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ASUS Vivobook Go 15.6" OLED Laptop i3-N305 8GB/512GB $697 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ in-Store/ C&C/ OnePass) @ Officeworks


Cheapest full HD 15inch OLED laptop I've seen. Looks ok? What you guys reckon.
They are $999 at good guys, $300 cheaper at officeworks for $697
Posting this because of the OLED screen is rare on a laptop this cheap

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  • Price on title?

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    At that price, it isn't too bad for a barebones, 1080p laptop

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      More about the OLED screen , they usually start at $1000 for a 15 inch

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    Ram upgradable?

    • I doubt it haha. Are any entry level laptops upgradable haha

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    CPU - i3-N305

    Good luck with that.

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    -11% slower in single thread compared to the most basic R5-7520U which is not bad

    8 core/8 thread @ 15W is pretty good - Intel dropped the hyperthreading to save power and 8 cores is more than enough for any workload you will run on this

    If you can live with the 8GB RAM, this is a good deal

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    Perfect as a 1080p media consumption laptop (1080p movie/tv libraries).
    Don't need more ram or a better CPU. If you need that, then you don't need an OLED panel.
    OLED is for media consumption. Ram/CPU is for productivity.

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    Beware OLED PWM flicker.

    • Most phones are oled. I dont notice any flickering. What are you on about?

      • A quick Google will show you that all OLED screens have PWM flicker, it’s usually imperceptible at high brightness but it is there, can cause headaches if you’re using screens for long periods.

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        Some people are more sensitive than others. I know someone who cannot use any OLED as they are very sensitive to PWM and get headaches.

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    Worth spending the extra $300~ on past deals for a functioning laptop. This things seems slow.

  • Great price

    Meanwhile A$$le charge more than double for a laptop with a smaller, crappier screen and half the storage lol

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      Im not an apple fan by any stretch but their build quality, warranty and performance/battery life is far better than this… Maybe apple should be cheaper but why would they discount anything when people still buy them in the quantities apple is happy with.

    • I don't see any point in comparing modern MacBooks that only can run MacOS with Windows laptops. These are made for different target audiences. Windows fans won't consider MacBook because of OS. MacBook fans won't consider Windows laptops. I believe there's only a small percentage of people who can comfortably use both MacOS and Windows.

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