Invincible Compendium 1 $80.07 Delivered @ Amazon US via Amazon AU

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For those of you who have been watching the show and want to get into the comics, this is a good deal. The Compendiums are the cheapest way versus purchasing the 12 individual volumes.

Seems like limited availability locally, found Booktopia has it in stock here for $105.4.

There are 3 total Compendiums where adding all 3 to cart will get an extra 10% off:
Compendium 2
Compendium 3
Brings the total to $232.24

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Compendium 2 is the current number one best seller in Erotic Graphic Novels? Must have a lot of man-on-space-bug action.

  • is it worth watching the series?

    • +13

      Definitely recommend

    • +2

      Cheaper than buying the comics if you already have Prime Video or piracy.

    • It's really good. I found the first episode jarring for some reason but it's worth it.

      The graphic novel is good too if you don't want to wait. The art style does change towards the end, I'm in the camp that thinks it's horrendous.

    • I normally don't enjoy action but I really like the story and potential on where this has to go. I really enjoyed Steven Yuen, JK Simmons, and Jason Mantzoukas work voice so far.

  • A great way to read comics is to get the Hoopla app on a tablet and register a library card. Free comics.
    The series is better than the comics, or was for the first season.

    • The series did the opening big fight better than the comics, for sure.

      • The dialogue and pacing were better for me too.

        • +1

          His mum whined too much in the series compared to the comics. Season 1 Amber was terrible too

          Otherwise its been good

    • The easiest and cheapest way to read comics…

      • +2

        Not arguing, and thanks for the link, but…
        Library is just as cheap and Hoopla is pretty great. Syncs between devices and having books return in 3 weeks keeps you reading.

        • +2

          I wasn't having a dig! I'm just passing on what I use 👍🏼

  • I remember when Madman once upon a time had Compendium 1 for only $10!!

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