Up to 140,000 Velocity Points for Joining & Maintaining Hospital & Extras Cover for 90 Days, Extras Waiting Waiver @ Medibank


Just joined with this offer so no dice for me. Hope it helps someone, note there are no free weeks in addition compared to previous offer.

Also the 2&6 month waits on extras waived.

Must be a new Medibank member who has not held Medibank or ahm hospital cover in the last 12 months and hold the same eligible cover for 90 consecutive days to be eligible for the Velocity Points.

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  • 140000 velocity points value?

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      It varies but 19,408 velocity points buys you a $100 JBHIFI gift card.

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      139k VFF + $483 (SQ)~$802 (QR) will get you from MEL/SYD/BNE to London via Singapore/Doha (one way) in Business Class (subject to availability).

      • SQ means Singapore, then what does QR mean?

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    Look at the cost of the premiums to get maximum points.

    • How to know how many Velocity points to get?

      • Scroll down the page, there is a table.

  • 140000 points will get about 3 trips from Melbourne to LAX. However you need to spend $150 + a week for this for 90 days.

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      $150 a WEEK? What the flying fudge is this country turning into. The whole private health system is a joke.

      • Approaching legal scam areas.

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        Are we at that point where paying for Medicare levy surcharge is more affordable than getting private health insurance?

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        Yeah that's ridiculous. This deal seems to be only good for those who will buy top tier cover.

        You will get less points if your weekly premium is less than $150 - there's a table in the link

      • Minimum 13 weeks would be $1950+ spending

  • Not as good as last year's offers, maybe half of that :(

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    Keeping the cover for so long basically negates this as a deal. You're far better looking for the cheapest and most appropriate cover without the lure of some velocity points. I guess if Medibank have the cheapest cover for someone then this is a bonus/deal but I wouldn't be getting it just for the points. Laughable.

    E.g. the top tier 140k points will cost at least $2000 in premiums over 3 months. No thanks.

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      6 weeks free after 42 days. So less ~ $930?

  • I'd apply, but I'm sure the hackers already have my contact details. lol

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    I’m already with Medibank, but not receiving any associated points… is there a way to link velocity to Medibank? I understand i won’t be eligible for this offer, but is there ongoing velocity points incentive for staying with Medibank, e.g., 1 point per dollar on continuing Medibank cover?

    • You could call and request a retention bonus and request

      • Thanks, that’s a good idea, we’re on a family plan so we pay a fair bit to them

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    Hi @WhatsTheBigDeal , you might want to update this offer as Medibank now offers 6 weeks free.

    I have also confirmed there is no bonus velocity points if set up via direct debit.

    • Am I reading it wrong? T&C says that you must set it up via direct debit:

      To be eligible you must:
      * be a member of the Velocity Frequent Flyer program.
      * join and start eligible hospital or hospital and extras cover within the promotional period
      * be new to Medibank and not have held a Medibank or ahm hospital cover policy in the last 12 months, unless you’re a dependent coming off family cover
      * set up direct debit, quote promo code VELOCITY and enter your Velocity membership number at time of joining

      • Ah my bad! you're right, didn't read that bit.

  • just left Medibank

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