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[Uber One] 40% off (Maximum $40 Discount) at Select Stores @ Uber Eats


Just like the previous 30% off deals.

Usual exclusions apply.

Happy eating!

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Referral: random (1645)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Not expired. Worked for me

  • Cheers OP, worked for me

  • +13

    uber is getting really aggressive with these promotions, not complaining though!

  • +6

    damn not eligible

    • +1

      Same here :( Any idea why?

    • +1

      Same :(

    • need uber one me thinks, part of the destiny child promotion

      • +2

        I have Uber One, still not eligibile

      • Have Uber One

    • +3

      Same, have Uber One

      • I dont have Uber One, but had ended a trial about half a year ago. Not eligible

    • Damn son

  • Worked! Thanks OP

  • Yay thanks OP

  • Worked well

  • This promo gives me 20% off

    • +17

      Apply it twice then

  • worked thx

  • Worked. Thanks op :D

  • +1

    Didn’t work for me. Not eligible

  • Thanks, lunch sorted!

  • Worked, thanks

  • Code worked. Thanks.

  • i got it. thanks mate

  • -2

    Single use only or has someone used it twice

    • Single use only

  • does it work on Hungry Jacks orders?

  • Single use, my 2nd order didn't work

  • +3

    Worked for me, had to manually add it

  • not eligible :(

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • Awesome it works, and it stacks with existing item discounts that I've been seeing for a while

  • These ubereats discounts are getting out of hand!

    • Only good with the restaurant offers as well.

      Restaurants now offering two for one deals etc

  • !eligible

  • Worked for me but never got an email or notification about it.

  • Have uber one, doesn't work for me.

  • Worked for me , Uber one with Mastercard. Thanks op

  • Worked on both accounts

  • -8

    Ive generally had good experience with ubereats, ,,,,

    Looks like I'm going to be one of those whinging about orders taking forever and it being cold

    I can see on my app that food was ready at 10mins…the order is taken by someone 10mins from there… im 10mins away in the other direction…. order expected delivery is another 50mins….

    WTF… for the next 30mins the driver I assume is doing other orders… while mine has been ready for 30mins

    He finally picked up my order but has one stop in between….

    My order is going to be late by another 15mins

    How much time are drivers allowed to have before picking up orders…

    • -7

      Checked his ratings , everything good except for timing….

      Fcker eventually arrived, because i was waiting outside, I saw him search amongst 5-6 other orders for mine

      He basically spent 30mins riding around before picking up my order then another 25 mins after he got my order, was 2 mins away for 10mins….

      Did a google search, apparently they're only allowed 3 orders at a time, so Fker probably doing multiple Apps at the same time

      • +1

        Yes hate on the guy who's getting paid maybe $6 to deliver your order…. what do you expect.

  • +2

    Worked! Great deal. Go to Account -> Promotions -> Add Promo and start to shop

  • When do you think is expiry?

    • +1

      24th March 11pm on mine

  • Any way to still get free Uber One? My 6 month trial from Paypal promo has ended a week ago.

    • Various Latitude, Citibank or Westpac cards do, but didn't they try to offer you 90% off your next month when you cancelled?

  • Not eligible :(

  • Yay thanks OP

  • Tuesday- still works

  • Grilld burgers $13 each today - not as good as the $10 burgers the other day, but not bad when stacked with this offer.

    $17.55 for two burgers delivered including fees

  • Still works for me! Great saved $20

  • You're a legend OP, it works! Thank you :)

  • I love this. Added to my account no problems.

    40% off + 15% discounted gift cards + whatever offer is valid for the store = Serious bargain :)

    Need to invite some friends over for $10 smash burgers. 10 @ $10 = $100 - 40% = $60 paid with 15% off giftcards = $51 ($5.1ea for a really good Cheeseburger)

    • Haven’t been 15% off for ages?

      • Probably stacked 10% discount with discounted mastercard purchase.

      • I bought $2000 worth last time :)

  • Wasnt available in the promotions section but added manually it worked!

  • Is there an end date?

    Also assume this is a one time use?

  • Code says it's applying, whether I apply in the checkout or on my profile promotions page.
    But the price does not change, and does not indicate that it can be used? Tried on both discounted and full-priced items

  • +1

    Just got their email comms on this promo and still not eligible - thanks uber haha

    • Same here. Got the email but the promo entry box still says "Oops, you’re not eligible for this promotion"!

  • I'm too lazy to post a deal but when I went to order tracking page for uber eats order yesterday, there was apple one free one month trial in the middle of the page. Signed up as my previous tv+ trial just ended.

  • I added the code a few days ago now says promo claimed??? Never even used it.

    • this happened to me in the previous "Michelle" Deal, i contacted them on Facebook support, they credited me $30 (maybe because it was the maximum for that deal? You may get $40 for this one!

      • +1

        May you please link me to their Facebook support

  • Thanks OP, just added it manually to order and it worked! Great savings

  • Trying to figure out how the algorithm works
    Is this offer valid for everyone with uber one?
    If i start ordering more or using more offers will i receive less future offers?

  • FYI this also works on pickup orders, a popular viet restaurant near me has pickup enabled and the pricing just $1 more than in-store prices. Got 4 mains and 2 sides for $57, would have cost about $85 if we went in store.

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