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XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT 16GB GPU $899, XFX Speedster RX 6800 16GB GPU $679 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Scorptec


Both are still solid cards and maybe a new low for the 6950xt. Might be one of the last chances to snatch these cards up.

Link for RX 6800 https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/amd/10657…

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  • +8

    $679 for a 6800 is a bad deal. Even a xt would not be that great

    • I would agree if it didn't beat the 7700xt for the same price, still a better bang for buck card right now (at this price point)

      • +5

        But that makes a 7700xt also a bad deal imo.

      • The 7700 XT is a bad card though at the price it's at. Even in the U.S it makes no sense to buy it when the 7800 XT is far better for 50 USD more. Honestly just like the 4060 Ti 16GB, neither card makes sense unless they heavily price cut them.

      • it's wild yeah. the 7700xt deal did made it 30 dollars cheaper than this, when their performance is pretty much tied, but you do lose out on the extra VRAM

  • I dont' know man about getting a 6950 xt or not I have a 6600 xt I dont' even know if its worth pay for a 6000 series car, when the 7000 series is out.

    • 7900xt would be the next best but it's a $250 jump, worth it though if you aren't on a budget

      • 7900 GRE was just released globally, I'd wait and see what the AU pricing is like on that.

    • +1

      If your games do not require a better card, wait for next gen.

      • +3

        I think you mean "wait for AI to die down". It's just chewing up all of the wafer supply. I don't expect next gen to really offer significantly better $/flop.

  • -1

    I believe these are bad deals. As the 7800xt is 799

    • +8

      6950xt better then 7800 i thought?

      • It is. The 7800 XT is only marginally better, at this stage, and in some older games, the 6800 XT beats the 7800 XT.

      • +2

        It is, 7800xt is the same performance as the 6800xt minus slightly better raytracing+av1 encoder.

  • +7

    The price pretty much stays the same as I paid $690 for 6800 around 18 months ago. Great card, better than 7700xt but a bit expensive in 2024

  • +2

    Good deal for the 6950xt, very capable card for $900 plus has 16GB of vram. Been very happy with mine that I got a few months back for $949.

    • +1

      The 16gb VRAM and rasterization performance makes it a good upgrade option although if 7900xt has a sale in the coming months this might not be a great buy

  • +3

    I paid less for my 6800 almost 2 years ago. But it has been a great card for the budget. 16GB still holds up well at 4K. Can play Hogwarts Legacy on 4K high settings at absolutely stable 60 fps without any Upscaling whatsoever (I hate FSR. Hate DLSS too). Obviously Ray Tracing needs to be kept OFF at all times. But that's true with any AMD GPU…

  • +3

    it's such a shame how extremely good value amd cards are but have subpar support when it comes to 3rd party software, let alone the weak video encoding engine they have. i gotta do some janky hacks to get my rx 580, rx 5700xt, 7900xt to play nicely with some of the programs i use

    vegas 15

    yet my gtx 1080 ti & rtx 4090 is literal child's play, install drivers, it works.

    • +1

      AMD is kind of just the gamers card whereas Nvidia is the everything card, it's good there's a budget option but it would be nice to see them at least try and improve in those areas

      • +1

        it's honestly very hard to argue that AMD is still the budget option.

        • +1

          Will depend on how reliant games are on VRAM in the future, Nvidia doesn't offer 16gb VRAM unless you want to spend $1350+ but AMD can offer 20gb at $1100

    • Maya? With the rental cost of that alone a year, you should just get 4090 XD

      Hips and Zluda with be fine for Blender.

  • got the 6800 last year. been very happy. Just do your measurement. these XFX cards are big.

  • +1

    FYI - you can pre-order the 7900 GRE for $949 at Scorptec

    • Is it better than the 6950 XT?

      • +1

        6950xt is 5% better so the 7900 gre could be worth the extra if AMD gives it features that they don't give 6x series

  • I got one of these second hand mining RX6800's from Metrocom on eBay for $479 with 1 year warranty last month. Can't fault it. Looks immaculate and runs like a dream.


    • +2

      For an extra $200 you can buy new.
      Wouldn't new by more reliable? It could die after 1 year?

  • +3

    RX 6950 XT
    RX 7700 XT
    RX 7800 XT
    RX 7900 GRE

    All EOL cards that AMD are trying to palm off before replacing with RDNA 4 8800 XT

    The 6950 XT is already 30% slower than the $450 RX 7600 in Stable Diffusion - that's how badly RDNA 2 is aging

    • Very true. Has anyone got any credible forecast date for when the 8k series is going to be released? Have only heard rumours about the return to monolithic but no dates.

  • If the 6950xt was less than 330mm I would have probably got it

    • My 6800 was 305mm and it was huge, I think it was thicker than this card

      • I need it to fit in my itx. That's why I need that length

        • After looking at some benchmarks 7800xt is probably the better option just depending on your needs, the sapphire version on sale looks fairly small

        • They're definitely big cards. Nothing like the Sapphires

  • Is this deal good for using with the coming PSVR2 driver for PC?

    • +1

      NV is better at VR

    • Amd has long since fixed their wireless VR issues, they might still be worse in h264 encoding quality but you should be using h265 or AV1 these days anyway.

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