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Glide Reflection Sit on Top Kayak $99 (C&C Only) @ BCF


Secure and stable enough for both kids and adults
Bow, stern and side carry handles for easy transport
Great for relaxing river rides
Moulded seat area and multiple footrest positions provide comfort no matter the riders height
L316 x W78 x H39.5cm
110kg weight capacity
23.9kg kayak net weight

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • +17

    110kg weight capacity

    Had to buy 3

    • It would be cheaper to buy one and a session or two from Light & easy or Weight watchers…

  • +13

    how many have you sold for $599?

    • +1

      Great question ….

      • +2

        Nearly zero… doesn't BCF normally utilise this as a marketing tool to force you to sign up as a member so you think you're paying $100 or so less on their products?

        I think the only people who pay full price all the folks who haven't heard of the internet and walk into the store… no?

    • +1

      Cant use on clearance items

      • arh thanks

  • Can’t fit it in my car :(

    • +16

      former treasurer Joe Hockey would say that means you need to get a better job and buy a better car.

      He said poor people don't have cars, or if they do, they can't fit kayaks

      • How about canoes

      • +1

        Seriously that diiiiiick said that ? what a moron, but typical for that kind of people lol

        • +4

          I think bohn is paraphrasing a little…though that was the general gist of Hockey's pull yourself up by your bootstraps because we live in an egalitarian society where everybody is equal and there is no advantage in race or demographic and if you don't have a chauffeur then you only have yourself to blame ideology.

          • -1

            @Banj0: What a douche if he meant this - "where everybody is equal and there is no advantage in race or demographic".

        • https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-06-09/joe-hockey-accused-of…
          he meant well… lol if you believe it… it just came across badly… yeah he had a string of these… there was the avocado-gate and a few others… so bad that Turnbull had to abruptly replace him with Scomo, and banished him to far away lands of the US as our esteemed ambassador

      • +1

        Well Mr Hockey definitely would not have able to fit in this specific kayak.

        • To be fair to Mr Hockey, I don’t think any politician would be able to fit in this specific kayak either actually or figuratively speaking taking into consideration the size of their egos 😂

  • +4

    and 15% off BCF giftcards through Rewards Gateway

    • $84 each. Bargain.

      • +5

        I managed to add a $3 item and use the code $20 off for $100 purchase for new accounts and use these gift cards. all down to less the $70

        • strong.

  • +1

    That's tempting, too bad I don't have roof racks.

    • just get a set of soft ones

      • +2

        has anyone made these work? im in the same boat(heh) after we got rid of the car with racks. got a kayak i cant use at the moment

        • +2

          I have roof racks now, but prior to that I regularly used soft roof racks for my kayak on my little Suzuki.

          Never had any issues… you just lose a bit of head room inside the car from the straps.

          • +1

            @Smulder: interesting thanks! id be using it on a fiesta so its good to hear your thoughts, cheers

        • I have a set but it wont fit on wifes car with a pano roof as the rear one would sit on the glass and not worth the risk

          • @WT: they're not designed to put pianos on the roof :-)

      • +1

        Stick a mattress on your roof, then kayak on top

    • Well it is time to visit SuperCheap Auto or Repco for Roof Racks

  • +7

    Back in the day kayaks were things you sat in with legs inside…a closed cockpit type arrangement. Would have called this a surfski, whether or no it was intended for surf.

    Now everything is a kayak, even some things that look like canoes to me. Use a double ended paddle, and it's a kayak!

    • sit on top kayaks are the thing for some time now… mainly due to better stability and easier learning cycle

      canoes are basically 'small' boat and build accordingly. There are also double paddles for canoes … not exactly easy to use

    • Yeah 1910 was a hectic year, imagine kayaks now huh amazing stuff

      • It's crazy.

  • +1

    they may be $99 but then you will need to add a seat & paddle & likely a trolley etc

    • -2


      Seat = 250
      Paddle = 200
      Other = 50

      • You don't need a seat, a paddle is required and are cheap elsewhere

        • +3

          you don't need one but it is much more comfortable & supportive if you do

          • +2

            @Irishness: It would be more comfortable with a massage chair and an Esky. I would prefer to have laser beams shooting out my eyes but how far do you want to go for a $99 kayak

            • @Mikinoz: You can't put this kayak as a quality of $99. It WAS $599 mate, so I think it can go pretty far.

              • @OzBargainer4Eva: I don't think it was ever $599 maybe $299 at best. Still I bought it and the seat rest so it's definitely good for the price 😁

    • Dont think you can even put a seat in to this one…
      paddles are $50 at anaconda (full price)

      this is a good deal for a shit kayak

  • +1

    How much are the seats?

  • +1

    good price

  • I live near the Melbourne CBD - would this be suitable to go up and down the Yarra in?

    • +1

      yes, just ensure you understand the rules / navigation etc on the river & tides

      • +1

        And to not swallow the water if you fall out!

    • +3

      Do you like milk?

  • I dont know how to swim

    • luckily these float

      • Dont they flip over easily?

        • you need to have pfd (life jacket). not sure if its in every stay but its a legal requirement in most

        • Nah.. you need to try really hard to do that. Also, wear a life jacket

  • No stock to begin with. As usual with clearance. Maybe low stock on your area if lucky. Fuel cost pick up would be extra $100 for me

    • Plenty of stock near me, don't be upset cause you snoozed and lost

  • Would these be better than these ones from Anaconda. I'm only looking at taking it on beaches with small waves etc.

    • I have one. Good for rivers and really calm days on the beach. Any waves higher than about 15cm are too much.

    • little bit better but price 199

      • The anaconda one is better? I have that currently for my partner and it always gets full of water on the beach. So hoping to upgrade to the BCF one

        • No it's not better, the BCF is a much better kayak at half the cost

    • it's ok entry level but by the time you buy the bits you might be better off with something like a Kayak2Fish one when they have a deal running or even the Kings' ones they're better made & kit

  • +1

    You will need a seat if you don't want a sore back after 20 minutes.

  • +1


    Many thanks OP!

  • +1

    Bought one of each colour for the kids, thanks OP (Western Brisbane)

  • Thank you BCF employee. :) Please post more goodies!

  • Just picked up one from Noosa, the thing is HUGE (and heavy - 23kg). I had bought 2 thinking they would be great for kids, but definitely adult size, fishing style kayak.

    Definitely a bargain.

    • I saw that and just got one for myself. Wife is 38kg so will get her a kiddies size.

      • are you sure 38kg?

        SIL is 50kg right now, I think a kids one is too small

  • +1

    Out of stock in WA :(

    • Bugger really wanted one.

  • Cheers OP. Still had a couple left in stock at the local (Taree). Thing is pretty big but easily handled. Had seats and paddles from another kayak (inflatable) laying around so going to use them.

    • Took it out for its maiden voyage today and I’m impressed. Super stable, glides really well. I’m 6’7” and I fit in it ok. Made a pillow for a toddler and we’re all set.

  • Mittagong, Bathurst and Forster have stock of the other colour.

    Just picked mine up, really impressed

  • Don't forget to stack with discounted GC for those who have access 😉

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