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Samsung 75" QN900C Neo QLED 8K Smart TV $4999 (Save $3500) Delivered @ Samsung


Was $8500 now $4999 until 28/02/2024.

Save up to an additional $525 if you recycle your old TV - see terms.

You can possibly save more again if you price beat between competitors.

You can save more again by cashback apps (Shopback and Cashrewards - both close to 2%).

FYI I highly recommend you do NOT purchase anything that is Product Care by Harvey Norman from my personal experience (see https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/831687 ) but feel free to DYOR if it is situatable for you or not) from my own personal experience, especially under ACL you have the same protections and you will only be offered a store credit less the cost of Product Care of the sale price, so don't expect a replacement like they advertise.

Aside from that, finally a discount back to what should be a normal RRP (and the one connect box is awesome too just my 2 cents).


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  • I can't confirm the experience you had. My samsung washer died after about 17 months. Got it replaced for the newer model with free delivery and installation.

    • I'm glad you had a good experience :) maybe the pricing of the new one was similar and didn't fluctuate, that'll be my guess.

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    $4,249.50 on Samsung Education Store. If you have an edu email addy.

    • Decent savings right there.

      Best deal would be a $0 course you can do, with no timeline, that provides you with a edu email address!

  • Blows my mind people can afford to spend 5k on a TV, jealous even.

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      I think it's much easier to justify if you think of the price over the course of ownership. 5k for a tv that I might keep for 10 years, that comes to $500 a year. Not bad.

      • Is this how you justify it to the wife? Nice.

    • I say the same when I see someone with a $8k ride on lawnmower lol.

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    Early adopters sometimes lose out

    • I compared the prior models (4K vs 8K) and the 8K version gave a nicer picture, especially compared to colours than the 4K one, using free-to-air only (not sure why).

      The 98" version looks amazing for its size from pretty much any source (from seeing first hand from a friend that owns it).

      So I think the 8K is just an additional selling point if you can see the other values of it.

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      You really don't need to wait for the 8k content, upscaling has come a long way

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    8k tv will go the way of 3d tv

    • I actually have a 55" LG 3D TV still in a spare room which gets used a fair bit, I think I got around 2011 and although I don't use the 3D option it is still going strong and gives a good picture, so I put that alone to awesome value for money! From memory I think I paid around $2000? If so, so far that makes it a cost of only $153 a year which is a win.

    • +1

      yes, but only after 16k becomes standard.
      The 3d was a new feature which wasn't interesting in the end. Resolution on the other hand gets better and better over the time. 20 years ago, one could say the same thing about FullHD which was slowly finding its way to TVs. 10 years ago, we could say the same about 4k… yet its here and even cheapest TV is 4k nowadays.

      • Agreed, 3D was a trend when movies like Avatar came out - back then I never would have thought 4K streaming for things like sports would almost be a minimum standard.

      • Human eye can barely detect anything over 4k. It then comes down to picture integrity, frame rate and contrast.
        Remember the megapixel race on digital cameras? Reached the limit of human eye detection

    • Never.

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      Agree. This is WAY too much money for a technology that you can barely utilize. I understand it upscales non 8K content but I couldn't see the difference between 4K. Maybe because I didn't stick my face to the screen? https://reolink.com/blog/resolution-of-human-eye/

      Can a human eye see 4K or 8K?

      Yes, human eyes can fully enjoy the clarity of 4K and 8K resolution. However, it’s hard for human eyes to compare between the two. Your eyes can tell the difference between 8K and 4K resolution, but only if you have high visual acuity, or if you're extremely close to the screen.

      • Yeah I would probably buy a TV that I enjoy the picture, not because I place my eyeballs against the screen lol

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    I have the Q900B bought during the rumour sale for about $3500. Excellent TV.

    Onlymproblem is Plex doesn't work great and all receivers cap at 4K 60hz. It tries to upscale but isn't that great.

    Possibly looking at building a high-end media centre.

    • I have the QN90B and Plex works well for me. Please check if your Plex is transcoding and whether it struggles. Also high bitrate 4k can stutter depending on network speed. So check if network is wired or if wireless that it's reliably doing 70 Mbit (some of the highrate UHD 4K are that and higher). Majority of my library is 1080p and that never stutters.

      I think most reliable would be this setup:
      1. Plex server wired ethernet to switch
      2. TV on same switch wired ethernet
      3. Router on same switch wired ethernet

      I have good success with Powerline AV2000 from TP-Link if you need to 'bridge' Ethernet across rooms. Typically getting about 500 MBps.

      • I am not transcoding as I want the full quality to be passed on and Samsung Plex as a receiver doesn't recognise all codecs.

        Internet or transmission isn't a bottleneck.

        Most of my library is 4k or blueray

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