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Ergotune Supreme $649 (Was $849) + Free Gift Worth $100 (Optional Add-on) + Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ Northday AU


Was in the market for a new WFH Office chair and came across this as I was reading reviews and noticed that Northday AU was doing a promotion.

Check slider button to receive a free ergonomic pack worth $100. Contains an anti-fatigue mat, a laptop stand, and a light bar.

Shipping to WA ~$132

See previous posts for all the other details, discussion, review/experiences and price history.

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    Great chair!

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      Unfortunately the shipping cost has made me reconsider :( Sucks.

  • Pity they don't have the ergodesk anymore
    Anyone have recommendations for updown desks?

    • I just got mine from updowndesk.com.au and have been very happy with it for two years ago

  • What is everyone’s thoughts on this chair? Worth the price? Seen it pop up a few times on here

    • The lumbar support is a controversial aspect of the chair, people seem to either like it or hate it. For me, I hate it and use a small cushion to offset the depth of the backrest vs lumbar support. The rest of the chair is fine.

  • Have had one of these for just over a year, mostly a good chair but the fabric has stretched a fair bit more that I was expecting particularly in the lumbar support and base making it not as comfortable for sitting long periods. I weigh 84kg for reference.

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    Might be worth getting a second hand Steelcase Leap for that money.

    • I cry when I look at the Steelcase Leap prices ./sigh

  • How does this compare to the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2? I've been eying that off but torn now…

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      Go the ergo human.. but instead of v2, go ergo human 2
      Most of the reviews of customers are paid advertising so I wouldn't trust this company.

  • My partner just purchased this based on your post. Thank you.

    • review please?

      • It hasn't come yet. I believe it comes at the end of May. If they don't like it they will just return it with their free return offer.

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    Dear fellow ozbargainers, is there any cheaper alternative from your experience? Cheers

  • Q: How is the seat on this chair? It doesnt have any bracket to support, only the mesh cover. Will it get uncomfy?

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