Load $80 and Receive $200 Credit with GAMEON $20 Voucher @ Timezone (Timezone Fun App Required)


Claim Your $20 Voucher
Timezone is giving away a $20 voucher to guests to use for their next in-venue purchase. All you have to do is claim your voucher in your Fun App account, bring it to your nearest Timezone venue and receive $20 off when you make a total purchase of $30 game credit or more.

Don't have a Fun App Account or don't have a voucher in your account? No worries! Download the Timezone Fun App, log in or sign up with your phone and enter the voucher code GAMEON to claim your voucher. Don't forget to complete your profile and you'll be rewarded with an extra $10 game credit voucher.*

Voucher Exclusive Offer:
Get a massive $200 game credit for only $80 when you redeem your GAMEON $20 voucher.

Terms & Conditions
1. $20 voucher redeemable on Powercard purchases and reloads that total $30 or more in-store at Timezone Australia venues only (minimum $10 spend required). Not redeemable online.
2. Guests are required to be registered via the Timezone Fun App and associate their phone number to their account to receive a voucher.
Registration is easy, just download the Timezone Fun App and complete the registration steps.
3. 1 voucher per registered member, cannot be used in conjunction with Double Dollar loads of less than $100.
4 Voucher expires on Tuesday 30 April 2024.

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  • Nice!

  • How'd you get$200 credit?

    • +2

      Enter the code GAMEON on the Fun App then it’ll generate a barcode which you use in store, load $80 onto your card scan the barcode and you’ll get $200 in credits

      • Got an error when trying to redeem the promo code, like response could not be serialized…

      • Where do I enter the code? I can’t find it unfortunately 😬

        • +2

          Top right barcode symbol in the app

          • @citrusreduction: Thanks 🙏🏻

          • @citrusreduction: You are referring to Timezone app or is there a separate one call Fun app? I got an error "exceeded campaign limit" on timezone all. But it still generated a code. What gives?

            • @neonlight: I had this too so just went in store and they did it for me.

              • @jace88: Oh ok so that barcode still scans correctly or the shop manually did it without scanning the code?

                • @neonlight: They scanned my phone barcode at the register.

  • I'm confused by this 'deal'…..where in the app can I enter codes..?

    • barcode up top of timezone app

    • Top right, barcode symbol

  • -7

    People still go to Timezone? I thought that was a 90's venue. I lived there.

    • +7

      Are you homeless now?

      • +10

        NO, I bought a playstation so I am now back living with my parents

    • +10

      It's good for meeting single mums.

      • MILF rich target environment huh? LOL.

      • +4

        Or girls wearing sportswear playing arcades or DDRs/ITGs/DanceRushes.

      • +1

        I feel like there’s a story here

      • -2

        Or finding out what white kids do in their spare time.

      • -1

        You certainly pay attention to not so obvious things Captain Obvious.

        Any stats to back this up pls

        Why would single mums go to Timezone lol

        It’s like some lady trying to get boyfriend at Bunnings lol

        • You got me. I just view them all as single. I don't really care if they are or not.

          • @CptnObvious: I see. You also do not need to view those as mums maybe they ain’t. Then your world would just be much brighter. You can do it! Don’t need to care as well

    • +8

      I don't work Mondays and spend it with my 2 year old. I basically take him there every 2nd week.

      Basically go just for me to be honest as he's not really old enough to play most of the games.

      • +1


      • How do you stop him from wandering off while you're in the middle of a game session though lol.

        • +3

          You tie them to the arcade machine silly. 😝

        • Give them a spare Xbox controller to hold and tell them they're player 2

      • do you put him into the skill tester claw machine?

    • +6

      This is getting old now. Everytime a thread about Timezone, this is often one of the first questions always come up.

      You should try to win jackpots to earn yourself PS5/Switch with this essentially half price deal.

      • +4

        Well I won an OLED Switch and a PS5 on two different "skill" machines in the space of a few months, now I'm addicted to winning more stuff and have probably spent the equivalent (or more) of those two prizes trying to win more 😔

        But at least I top up only on double dollars 😂

        • +3

          That's the effing spirit! Now only if these haters could understand us. lol

          I also got my Switch and PS5 from playing tickets and only top up on double dollars.

          • @burningrage: what's the trick? which games are easy to milk tickets?

            • @alamodey: What are you good at? I have seen a middle aged man playing basketball with 2 hands (left and right) effectively getting 999 all the time.

        • +1

          If you've spent more than those two prizes trying to win more than you're better off just buying them?

          Ex: $500 for PS5 (I know it's more) and you only top up on double dollars so technically you've spent $1000 worth in games.

          Guess that's how Timezone makes money lol

          • @Craze: Yep…completely agree. I haven't even opened the PS5!

            I'm just guessing, I need to do an audit of my top ups 😂

            All I know is I'm $100 away from Platinum on one card and $750 away on another. 🤷🏻‍♂️

            Chuck in random games and claw machines for the kids and it turns into a grey area 😭

            It's basically gambling 😕🤦

          • +1

            @Craze: Don't forget that being Platinum means extra credits at every $250 spend too.

            and also don't forget, you're buying the fun too. Nothing is satisfying than getting 1,300 - 1,500 tickets everytime I scored a jackpot.

    • I don't understand why anyone would play an arcade game when home consoles and/or PCs are superior in every way and can be played on a much larger screen.

      • Social. I see a lot of (young) couples trying to impress each other at my TZs. For me, I am there for the thrill of winning jackpots and redeeming big ticket items and of course, DDRs. If they ever get DanceAround, that would be another one reason.

      • +1

        I don't particularly find playing console alone in a dark room to be 'superior' to a social arcade setting with friends

        • +1

          You don't like inviting friends over and turning the lights on?

          • @jastreb: Inviting friends over = messy house that needs to be cleaned afterwards. I am suspecting a few are not keen on that.

            • @burningrage: I am opposite. I love hosting…Love seeing my friends enjoy themselves. Rule is at end everyone puts in 5 mins to help cleanup to a point…

              • @jastreb: That's a good idea. Will do that next time on my next tupperware party. :-)

      • Simple…many of the agmes in the arcades arent available on home consoles. Raw thrills rarely release any of their games on consoles. Cruisin Blast and the upcoming Turrtles games are the only two to my knowledge. Shame as id buy the heck out of many of their games if they came to switch. Though many are light gun so unlikely to happen.

    • The snowflakes didn't like that one haha.

  • +4

    fyi ONLY redeemable in-store

  • Does the 200 credit expire?

    • +2

      Only expires in a year without any usage, but if you reload or play with your card, it won’t expire

      • +1

        Note the recharge has to be in person online recharges doesn't reset expire

  • +1

    Thanks OP, will stack with a TCN Him from Coles as well… bonus 500 Velocity points not much but will be headed there anyway..

  • -1

    So is the $20 taken of the $80 we're loading on the card? So we pay $60 and receive 200 credits?

    • +4

      I think it is instead of load $100 get $200, you only pay $80 with this $20 voucher

      • +1

        I was also confused for a bit. I now believe you have to go IN-store to redeem and get the staff to scan the barcode.

        • yes that is what it says

  • can you use egift card from amazon deal to pay instore?

    • As long as it works at Timezone, I’ve paid with GC before

  • +3

    I actually got another separate email with the actual unique barcode, so dont need to “claim” it in app. Ty OP now time to buy those 20% off Kingpin GC from Costco…
    So stacking it up end cost would be $80-20% = $64/$200 = 32% (68% OFF!)

    • are they always 20 percent off?

      • Yep. But they only sell $50 gift cards for $40. So you would have $20 left over on a gift card (assuming you are buying $100 worth) to use during the next double dollars weekend.

    • Yes!! Always the way. Have yet to see anywhere that beats 20% Kingpin/TZ gift cards from Costco.

      • So can you redeem it at timezone no issues?

    • So these gift cards even still exist? I checked online and call a couple of stores and they apparently don't exist/are discontinued as of late 2023.

      • Havent been to Costco in about a year so unsure, if anyone else can confirm wud be great!

  • Awesome. My local Timezone is right around the corner from my local Carls Jr. Everything's coming up King Steuart!

    I need to load up the Timezone card for the kids holiday to QLD this year while I fly business to the UK for a month.

  • The cheapest % off deal would be to buy $30 top up and get it for $10 right?

    • I guess, but you could only redeem it once on one card I believe?

  • -1

    Ok so i got the $20 voucher, next I need to go to one of the Timezones. When does this promo expire? As in the pay $80 plus voucher for $200 credit?


    • Bottom of the banner ad says 30 April 2024

    • It's on this post in two locations and in your timezone app.

      • +1

        thanks, I saw that but it looked too good to be true to be that far out! thought it would be short term as they are practically devaluing their credits massively by offering such a long running deal. Anyone can get $200 worth of credit for $80 !

  • +6

    Spend $72 to buy $80 timezone e gift card from Amazon.

    • Awesome!!!

    • -1

      Isn't it just 10% off at checkout?

      • +1

        Hence an $8 discount on a $80 purchase :)

    • How are you getting 10% off?

  • Not sure about others but mine keeps coming up with Oops something is wrong error.

    EDIT: Keep on trying. It'll fix itself.

    • Don't change the sizing of the font. I switched to lower case then back to all caps and it didn't work. Tried again without touching anything, just typed gameon, and it worked fine.

      • +1

        That must be it. At one point I thought it was GAME0N (note the 0, not letter O).

  • Perfect during Easter/April school holidays :-)

  • Is this redeemable at Kingpin?

  • so am i allowed to use a $50 gift card + $30 cash to get the 200 credit in store?

    • +1


      • thanks!

  • Ah this is good. Can you buy Costco vouchers and top up this way??

  • few questions if someone can help

    • how to purchase the power cards or credits on the app?
    • can Amazon bought TZ gift card be used to pay for it?
    • how many gift cards can be used for payment?
    • You have to pick up a physical card from a Timezone first and link it to an account in the app before you can reload via the app.

  • It says it can be used in conjunction with "Double Dollar loads" over $100, so would it be right to assume on a Double Dollar day, paying $80 would result in 300 credits? ($100 on double dollar, -$20 voucher, with 100 credit from double and 200 from voucher)

    • Not sure how you figure that

      $100 spend with $20 discount, gives bonus $100 so $200 all up

  • +2

    So, i am assuming you can either this OR double dollars deal coming on 16th Mar https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/835484. From value perspective, loading $80 to get $200 credit is better than double dollars.

    Some have mentioned both these deals could be stacked but couldn't understand how?

    • You have to redeem the voucher instore on the double dollar day. In this case you pay 80 and get 200.

      • you said "In this case you pay 80 and get 200". But that is the deal with GAMEON coupon regardless double dollar day.

        • Maybe they changed it but last voucher had to be used on the double dollars day to be eligible for pay 80, get 200 deal.
          Pay 80 and get 200 with this voucher once and do double dollars separately.

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