[Used] Fujitsu Lifebook U727 i5 6300u 16GB 512GB SSD 12.5" Win 10 $149 Delivered / BNE C&C @ Australian Computer Traders



Clearing out some older cheap stock laying around.

Fujitsu U727
Intel i5 6300u
16Gb Ram
512Gb SSD
12.5" HD Display (31.8 cm (12.5”) HD antiglare, 1366 x 768 pixel, 500:1, 220cd/m²)
Windows 10 Pro
12 Month Warranty

These units are listed as a B Grade, so they will have Batteries between 50 & 79% and or extra marks & scratches. Still however 100% functional.

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  • Any thoughts or experience with these :)?

  • what can we do with these in 2024? emulator station?

    • +5

      Paper weight, doorstop

    • +25

      Naughty internet stuff

      • +3

        show bob and vagene

      • in HD only???

        • VHS was the golden days!

    • Well always nice have one back up pc in case the main one is under repair/backing up/upgrading.

      I often find I desperately needed a second pc when I am trouble shooting fixing my main pc, doing it on the same pc might not be always possible.

      But as far as real usage for those, idk turn them into media play center or even just testing boot OS, or just simple put Linux on it ;)

    • +2

      Baby's first laptop

      • baby will see not full hd throw it back at you chucking a tratrum

    • Frisbee

  • can we charge the unit via usb c port?

  • Good deal but gonna need something that's FHD. Harry and bring us the next deal!

  • +5

    now this is where im gonna store 1000 btc

    • or my linux distros.. if mrs ask i can say oh that is old lappy broken

  • +1

    Please confirm it has LTE support and fingerprint reader please OP.

    • And if it's the touchscreen version too please rep.

  • +3

    Bought a B grade Latitude 7400 2-in-1 off these guys the other week. Besides some slight marks on the under side it was flawless, no signs of wear on the all metal body at all, screen perfect too. Best $248 I ever spent. I've bought a few things from ACT in the past, they ship super fast and are great with returns.

    • +1

      got one too, very happy with its condiuton

      • +1

        Battery is at 70% but easy & cheap to replace eventually, I only use it plugged in or for an hour or so on the couch / bed. Such an amazing piece of kit for the money. 1yr warranty is icing on the cake.

    • +1

      Seriously? 2 clicks away from this page…
      Connectivity: WiFi Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet

    • +2

      No brain

  • not sold out after 2hrs (not like past surface pro deal) so i will pass :) if under $100 and under 1kg probably will bite for fun i like fujitsu lappy

    • +1

      only because of the low-res screen.

  • +1

    wow even got vga for old school monitors

  • Thanks OP. I ended up picking up one of your A-Grade HP 8th gen laptops that suited my third laptop requirements perfectly.

  • Great ChromeOS Flex Machine

  • Hi OP, trying to purchase quantity but unable to apply coupon code to more than 1. Is the discount able to be changed to apply to multiple units?

    • Yeah it’s only one time use

      • Ok, no worries

  • Any cheap way to replace the battery on these?

  • 500:1 good god

    Not having a go, I understand they're priced accordingly, just don't think I've ever seen that before

  • -1

    Postmasters have probably had enough of Fujitsu.

  • +2

    Yes, it charges via USB-C.
    No, it's not the touchscreen version.
    Does include a SIM card slot /mobile network functionality.
    Includes a "Windows Hello" compatible fingerprint scanner.
    It's technically not Windows 11 compatible (older processor), but RUFUS or reg hacks allow a manual install. I've not had any technical issues with Windows 11 yet.
    It doesn't have HDMI output (I personally missed this), but a DP to HDMI adaptor can be had easily under $10.
    The battery, RAM and SSD are very accessible for servicing/replacement.
    Much lighter than it looks and has a pretty nice metal type finish.

  • +2

    Received mine today, pretty nice lightweight and compact laptop. Was pleasantly surprised to see "Made in Japan" on the bottom of it; bit of a rare thing to see these days! The screen image quality isn't as bad as it sounds on the product sheet. The 1366x768 resolution is what it is, whether it matters on a 12.5" screen is personal preference.

    The one buyer beware is that mine came with the BIOS password locked… I was fortunately able to remove it pretty easily after doing some googling, but still one of those things ACT should be checking before selling secondhand laptops (and I'd hope ACT would replace/refund if you're not sure how to remove it yourself).

    • +1

      their description for other b grade laptops do have "The device may have BIOS Lock or have under 80% original battery". maybe they forgot to put in this one :D

      • Ahh yeah, you’re right; oh well, fortunately it was easy enough to bypass.

    • Mine came yesterday too, also with the bios lock. I've found the unlock procedure but am only getting "System Disabled" after two suggested attempts, with no corresponding serial code. What was your approach?

      Was surprised to find mine came with the up-specced 1920x1080 screen which was a nice plus.

      One thing that might turn into a deal breaker though is I am getting a lot of dead key presses… 3 or 4 before a registered press sometimes. Very random across the keys… will do some more testing but not looking too promising.

      • gave the bios passwords a fresh go and it worked a treat this time.

      • +1

        Yeah, after some use I’ve noticed on mine too that a few keys sometimes don’t register a key press… might get a replacement keyboard considering the laptop is cheap enough.

        If people know what they’re in for, it’s cheap enough to tinker around with, but for people who don’t want to mess around, a Lenovo Thinkpad x260 or x270 is probably a better buy for a similar form factor; albeit slightly chunkier, a bit heavier (two batteries though) and, in my opinion, uglier.

        Lucky with the screen though!

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