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Seiko Speedtimer SSC817P $499 Delivered @ Starbuy


Great watch in one of the more interesting colourways. If it's not ATL it has to be close.

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      I'm not sure I could handle that one.

      • Agreed. Design doesn’t really flow well overall

    • Tried this model at Myer this morning along with the 39mm Seiko Panda and my preference was the SFJ001P. Nice size and a unique design. I really liked it which surprised me.

  • +2

    Great watches and my fav colourway. Can't go wrong for the panda either.

  • +2

    These are something different and look great imo. If only they had a large version with an extra 5mm I'd be all over it…

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    Oh! Speed timer!

    Oh it’s the SSC817P…

    Good price but

  • Meanwhile, the Panda Speedtimer seems to have crept up in price from $625 to $714 in the last few days.

  • I love my panda. Think I got it for $499 a little while ago. Might of been $599.

    Such a great daily watch for work. I get comments all the time.

  • +1

    The "Golden Panda" is absolutely gorgeous. If I weren't saving up for a Grand Seiko, I'd probably pull the trigger.

  • Great deal and awesome looking watch, but 39mm :(

  • What a steal! I previously bought this for $615 😢

  • +3

    I have finally succumbed to one of these dang Starbuy deals lol.

    I'm primarily an Apple watch person so I wont wear it every day so the solar seems perfect for me. Automatics always annoy me when not wearing them every day.

    • Congrats. Won't get a better price, in general.
      I think it would look good on you! Also trying not to buy any more auotmatics.

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