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[Recertified] Seagate EXOS 12TB X14 A$191 Delivered @ East Digital HK


Seagate Exos 12TB X14 [Recertified] $191 Delivered

Seagate 12TB ST12000NM0008 Exos X14 6Gb/s 256MB SATA 3.5" Enterprise Hard Drive


From item listing:
0 used time,
Factory Recertified Product,
Zero Bad Sectors,
3YR WR From Seller

As mentioned by XeKayeM in the comments the 14TB is available for $206

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East Digital, Hong Kong
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  • +4

    can this store files

    • +17

      A few.

    • in folders too

    • Around five or six yeah

  • +2

    this is good value but I don't know how reliable they are lol.

    • +9

      But is it really good value then?

    • +4

      I wouldn't rely on a 3yr warranty from a Shopify store that didn't even invest in a URL.

      There's Amazon sellers offering a 5-year warranty which I'd have much more confidence of getting a remedy if you need it.

  • Again, why are we supposed to read the description?

    • +1

      Couldn't include the Shopify link in the original posting, has been updated by mod now

  • +8

    The 14TB drives for $206 are better value


    • +1

      What about the Barracuda Pro for $200 each? Is there a functional difference for NAS use?

    • price now gone up to $212

  • -2

    Prices in USD?

    • +1

      Looks like AUD to me

    • +3

      says AUD on the site

  • +1

    Do not recommend x14, there are too many failure samples on this series.

  • +3

    3YR WR From Seller

    They're in Hong Kong, so no real warranty

    • I’ve done a return with them though eBay no problem, good comms, seem fine to deal with.

      • how much was shipping?

        • Free shipping via eBay plus, but you only needed to post to Sydney

  • +7

    These are not brand new. It says Recertified Product on the HDD label. That's manufacturer refurbished. Which means you can't guarantee that the drive was never used before. So the seller can't claim and guarantee 0 used time. It could have been a drive which was previously used for dozens or hundreds of hours before suddenly breaking down. Which was then repaired and refurbished by the manufacturer and sold off as Recertified Product. And had the hours used reset back to 0 by the manufacturer. You wouldn't know.

    • +3

      So the seller can't claim and guarantee 0 used time.

      This. I find it very hard to believe there would be so many unused drives out there.

      It could have been a drive which was previously used for dozens or hundreds of hours before suddenly breaking down.

      Not even broken. A lot of server farms will replace their drives regularly.

      On the reddit Datahoarder sub, people there are happy to recommend refurbished drives with 50,000+ hours of use 😮

      I'd rather be buying these types of drives knowing their past.

      Which was then repaired and refurbished by the manufacturer and sold off as Recertified Product.

      I could be wrong here, but I also very much doubt they crack open the drives and fix any issues inside.

      • It could be just a simple drive controller board replacement. That doesn't require cracking open the drive.

        • +1

          That could, of course, be true. But, apart from physical damage, how often would this happen?

          By clearing the SMART data, they are hiding something.

          • @photonbuddy: The only way you're going to know the history of a refurbished drive is if you buy directly from the user who used it. But then it wouldn't be a large-scale sale and odds are you'll be charged a hefty amount more in comparison to East Digital's all-round stellar prices.
            I'm not necessarily promoting refurbished drives, as I have no history with those purchases, but for those looking to save a buck by getting a refurbished drive, then I wouldn't be holding out for a big vendor to hundreds of listings for each item because the item description varies.

    • +1

      Like winding back an odometer?

  • +4

    They don't even want to pay for a domain…

  • +3

    Mine arrived DOA, to their credit they provided return shipping label and full refund. Communications were prompt, these drives are coming from Sydney. Some have been luckier but I didn't want to risk it.

  • Its much easier and cheaprer to buy from serverpartdeals.com Super speedy delivery cheaper for brand new, factory recertified and seller refurbished No brainer……

    • +1

      The price of the same drive is definitely cheaper, but paying +$30 usd for shipping makes it a worse deal overall, if you were buying a single drive. Only better deal if your after buying multiple drives.

      • -3

        Whatever rocks your boat I'd rather pay for speedy delivery from USA with a warranty brand new WD 20TB Ultrastar and a refurbished 20TB Ultrastar for 800 AUD few months earlier 2x22tb Seagate Exos22 22tb for a bit less All perfect in myTerramaster TD2 TB3 Plus, Desktop, Swapped a drive in G-Disk TB3, QNAP TS-464

        • +1

          A lot of previous East Digital deals have been shipped from Sydney

          • -1

            @TheFreaK: nice given AusPost's I love it when drives arrive from USA Florida via Economy mail in less than a week Just my 5 shekels worth

  • +1

    $15.83 / TB excluding delivery

  • +2

    Thank you for posting this deal OP

    impulsive purchased
    time to dollar-cost-averaging with another HDD into the NAS pool

  • Still not quite as good as the $12/Tb deal last time around.

    I got 42Tb of drives for about $500 - extremely pleased with that one.

  • I’ve bought from these guys - great to deal with, got 4x 18tb exos. Express shipping was really fast. Standard shipping was really slow.

    Great value seller

  • -3

    Sad this many times, at least as often as these "recertified" posts turn up (personally i'd ban them), but i wouldnt buy a Seagate drive new, only a mad person takes the lucky dip on recertified (used cough) ones….

    • +1

      i wouldnt buy a Seagate drive

      You should absolutely be buying some Seagate drives - because sticking to a single manufacturer leaves you open to their issues when they appear.

      Vary your makes and models - the more variation you have, the less painful it is when there's an issue with a particular drive.

      lucky dip on recertified (used cough) ones

      If your backup strategy can't cope with failing drives, then you're doing something wrong.

      A dead drive shouldn't be a big deal… Or to put it another way, less reliable refurbs shouldn't be a big deal.

  • How does this recertified exos compare to the new 12TB enterprise capacity for $170?

  • +3

    Repost from18-Mar-2024 + update as the old thread is now closed.

    Just adding my experience so far;
    Seagate 22Tb EXOS factory recertified;
    3 orders, each of 2 drives.

    Drives 1 and 2: perfect. I stress tested drive 1 and it was fine. Drive 2 I just put in my array and it was fine
    Drives 3 and 4: perfect. Straight into the RAID without issue.
    Drives 5 and 6: arrived with a dint in the box. Both DOA. Make nasty noises when trying to spin up. I'm guessing the box was dropped at some stage in the delivery process. Have just messaged East Digital HK via their website - reports here seem to be that they replace drives quite readily.

    The HDD packaging seems entirely appropriate and secure - all 3 orders came shipped the same way.

    Update 8-Apr-2024
    Good responsive communication from East Digital HK and prompt replacement of both faulty drives after I sent them back, albeit in two separate shipments with a small amount of nudging required. First drive went into the array just fine. Second drive is rebuilding as I type.
    Return address was local. Replacements shipped locally.

    As an aside, on initial power-up, CrystalDiskInfo reports the SMART info for the refurbished 0 hour drives as:
    Power On Count 2
    Power On Hours 0

    It would be interesting to see what a brand new drive reports for Power On Count.

  • +2

    Post purchase experience update:

    The 14TB EXOS factory recertified. Firmware SN04. Recevied late-March 2024

    Deployed into Synology DS1821+ in SHR-1.
    Power-on time: 356 hours

    2 days ago, the drive started producing some audible clicking sound.
    This morning, the drive failed POST. It's online, but dropped out of the array pool now.

    Sent email to East Digital for warranty replacement. Pending response. Will update as the process goes.
    * fingerscrossed *

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