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[Backorder] Samsonite Upscape 75cm Climbing Ivy Suitcase $262.50 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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there was a just a few of these in stock yesterday when i posted this in the low quantity thread, but it seems to have been restocked now at the same price. pasting over the same description.

50% off, usually samsonite is no more than 40% off without ebay magic. this suitcase is usually found for about $315.

atl according to the camels, best ive seen but mayb you can get it slightly cheaper on peters of kensington ebay with codes. they've been very slow to restock their luggage lately, though, so buying from amazon is certainly easier. and when they do restock they only put a handful up for sale.

very lightweight polypropylene build at 3.4kg (same as the popular hifi model). 75 x 51 x 30.
yes, polycarbonate is stronger.

i don't know if this suitcase is expandable. there is an expandable model but i don't know if this is that (or if there even is a non-expandable model)… if someone could clarify this it would be really appreciated because the amazon page has very little detail. this product page on bags to go doesn't describe it in the name as expandable but it does mention that it's expandable in the description so make of that what you will. the guy on amazon chat couldn't even provide an sku or anything. maybe worth the gamble.

veeeery tempting but i might keep waiting for a deeper hifi discount since its prettier (imo) and more identifiable. if only form meant less to me than function…

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    Wonder if it was a glitch on amazon's side - myer has the 55cm upscape at $262.50 , which seems almost too concidental.

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      yeah, i thought the same.

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    On a slightly random note, anyone know how to strengthen the corners of a suitcase? All of mine in the past have been damaged because of the awesome baggage handlers throwing the bag on its corner.

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      buy a spherical one next time

      • I can guarantee Malaysia Airlines will still manage to damage it.

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    If you look at the Amazon listing and compare images 4 and 5 it appears to show the unexpanded/expanded state. The BagsToGo page specs list it as 3cm expansion (extra 10L capacity) which image 4/5 looks to be.

  • Shluld get fabric

    • both types of shell have their place.

      • Fabric doesn't get scratched!

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          it does tear.. worst than a scratch

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    Thanks OP, grabbed one. Have a trip later in the year and teen needs a suitcase.

  • Any reviews on this suitcase please?

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      I got this and its good but gets damaged (aesthetically) easily.

      I think its because each of those lines are thin raised edges of plastic which of course scratch/bend at the very edges/tips of the ridges if that makes sense.

    Reviews seem mixed, zippers appear to break easily, but some ppl love the suitcase

    • there are definitely a few negatives which appear at the top but 4.5 stars is pretty good i reckon

  • Not great reviews on Google.

  • my handle got stuck and broken by baggage handlers… any way to replace/get a new handle?

  • #1 Best Seller in Suitcases

    lmao well played ozb. it didn't say that before.

  • 3.4kg lolz

    • can you find a much lighter hardshell of this size?

      • Lite-Shock 75cm 2.5kg
        C-lite 75cm 2.8kg
        You’re welcome

        • and both of those are over double the price of this. diminishing returns. i was gonna include the caveat of finding one somewhat close in price but i thought that'd be a given. to be fair, the american tourister airconic is a bit lighter and it is cheaper.

          • @lachlantula: When it comes to travel, weight & quality is everything for me. You could get the liteshock for $529 with a $20 voucher at travel universe atm. Then a TRS claim to make it $481.
            They come up cheaper from time to time as well, gotta stay vigilant.

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    We got two of these back in July from Myer. I have travelled with one to Europe. With time it developed very squeaky wheels. Samsonite AU oferred a replacement in different colour or a refund via Myer. Funnily enough, I got it refunded today. Despite the issue with sqeaky wheels, I repurchased it again on Amazon (saving myself over $50) as it's a very nice suitcase. I hope the issue with wheels won't reoccur.

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