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[PS4, PS5] It Takes Two - $14.98 (75% Discount) @ PlayStation


$14.98 for those who missed out in December!

I've been told it's a really good game to play with the other half or little ones, and it isnt overcooked type fun? 🤔


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    Partner and I played and finished it, great game. Really fun mechanics. Definitely some 'can you just git gud' moments with the other half between us but definitely worth playing, especially for 15 bucks!

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      Agree and also had an awesome time with it, it astonished me just how many games in one it feels like, each level feels fresh, original and fun, plus the sheer amount of actual minigames you can come back to.

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    Playing this now with the GF, she actually enjoy sit. Takes about an houR before shes sick of it but worth it for 145.

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    Its a bit different, I mostly have a quarrel after play overcooked with my wife. This game try to deepend your relationship instead of create a rivalry between the players.

    • Overcooked is hilarious with the missus, def don't end up in her good books 😆

      My mate once came over and she stopped playing and we just killed it, and quietly too. With her is just drama, wtf r you doing!!! Etc etc.

      Hopefully this is a bit more chill LOL

      • Overcooked is the destroyer of relationships.

  • I play this with my 7yo and he loves it. It captures the world through the imagination of a child really well. Beautiful game.

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    Have a non-gaming partner? This will show them why we game.

    The difference between this and Overcooked, is Overcooked could possibly end in divorce, this will just be mildly amusing as you yell at each other.

  • This is entertaining & fun. Bought it a while ago on switch from a post here. All ages game, recommended for something different.

  • Cannot recommend this game more. Very well made and surprised how fun it is

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    My non gamer partner really struggled with camera controls to the point that walking in a straight line was a challenge haha. Its just standard 3d camera controls and second nature to me so i thought it was funny, but just pointing out some non gamers may struggle with this. I think unravel two might be an easier "first gaming" experience as its 2d

    • Yes, but perseverance will pay off.

      I watched my son's non-gaming girlfriend struggle from the get-go, but in time watch her blossom and improve with every level. They had so much fun, and she was actually beating him at some of the mini-games towards the end. Amazing to watch.

  • just started playing this with the wife who is a non gamer. she doesnt want to admit it but she did get into it BUT her double jumps and dashes did stress me lol. great game and fun to play realistically.

    she likes overcooked 1 and 2 so yeah, i have that going for me.

  • Highly recommend, playing through it now with my 7 year old and both having a great time.

  • Great game. Worth getting. You can swap characters once you have finished it and play it again as what you have to do as the different characters is quite different.

  • great game - I let my 12 and 10 years old played them… they have to learn to work together… and as Dr. Hakim said "Col-La-Bo-Ra-Tion"

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    this is best coop game in the world up to today. (followed by the little sewing thread thing I dont remember its name)

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      Unravel is that sewing thread you referring to

  • It's an excellent game. Won Game of the Year for 2021

  • Just saw JB Hifi also has it on Switch. $27

    https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/nintendo-switch-it-takes-… and Amazon!

  • Excellent! Thanks OP!

  • After logging into PlayStation it change the game price to $59.95. US only special?

    • It just ended 11/4/24 8:59am

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