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[Recertified] Seagate Exos X18/X16 14TB 3.5" SATA HDD Factory Recertified from $209 Delivered + Surcharge @ Pongobyte Computers


Factory recertified drives are tested by the manufacturer (Seagate) at their factory using the same rigorous testing process as new drives.
These are returned to the manufacturer with a minor problem that is rectified or no fault found. The manufacturer then uses the same testing process as for new drives.

ST14000NM000J-FR - Seagate Exos X18 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified - $249
ST14000NM000J-WL-FR - Seagate Exos X18 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified White Label - $229
ST14000NM001G-WL-FR - Seagate Exos X16 14TB SATA - Factory Recertified White Label - $209

6 months seller warranty
1.5% surcharge for CC & PayPal payments
No surcharge for bank transfer
Express Post

Refer to previous posts with questions & answers and more details regarding these drives.

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    ST14000NM001G is $213 on ebay with 3yr seller warranty and no CC surcharge

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      Local stock too. Thanks.

    • not sure if there will be warranty around though

    • New to buying used drives, but is that the best place to buy it?

      Anyone have any experiences with failed drives and warranty?

    • It's $208 for me, maybe it's eBay plus discount

      • Yep, only $5 a month but better than a kick in the pants.

    • Thanks for pointing that out :) we revised our pricing. Unfortunately, we can't offer the same warranty and it is the same warranty we are getting from Seagate at this point.

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    $212 shipped with 3yr seller warranty…

    how is $239 a deal?

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      how is $239 a deal?
      they are not a deal but an advertisement

    • -1

      I love how they haven't even bothered to fill in various parts of the Shopify template on that page…

      • sorry for missing on that, we added the key specifications and datasheets

        • I was referring to the East Digital page that was linked in the comment I replied to, not your page.

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    @pongobyte before posting i suggest do research, and only if your product is the cheapest, then post here unless you say we do sell at higher price but it will get delivered by miss hong kong 2022 personally to your home

    • Can I choose 2023 instead?
      Better vintage

      • 2 years still hold value i think. 5 years+ yes time to replace.

        • My 10 year old 4TB drives laugh at your fear.

  • +2

    Im guessing Pongobyte are dropshipping East-digital

    • We are not working with the company you mentioned, we source our drives from the Seagate facilities in Vietnam. All stock we advertise is local stock, with warranty and support direct with us. We dispatch using Express Post within a couple of days from time of order.

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    Cheaper on eBay, no deal sorry.

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    Can be found cheaper and with better warranty. See above. NO DEAL.

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    Sorry, no deal

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    6 month ew

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