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Bulova Mini Lunar Pilot 96K111 Chronograph $549 Delivered @ Starbuy


It's back on sale again. I bought it at this price and IMO it's worth every cent. The 262KHz quartz movement really is super-accurate, I haven't had to adjust the time once since I received mine. Yes, it measures up as a large watch but it wears a lot smaller than the specs suggest.

Shameless copy & paste from a previous post:

  • RRP $1,399.00
  • Sapphire Glass
  • 43.5mm case diameter
  • 12.5mm case thickness
  • 20mm lug width/strap size
  • 50mm lug to lug

Teddy Baldassarre's review
Just One More Watch review
The black/black mostly shown from 9:27.

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  • +3

    Come on snoopy, come down to this price

  • +2

    At over 43mm why is this called mini? Looks yuge on my limp wrist

    • Agreed, it's a bit of a misnomer, but it really doesn't feel big on the wrist.

    • Just don’t put it anywhere else limp or it might look even yuger.

    • Sounds like you need more protein bro

      • you even lift brah

  • -1

    Tempted, but waiting for it to go below $500.

  • +2

    Just be aware that the second hand is not used for regular timekeeping, it's only for the chronograph. There's a timekeeping second hand in the bottom-most sub dial. A lot of the Bulova 262KHz movement watches do this, which in my opinion entirely defeats the purpose of buying a watch with a 262KHz movement that has a silky smooth second hand sweep like an automatic watch.

    • Most chronos do this.

      • -2

        Japanese chronos don't. It's mainly some Swiss brands (like Tissot) and Bulova who still insist on this old-fashioned hand arrangement and even then, it's not standard across all of their watch lines (as mentioned below) but only found on some specific lines.

        I don't know anyone who actually prefers having a primary second hand that doesn't move and having a tiny little sub dial counting seconds.

    • +2

      The Precisionist chronos are the ones that have a mode that uses the second hand for timekeeping. They should have put it on all of them.

    • +2

      Why I bought a Bulova Jetstar.

    • +1

      It’s probably due to the fact this is an homage to the original Bulova worn on the moon, which was also a chronograph of the old school style. They’re aiming more for historical accuracy it seems. Like matictac said, if you want a sweeping second hand then get a Pecisionist or a Jetstar.

      Edit: You’re in luck, there’s a couple in the weekend sale!

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