classic rewards were not eligible, thanks to the idiotically ambiguous "where Qantas Points and Status Credits are normally earned".

      I didn't bother fighting them further but in hindsight I would have pursued it via the Airline Customer Advocate.

      • Have been automatic for me…… last flight was two days ago. Credited instantly.

  • +3

    What’s the cheapest status run to do for 200 status credits?

    • +2

      MEL-AKL RT in Business for 320 SCs = $1400

  • Well I just booked 12 months of scheduled work trips. Here comes to LTP this year

    • Probably better to have waited until this afternoon to book. It is still currently Feb 20 in some countries and who knows which time zone Qantas software uses.

      • As long as you got the email confirming that DSC has been activated. You'll be fine

    • cries in "not allowed to receive FF points or SCs for work trips"

      • Dam, you work for the Government or do you have special corp fares or are you apart of the industry lol?

        • Federal Government flights earn SCs (but not points).

      • Try signing up for American Airlines Admiral Club! I've heard that some people are able to receive points/status on Aus Government/non QF eligible fares.

  • +1

    Is there any cheat sheet to FF? the requirements to get any level of status seems astronomically high for the regular traveller, it looks like FF is pretty much exclusively for the rich or the classic 2000s businessman. I had 50 status credits from flying to Japan and back, lost them in a year, so putting two and two together it means I need to fly to japan 4 times in a single year to get the next level(unless this deal comes up of course lol).. that just seems insane to me.

    But then again the obsession with FF has me believing there is a benefit to playing the game…

    • +5

      Honestly the only way I’ve gotten status is flying for work. You stick to one carrier. Platinum is only achievable if you’re either working field service around the country in economy, or fly 2-3 times a year and international business class. Outside of that you’d have to fly weekly between Brisbane and Sydney and you’d only get gold.

      Let go of the dream unless you’re working in a job that flies a lot.

      • Platinum is possible with just international economy - one international flight every month or so will do it, with a few domestic flights in between.

        But you are right - work drives it for most in this group - not leisure. And post covid a lot of companies are reducing travel for online meetings (thus my Platinum will end this month. But I've just scraped through on Lifetime Gold)

    • -1

      But then again the obsession with FF has me believing there is a benefit to playing the game…

      That's a dangerous assumption. If your reasoning is based on what other people perceive then it's very likely going to end badly, especially if you are not actually a frequent flyer.

      the requirements to get any level of status seems astronomically high for the regular traveller

      Which is why it's not the Qantas Regular Traveller program.

      that just seems insane to me.

      You may be onto something.

      But if you decide to proceed then understand the benefits, understand the costs, and understand what you're trying to achieve and how much you're willing to spend.

    • +1

      Most have status from flying domestic economy for work every week, they honestly deserve it as thats such a horrible lifestyle,

  • Lame. I've already booked my flights for the year

  • Can you use the business double points offer in conjuction with passenger double status credits?

    • Yes

  • looks like the business sale rate is selling fast on BNE-SYD-CHC

    • How do I go via Syd instead of BNE>CHC direct? Book two flights?

      • +1

        you need to find connecting flights by looking up BNE-CHC on qantas website, not book two separately.

  • If I booked a Qatar flight yesterday, would I still be able to cancel and rebook for the double Qantas FF points? I keep getting the Something Went Wrong message when I click on the Double Frequent Flyer Points in the app

    • +1

      What would be the point? The double points offer is for Qantas flights only.

    • +1

      You won't get QF double credits on QR flights, and with the QR/QF partnership you may not get any credits at all. Only certain QR fare codes give QF credits, Qantas are seemingly doing everything they can to stop you flying QR. In saying that almost every QR fare code credits well to VA.

  • +2

    “Something went wrong”

  • Looks like a morning email has gone out and the rush on the app keeps erroring when trying to apply, hate it when they made you use the app vs the website -_-

  • +1

    No need to use app just add #register to the end of the URL in the deal.
    That being said, "Something went wrong" on app and website.

  • -6

    I was thinking about this deal coming. But I found a better option to get OWE with one economy
    Flight. I paid for Akl-Adl around $350 . Before I even boarded the plane my status changed to platinum for the year.

    • How?

    • Please elaborate on how you managed to reach platinum with one flight when you’re required to fly at least 4 sectors.

      • I give you a hint, Its qr platinum not qf

        • Oh yes their never ending extensions. Not really relevant to Qantas status credits is it.

  • Any crafty thoughts on a status run to accumulate 183 status points?
    Trying to keep my Gold before 30 June.
    Tried looking at Mel > Syd > Christchurch business (which seems to be what most others do), this isn't cheap at the moment and earns more status than I actually need.
    Seen some status run ideas by google searching, most seem to be for 2023 and show cheaper/specials that don't exist nowadays.

    • do the maths, if you want gold for the lounge access for example Qantas Club is the only other way to get it. See which is cheaper unless you are after other benifits then most international legs are the best value. Conveniently however most of the sales have ended the week these come on :)

      • Yep totally understand the benefits of Gold I've had for years.
        Just wondering if anyone has seen any crafty ways to get around that 180 odd status points.

        • Melbourne to Canberra via Sydney in business class on point booking is 36k points+$200 nets you 144SC.

          • +1

            @nightelves: Interesting.. do you really get double status on a reward booking with points club?
            I saw the comments above, but it doesn't seem to be in the terms of the offer.

            • @ezza: Yes you do that’s how I got gold status from a generous Qantas fast track during covid. Did Mel-Syd via Adel return to secure gold. Here’s the link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584808

              • @nightelves: Not sure the fast track initiative and this double points promo are tied together. Aren't they 2 different things?

                • @ezza: This was in 2020. You’re asking whether DSC work in conjunction with points club and I’m saying it does.

                  • @nightelves: Okay.. thx for your replies.. looking for something solid to state this will work together (this DSC and Points flights doubling status).
                    I get it and accept it worked for on a different initiative in 2020.
                    I just dont want to go booking a whole bunch of points flights to then realise it doesn't work hand in hand.

                    • +6

                      @ezza: If you want more concrete proof I flew Mel-Syd in economy via points in September 2023 and got credited 7SC. Just checked my activity summary. It even says it on the FAQ right at the bottom when you click Go to deal.

                      As a Points Club or Points Club Plus member, will I earn double Status Credits on eligible Classic Flight Reward bookings made within the offer period?
                      Yes, simply register for double Status Credits and book eligible Qantas marketed and operated flights by 11.59pm (AEDT) 27 February 2024. Find out more about earning Status Credits on Classic Flight Rewards.

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