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Wanderer Packaway Camp Kitchen $49 (Was $219.99) $0 C&C/ in-Store Only @ BCF

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For a compact and convenient option, the Wanderer Packaway Camp Kitchen is a grab-and-go style briefcase with an absolute game-changer set-up packed inside.

The all-in-one solution is designed to unfold to be the kitchen of your dreams in your home away from home in the great outdoors.

Designed with a quick and easy concertina frame, simply affix the carry case that converts to the tabletop you have your culinary workbench. It doesn’t stop there; this genius design boasts add on pieces like a lantern hanger and a separate utensil hanger.

The side stove table with adjustable slat top opens up the functionality of this camp kitchen, while the mesh layer underneath creates a bonus layer of storage.

Holding up to 30kg of food and equipment, this Packaway Kitchen is designed to pack down in an easy, breezy fashion and fold back into itself thanks to the camping hack of the self-carry case.

Be the envy of the campsite thanks to Wanderer.

30kg loading capacity

Quick and easy to assemble with a quad fold concertina frame

The tabletop doubles as a carry case for a functional design

Includes a lantern hanger to make cooking at night a breeze

Boasts a cooking utensil holder for campsite organisation

Side table designed with a slat top to house a camp stove

Layer of mesh perfect for lightweight additional storage

Sturdy, 18 and 19mm powder coated steel frame MDF top

Please note, this item is not waterproof. Keep away from moisture and protected in wet weather conditions

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  • -2

    Why does it have a IV fluid pole ?

    Is this portable kitchen for preparing a variety of powders and herbs in the outback?

    • +3

      Why does it have a IV fluid pole ?

      Performing outback snake bite recovery procedure on your Jack Russell.

    • Hang a water bag so you can shower too.

      • After cold turkey, you def need a shower

    • For hanging a lantern mate!

  • Camp Kitchen

    Yes, but

    Keep away from moisture and protected in wet weather conditions

    Really on the fence about this one. If I could be sure it's not wobbly, I may pull the trigger, but it doesn't look safe and practical enough, even at "-75%".

    • +4

      At BCF currently. It is a bit wobbly with little pieces to build. Folds flat and small though

  • +1

    Changing out the MDF top for ply would probably go a long way towards making this more serviceable

    • +3

      That sounds like a pretty tedious task requiring a workshop.

      I don't see screws, it's all rivets, so you'd need to remove those, bend the frame, insert perfectly fitting, rounded board, put it all together.

      I mean, good on you being able to do that and that you can be bothered.

      • +1

        Yeah, I had a closer look at the photos and it would require quite some effort and stuffing around. I was thinking more along the lines of cheap work benches or garage shelving that can be significantly improved by replacing the MDF with ply.

    • That top is probably why it is being sold off. I assumed it would be aluminium which would be a lot more robust and waterproof.

  • Perfect holiday gift for the Mrs.

    • +1

      Send her away for the weekend with this table while you stay home and {insert favourite past time before marriage here}?

  • +2

    Kitchen? Where is the sink?

    • +1

      It has everything but

  • if it had a wind guard for the stove I would have jumped at this

  • Says it's not waterproof.

  • prefect dog grooming station

    • prefect dog

      Sounds scary.

      prefect dog grooming station

      Sounds scarier.

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