PSA. Drivers Who Indicate Wanting to Switch Lanes When behind a Bus

Can you not.

You made that decision to be behind a bus so now you can wait for ALL traffic to go past before you make that lane switch. Indicating your intention and turning your wheels trying to get in when cars are already in that lane is annoying.

Make better decisions like the other drivers who see a bus in the left lane.

Thanks for listening to this public service announcement. "Ding,Ding,Ding"


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    Can you not.

    Sorry, I didn't know you owned the roads.

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    Ok, you can pee now.

    • Yes, Correct!
      Time for a Pee

      And we all know what Op said.

      So Dear OP
      The point of this post was????

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    Lol nah I just send it every time

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    but but but what about BMW drivers who dont indicator and change lanes?

    are they cool?

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      We all know they will do that regardless of if i give the green light!

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    Can we add to this:
    - People who knowingly go into lanes which end and wait till the last moment to merge,
    - People who drive slow in the right lanes on freeways,
    - People who walk on the right hand side of a foot path,
    - People who stand on the right side of an escalator,
    - People who get into lifts before people leave the lifts,
    - People who board trains before people leaving the train,
    - People who stop suddenly whilst walking when others are behind them to check their phones,
    - People who walk while looking at their phones and not watch where they are going,
    - People who use the self checkout at Coles which were intended for trolleys/ large shops when all they have is a basket,
    - People on public transport listening to videos on their phone on loud speakers…

    I am sure i will sleep better tonight knowing i let it all out.

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      The Coles one is interesting. I would have assumed smaller items are ok whilst bigger trolleys are for the self serve…is that what you meant?

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        Well they now have self service with the conveyor belt intended for people using trolleys, usually only a few operating at one time.

        People using baskets should use the smaller self checkouts where they can place the baskets on one side of the screen and the bag on the other side of the screen. There are usually many of those operating at one time.

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      • People who knowingly go into lanes which end and wait till the last moment to merge,

      No cause that's the whole point of the merge lane.
      If the merge point was supposed to be 100m earlier, we could have saved the road crew from building that extra 100m of lane.
      Any other argument is ill-educated.

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        I agree, example for me is the freeway onramp. Drivers will merge way earlier causing those behind to follow suit instead of just zip merging at the end of that merging lane. If you do the latter, traffic flows.

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          I don't think I've ever seen a freeway on ramp that was zipper merge. In every ramp I can remember, the car on the on-ramp has to cross the lane marking, and therefore give way to the cars already on the freeway.

          What annoys me about on-ramps is the people who do not speed up to the same speed as the cars already on the freeway when they merge.

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            @pjetson: Auckland do it better than us.
            That dotted line is a menace because people can knowingly not let you in. At least a zipper it's who is in front.

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            @pjetson: makes it a bit difficult when most people are speeding these days

          • @pjetson:

            I don't think I've ever seen a freeway on ramp that was zipper merge

            It used to be like that in Perth, but we changed to match the rest of the country a few years ago.

        • WHat on ramp is a zipper merge and not crossing lines ?

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          Drivers will merge way earlier causing those behind to follow suit instead of just zip merging at the end of that merging lane. If you do the latter, traffic flows.

          You might want to refresh your driving knowledge. You're not meant to zip merge at the end. You treat the on ramp as a lane to match the freeway traffic's speed and move over to lane 1 when it is safe to do so. That's often way before the end of the lane.

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            @banana365: If you're going the same speed as the traffic, then the merge point can still happen perfectly fine at the end of the merge lane.
            Your example is pointless and irrelevant.

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              @ESEMCE: Your correction is havers. In that distance, the traffic conditions in the other lane may well have changed, leaving you with no merge lane left and no option to move over. Have a read of this. It's even got pretty pictures to help comprehension.

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        this, the best way to go is a zipper merge, everyone leaves a space in front of them for one car and lets them in and the traffic will flow as well as it can.

        The problem becomes people jumping in all over the place, no one letting people in, people merging early and others zooming down the end to try cram in, it creates a mess.

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        Exactly, it makes the flow of traffic better. Not ad-hoc, "oh, I think I'll merge now"

      • I will say though that I am annoyed by people who don't follow the proper zipper pattern and speed up to squeeze in when it isn't their turn. It's happened a few times to me where I'm in the lane being merged into, and I slow a little to let the car next to me that's ahead merge in, but then the car right behind them (that was also a bit behind me) suddenly speeds up so they can cut in front of me as well.

        • The car you let in didn't do it right. The next car did the right thing.

          • @SlickMick: I don't think so, unless you've misunderstood what I'm trying to describe.
            Using the diagram under "Changing lanes when a lane ends" as a reference, I'm in car B, and there's an additional car C that's in the same lane as car A, but behind car B (me). I slow down a little to make sure there's a safe gap to let car A (already ahead of me) in, but as I do so, car C speeds to overtake and merge in front of me as well (risky gap IMO). My understanding (and from the government page posted) that C is supposed to give way to me as I'm already in the lane, not attempt a risky overtake and merge ahead.

            • @OzBarAnon: You gave the impression that car B merged earlier, and car C merged (correctly) at the end of the lane?
              Car B should have kept going to the end the of the lane, adjusting their speed to be the same as your lane. All cars in your lane should be allowing sufficient distance to allow someone to merge in front.
              If you slowed down to allow car B to merge early, you are both unnecessarily slowing the traffic in your lane. You should have maintained your speed.
              Regardless of what car A and B did, car C did the right thing to merge at the end of the lane. If that turns out that 2 vehicles merged in front of you, so be it. The fault isn't with car C.

              • @SlickMick: I see the misunderstanding then. I meant that I'm in car B and was in the continuing lane the whole time, not that I had let someone else in earlier. I let in A as they were in the closing lane and they were ahead of me. C merges at the end of the closing lane as they should, but my issue with them is that they'll speed up significantly (certainly over the speed limit) to make it into a gap only meant for one car to safely merge into, instead of maintaining a steady speed with the rest of the traffic. When the merge happens, they leave what is probably a sub 1 second gap between the car in front of them, and a sub 1 second gap between themselves and me. If something happened at we had to suddenly brake I'd almost certainly rear-end them.

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        Exactly. Need to add to the list

        • people who think you can't use the whole merging lane to merge
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      Yes, please don't

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      • People who knowingly go into lanes which end and wait till the last moment to merge,

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. People who form 1 lane earlier are the problem - causing congestion for no reason. The lanes are there to be used.

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        Correct. It's also disastrous from a traffic perspective. It causes one lane to be unnecessarily long, sometimes overflowing into an intersection behind it. The space is there, use it. If you choose not, don't get grumpy at people who do.

      • You sometimes get idiots who think they need to police these road sections and stick themselves half over the lane divider to stay in their lane but block the merging lane. I see it less these days, but I had one try that just yesterday. Thankfully they left enough room to pass them anyway and half a dozen cars managed to pass and move forward to the merge point as they should. I can only imagine what it did for the blocker's blood pressure.

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      People who take their sweet sweet time when turning right on a green right turn arrow that lasts 3 seconds.

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      People who use the self checkout at Coles which were intended for trolleys/ large shops when all they have is a basket,

      Yeah nah. I'll keep using them. No "unexpected item in the bagging area" when using those.

      • I've noticed within the last month or so my local Coles has dropped the weight validation part of the checkout process when using the regular self-service checkouts. No more 'unexpected item in bagging area' or 'please bag this item' before scanning the next one. I think it roughly aligns since when they put those new gate things in

        • I believe staff can disable them individually when they play up, which is often.

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      People standing on the right side of an escalator could be British - I got abused for standing on the left hand side at a tube station in London.

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        Which is just weird since they drive on the left.

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          It was historically to protect their sword arm against brigands coming down the other escalator.

          • @kiitos: Thank you for that information. Standing on the right side now….those pesky brigands!

      • In many countries people stands on the right side.

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      You forgot people who try to get off the plane before the rows in front of them

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      People walk on the right side of a footpath because they can see any bikes that are coming and move safely, as opposed to jumping unpredictably when one suddenly creeps up behind them. Same logic as walking on the side of oncoming traffic in a suburban street without footpaths

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        No it’s not the same logic because footpaths are for walking. Bikes can easily go around or wait to do so if need be. Why would a pedestrian have to jump out the way unless they’re not keeping to either side. Bikes keeping to the left but pedestrians to the right makes no sense.

        • Depends where you are. Places like the ACT bikes can and do ride on suburban roadside footpaths.

          • @archiexyz: In VIC adults accompanying kids under 12 can ride on footpath same as adults carrying a child on bike.

      • At pedestrain and cyclist speeds and the width of the path its daft to say you can see bikes better from the right side.

        Keeping left for pedestrians AND cyclists means its easier to pass. If you cant pass straight away behind a pedestrain you can slow until its safe. If theyre on the same side you both need to stop.

    • I agree with all of your comments except the first one

      • People who knowingly go into lanes which end and wait till the last moment to merge,

      • that's how they are designed. If you aren't in the left lane until the last moment you are causing poor flow of traffic. My pet peeve is the opposite of yours - people who merge out of left lanes BEFORE they end.

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        Another pet peeve: People who dont think they can safely lane change so indicate and you let them in, then they finally turn out of your lane about 2km away. Why do they need to change lanes so early?

    • Nah man coles belt is too good to ignore when i hop in there to top up milk.

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      You forgot one.
      People who are 5 km/hr over the speed limit slam their brakes to slow down only to accelerate right after because they dropped 15km/hr. All they need is coast for 3 secs to drop the speed.

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        I see that on the motorway all the time - what is up with these people?

    • Preach brova…Curious though, what state are you in?

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    Nothing wrong with indicating, as long as you understand indicating means "I intend to change lanes when it is safe for me to do so" and not "I'm changing lanes now, good luck everyone!"

    • Agree, it was more those turning wheels which is what I put in the description. Indicator aint gonna hurt anyone but for the majority of times this has occurred one of those indicator cars has started to jump out….and that scares the shit out of me.

      • +3

        If you're seeing the the indicator and the wheels turning, then you've predicted what they're likely to do. You're free to think "(profanity)" or whatever, but react calmly in whatever way keeps you and other road users safe (even the lane changing driver). I've been driving for decades and the standard you see on the road is as inconsistent as it ever was (some good, some bad) but my reaction has changed. It's no longer a personal affront when someone else drives in a way that adversely affects me. Drives are a lot more chilled these days.

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      And the people on the moving lane don't think it means they need to slam on their brakes to give way!!!

  • albany highway + shepperton road ESPECIALLY as of the armadale line shutdown
    unfortunately there are some points where right turn across traffic is still permitted (no new kerbs) which makes right lane unviable
    some buses seem to go express which is handy

    • +1

      I'm surprised nobody (that I'm aware of) has ripped the bottom of their car off with those new mid-road kerbs. They're not common, so I'd have expected them to be better signposted/demarcated.

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    If you got caught out and had to change lanes i would let you in

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    Are you one of those people that don't let other cars merge into your lane?

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      No. You are more than welcome coming into my lane if it is safe. However I wont go slamming my brakes to let you in

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        If you're a good driver with situational awareness and maintaining following distance it's quite easy to let them in without slamming on your brakes.

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          I let any car in if they need to get into my lane. I am talking about those drivers who indicate and just expect to be let in straight away.
          Sometimes it does not allow for that.

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            @iNeed2Pee: Agreed. They should know in certain circumstances, just signalling isn't giving them a free pass to just merge in.

          • -2

            @iNeed2Pee: How about those drivers that use the terminating lane to pass you when they could've joined the queue like the decent folk? It's a tough one because if they don't do it others will.

            • @psdillon: Everyone has a different view on how many cars in the queued lane before its acceptable to move up the vacant lane to keep traffic flowing. If its 4 cars, join the queue. If its 15 cars, youre better to move up the emoty lane and merge like a zipper. Somewhere in between is an individuals idea of what is right/wrong and it vaires a lot. .

              • +1

                @Euphemistic: Those points are designed so that both lanes are used as equally as possible. So it there's one car in the other lane, feel free to go right up to the end of the merging lane then move across when safe.

                • @banana365: Thats typically what i do, but when the 'queue' is short, there no point in moving up. Its just easier to join the end of the queue sometimes, and thats my point. If theres only 2 cars in front, just slot in behind. If there is 6 cars do you slot in behind or make some judgement call on the speed of the merging traffic. Everyone is different.

                  I really hate it when theres a long crawling speed queue in both lanes and the car in front stops 10 or more cars back and tries to merge, rather than moving to the actual merge point. Youre supposed to move all the way up in both lanes.

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    When I was learning to drive changing lanes was scary, being stuck behind a bus was the worst thing that could happen to you on a busy road.

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    Drivers Who Indicate Wanting to Switch Lanes When behind a Bus

    Same road laws as indicating when you are behind a car, motorbike or behind no one…

  • Lots have missed reading the description. It has more to do with those who just want to push into traffic which is fairly dangerous from a stop position.
    Why can't drivers just wait behind the bus when they stop at a bus stop? (Or move into other lane when ALL TRAFFIC has gone by instead of hitting the gap like a lunatic and putting others in danger.
    I mean surely being behind a bus you would know they would frequently stop?

    • +1

      yes how dare they sit there with their indicator flashing - don't they know that triggers me !?!? I'm special needs and sensitive to flashing lights and likely to hallucinate/trip out/have an epileptic fit, so it SHOULD BE BANNED !!!

      Oh wait - what do you mean it's in the Road Rules, 'use your indicator' … @#&%* !?!?! - that's discrimination against the easily triggered !!!

    • Because they have a bladder full of urine that is about to explode??? Or perhaps the dinner before that day was too scrumptious?

      Let them in if you can, then press the honk nice and long as it temporarily alleviate your small man feelings. Try to be less personal and judge less then you will have a less stressful drive.

      You can try buy a RAM3500 or a Ford350 which can intimidate drivers around you.

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    Why cant we all just get along? Ill agree, i hate those that barge their way in and wikl do what i can to prevent it. But at the same time, who am i to try to prevent someone from changing lanes? If youre indicating and i can see that youre not pushing in, it does me no harm to let someone in.

    Contrary to many drivers, i feel that allowing traffic to flow smoothly is better for everyone than me fetting home 4 seconds earleir. Leaving a gap for someone to merge safely and easily is better for the traffic than someone getting frustrated and making a dangerous move.

    • +1

      I agree, but the premises of this PSA was just to alert those who decide to whip out behind the bus into a gap that is not there forcing my hand into evasive action because they could not see being behind a bus was a bad thing.

      • +1

        those who decide to whip out behind the bus into a gap that is not there forcing my hand into evasive action

        Unfortunately, that doesn't just happen around buses. You get idiots who come out of a parking spots or side streets without looking. It's shit, but people still do it - so i'm always prepared. I learnt that from riding a motorcycle for years.

        • +2

          Yeah I think people just misconstrued my post as having a go at people using the indicator.

          I am always 200% more aware with motorcyclists around.

          • @iNeed2Pee: It was pretty poorly written if that's the case. It does read like that's exactly what you're doing.

      • Its not a PSA. Its a whinge and gonna fall on deaf ears.

        • +1

          Not you. You replied.

          • @iNeed2Pee: Yeah, but the people who need to hear it wont listen or juat wont hear it anyway.

      • 'the premises of this PSA was just to alert those who decide to whip out behind the bus into a gap that is not there forcing my hand into evasive action'

        that's not what you wrote in the OP

        'Indicating your intention and turning your wheels trying to get in when cars are already in that lane is annoying'

        which said nothing about moving forward, unless turning your wheels meant rotating as opposed to turning the steering wheel only.

        ganz normal - post a misleading half Rst OP, and then spend time arguing about that's not what I meant - I'm walking away now.

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    If traffic is at a slow or at a standstill and someone is indicating to get into my lane, i generally make space to let them in. I can be a dick and just close up the gap, but what's the point? I just call it courtesy.

  • -1

    WAAH! WAAH! WAAH! .. Is that an ambulance siren coming up behind? No, it is mr Need2Pee .

    • I concur.

    • +1


  • +11

    What about people who can't make a basic 90 degree right turn without first swinging halfway out into the left lane like they're Lewis ****ing Hamilton trying to clip an apex at Monza.

    • +2

      Hear hear!

    • +1

      This got me….we can all empathise with George Russell

  • Bad planning causes a lot of roadway grief, higher chances of accidents etc etc
    We have a lovely little road simulation that estimates 1 in 20 drivers change multiple lanes at the last minute to make a turn off.

    10 years ago this was a preposterous number and we often joked about it….now we have all come to understand that the 5% wasn't as conservative as we initially thought.

    Be safe out there on the roads.

  • +1

    Don't worry about me.

    I will slowly creep out of the lane until you are obligated to give way.

  • +1

    Amen, let me add to that:

    Don't use the further left lane that merges if you're slow and going to force everyone to stop for you when the lane ends. Just don't, wait your place in line if you can't speed past everyone else.

    Don't leave such huge gaps when turning…I consistently see people leave 2-3 car sized gaps, it just means less people can turn during the light

    Don't merge lanes and force another lane to slow down just because your lane is jammed a bit. It was an unlucky draw, why does another lane have to suffer?

    Don't sit in the right hand lane…seriously…I've seen cars on the left and right going to same speed, less than the speed limit, one go behind the other and then go at the same speed, keep a lane clear.

    (profanity) all the people who will say stuff like "it's not your roads", that's what's wrong with society nowadays, so self centred. Can't we all just follow rules that help preserve traffic flow? Most traffic are caused by people anyways. This rarely happens but I'll miss an exit if I can't merge without stopping traffic, if I've made the conscious decision to go in the right hand lane because it's faster. What's more important than me getting where I want to faster? Flow of traffic. Me saving 5 seconds isn't worth 5 seconds of 20 people.

  • What gets on my nerves is when I've used my indicator and clearly intend to change lanes, but some impatient driver behind me thinks he can speed up and change into the lane before me causing a near collision.

    I see this dangerous driving behaviour every day.

  • -1

    lol what a precious post. I cant even remember the number of times I've been cut off by people switching lanes from this exact situation. Its annoying but life goes on because revolve around us.
    Move on, there's more important things to worry about.

    • Thanks for your input. Much appreciated

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