[Switch, Pre Order] Paper Mario: TTYD or Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Free When You Trade 2 Selected PS5/XSX/Switch Games @ EB Games


Saw this on twitter, pretty good promo deal imo. Played the OG Paper Mario TTYD recently and really loved it, remake is looking cool.

JB still has the 2 for $30 going on so may have a few games eligible here: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/games-consoles/2-for-3…

JUST ANNOUNCED 📣 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD are available to preorder now, coming later this year!


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: Available from 23 May 2024 Expired
Luigi's Mansion 2 HD: Available from 27 June 2024

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  • $80-ish is the normal price for NS games I reckon?

    • +3

      Amazon/JB will have them for ~$60
      Never understood why people shop at EB

      • Amazon just matches the lowest price of another retailer, which you can do at EB as well.

      • +1

        Trade-in deals, normal trade-in

        People's Champ (JB) don't have any of those ones.

      • If there’s preorder bonuses I go to EB and then price match JB or Big W to get the lower price and the items.

      • I'm still riding off of those 20% off E-store vouchers that coles was selling a few months ago, will probably get an NSO voucher for these 2 :D

      • +1

        Play it for a week a return the game. Or price match Jbhifi.

  • +7

    It’s so obvious Nintendo weren’t planning to drag the Switch’s life out this long by the amount of remasters they’re pushing in an attempt to keep the console on life support until they get their shit together with their next console.

    • +2

      Sign me up.

      I'm loving these remasters. The convenience of playing all games on one handheld console is great, even long term.

      The Switch can play Pikmin 1-4 now, that's great longevity of this series now for decades to come. If Switch2 has cart backwards compatible, that's gonna stretch it even longer.

      Kudos to anyone who doesn't mind running stuff on older consoles, but it's not for me and neither is piracy or emulation.

      • +2

        Ironically emulators often run/look better than the garbage modern Nintendo pumps out, eg. Super Mario 3D All Stars.

        • +1

          Better yet, emulating Switch itself looks better. I played TotK a week early, with a 60 FPS patch, on Steam Deck, and it looked better than the real thing next to it on my Switch Lite.

        • +1

          This one takes it to a new level - they've turned a 60fps game into 30fps! Amazing work.

  • damn they are over doing the Mario game sales lol.

  • -3

    More remakes ugh.
    I'll stick to playing Paper Mario on my Wii thanks Nintendo.

  • +2

    Anyone know of any recent list of eligible EB Games swaps?

  • +2

    Paper Mario TTYD is one of my all time favourite games, played it on the Nintendo GameCube. Once I retire I might be able to play games again.

    • I didn't like it at all. The original paper mario was amazing. But TTYD whilst it should have been a better game it just kind of felt like more but not as good

      • If the original paper Mario had more magic than TTYD, then it's definitely something I'll have to play someday

  • Hello

    Does anyone have an updated list?

    I was looking to trade some games but it appears the list has changed strangely even some games that are pre owned for 28 don’t qualify despite them qualifying for the peach deal at that price point a week ago. Anyway an updated list would be appropriate. Unfortunately my local store isn’t that accommodating.

  • I think JB have added some new games to their 2 for $30 deal so might be worth ringing an EB to see if any new ones are on the list.

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