8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth/2.4G/USB-C Hot Swappable with 87 Keys (Fami) $149.64 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not atl, but close enough. Copped because it looks cool and has 2 big buttons.

Edit: Fami version is is slightly cheaper

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Waiting for the c64 model to appear on Amazon AU..

    • Came here to say the same

    • I didn’t know it existed!

      I already own the Fami version (I love the colour), and put an order through for another Fami keyboard…. Which I just cancelled so I can wait for the C64 version.

    • +2

      Plus 1 for this. It has the 2 giant red buttons AND a tiny joystick. :)


      Currently the USD cost converts to about $170AUD, but you know when it's released here it'll probably be something like $200AUD or something stupid like that, which makes me sad.

      • +1

        OMG - the mems! A teenaged version of me spent many hours tapping away on a keyboard like that, trying to convince myself I could become a programmer by typing in BASIC programs printed in magazines. I soon discovered it was one thing to copy them and another to dream up programs all by myself.

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        I'm sure they'll do an Amstrad CPC version any day now.


    • You and me both, boss.

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    The big buttons are useful to speed up bolding.

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      Kicking goals jv, we're here for it.

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        They might be referring to optical switches. I don't know why they're going on about electronic Casio keyboards (which are fkn cool in their own right).

    • +2

      Would you mind explaining why you think so?

      • -5

        They were superceded by electronic keyboards. Obsolete ≠ inferior.

        • +2

          These keyboards are electronic.

          • -6

            @silverrat23: Correction (if you insist on being pedantic): they were superceded by non-mechanical keyboards.

        • +10

          Do you think this is a typewriter?

        • +1

          whats an electronic keyboard

        • +1

          Is your assertion any object that’s replaced by a newer variant is obsolete, and thus no longer a viable option? It’s not possible for mechanical keyboards to sell next to chiclet keyboards?

          What about ICE vehicles and EV’s? Are ICE cars now obsolete?

        • +2

          The new keyboards you're referring to are far inferior to mechanical keyboards. I suggest you use your $3 membrane keyboard to do some research. If this is satire, try again.

        • If we are being so literal, then all computer keyboards are mechanical.
          Unless they are laser-projected on a desk or something.
          And they are all also electronic, can you believe that.
          (I know what a mechanical keyboard is).

          • -1

            @daniltaru: Sounds like you don't know.

            Because they're not being literal. They're talking bout the switches..

            • -1

              @R3STRIKT3D: Lol, I've built several keyboards myself.
              I know what it is, I'm just being sarcastic.

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    Fami version is 149.64

    • +1

      yeah i saw that after and edited

      • +2

        the diff between fami and n? edit
        There are two versions of this beautiful thing: the "N Edition," which borrows its styling from the US Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Fami Edition, which resembles the Japanese Famicom.

        • +1

          Yes, I cancelled the N and got the superior Fami

  • omg so want this but i like logi mx keyboard on how soft the keys are. this would be the total opposite, right? clicky and hard

    • +1

      Yeah those are the best imo, I got two. Can type pretty fast and nice and quiet, 3 switchable devices.

      • hmm what is those 4x jack holes for A B X Y? the big buttons only has 1 cable why there are 4 holes to plug 1 cable?

        • You can get an extra set of buttons for the spare ports.

        • No idea haven't had a good look, just agreeing that MX keys are a great choice.

          Those retro ones look cool though (and the hiragana is cute).

          • @G-rig: yep now every time i type at office keyboard it makes me mad every stroke. i guess this one is no for me then but looks wise they are amazing
            maybe just buy one and hang on the wall as decoration haha

            • @CyberMurning: Or take in mx keys to work. I didn't mind buying another one when they pop up cheaper tax deduction and sit on it all day haha. Good having same at work and home.

              • @G-rig: problem is i dont have locker at work to store even a mug . yeah, amazing right. saving cost of course. rent a small office put as many potatoes to work inside no facilities

                • @CyberMurning: True, wouldn't want to leave anything valuable around then

    • +2

      The switches are swappable. They were too clicky to me, so I replaced with some Akko Matcha Green switches. Many different switches to choose from for your preference.

  • +1

    aka Noctua edition.

  • +6

    I want one, but I need a numberpad :(

    • +12

      Program the 2 buttons to input numbers in binary.

      • +5

        Only if i can have bongo sound effects when I hit them.

    • +1

      Me too, plus I'd really like some backlighting

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    $148 at EB Games, along with the Nintendo edition.

    • None in stock near me. $10.95 delivery

  • I am a big fan of there controllers. I have a few of them for my Pi and switch. but do they do a good keyboard compared to say a keychorn ?

  • How does this compare to Nuphy?

    • I'm keen to know, been eyeing the Nuphy Air 75 v2. Or even the 60%.

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    Where can I get a full sized keyboard like this one?

    • +1

      yeah i almost bought until realised no numkey pad. big no no for me

    • Keychron @CyberMurning

      • +1

        thanks. but the design is what make me like this one. famicom. or any other theme. colourful (not rgb) and the volume buttons. and the big buttons.. maybe the solution is get this one and separate numpad but wiould be hard to fast type numbers with separate numpad

        • +1

          Maybe could get a full-size keyboard with a volume knob from a brand like Epomaker, Keychron or Das Keyboard, then buy a custom keycap set with a Famicom theme. IDK I don't know much about mech keyboards

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    From reviews online two concerns were 1) switches used are too clicky/annoying, and 2) the volume knob is janky. Issue 1) is not a deal-breaker, just put in new switches. Issue 2) is annoying though, supposed to be fixed by firmware update? I'm buying!

    • Update: bought, arrived, fark this keyboard is amazing. Haven't even started using the big ass bongos yet (the A, B macro buttons lol). Never knew I was a clicky switch guy. Very nice experience coming from my tactile switch Akko 3068B. Akko is fine, but this 8bitdo is a level up. Well lubed and stable keys. Volume knob works well for me. Nice thing about these switches is that typing effort feels a lot lower - even though the actuation force is higher for the Kailh Box White v2 switch in thsi keybaord compared to the Jelly Purple switch in the Akko.

  • Under other seller you could get the Fami version from 8BitDo Official Store AU for $149, which matches the all time low price and an instant save of 64 cents!!

  • Damn,
    I thought the two big buttons where dials/spinning knobs. Would be such a good keyboard for music & video editing if they were.

  • where to buy switches and keycaps

    • -2

      AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Kogan, Etsy, Banggood, Temu

      Want me to keep going?

  • Unless you need that many more than 2 knob or even that many macro button. I would seriously recommend these 2 from Royal Kludge:
    RK R75:https://www.amazon.com.au/RK-ROYAL-KLUDGE-R75-Mechanical/dp/B0CJ2QJX5B
    RK M75: https://www.amazon.com.au/RK-ROYAL-KLUDGE-M75-Mechanical/dp/…
    they have the same layout except for the M75 where its have a OLED screen and can be connect wirelessly, but the R75 is aluminum so sound wise, it will be a bit better. If you want your keyboard to be both aluminum and have wireless connectivity, you gonna have to build it yourself with the MonsGeek M1W.

    • Thx but I have 3 RKs already. I'm pretty sure one is aluminium and has BT/2.4, but 60%

      • yes man, I legit said the R75 is

        • Thanks again for your recommendation, but like I said, I have 3 RKs already

          • @rosebank: how many things do you collect? mech keyboards, vinyl, sneakers, watches?

            • @beltdrive: Audio gear (speakers not so much anymore, but lots of headphones, amps and dacs), camera lenses, overpriced plastic toys like be@rbricks, books I don;t read, knives, water bottles, bags (backpacks, totes and duffles mostly) etc

              And whisky. That's the big one and the only one I have a spreadsheet for.

              • @rosebank: Haha wow, You must have some decent storage

                • @beltdrive: I spread everything out over my house, holiday home, and yacht

                  • @rosebank: can't tell if you're being sincere about the holiday home and yacht or not lol

                    • @beltdrive: I forgot another big one: power tools and hand tools and car shit. But I store them in my 200m2 underground garage with my project cars.

                      • @rosebank: not bad. you really ought to get into espresso equipment and fountain pens too though

  • Just make sure you replace all your pc fans with noctua! I live the colour, probably just from noctuas marketing.

    • I've always hated beige (faded to yellow) plastics.

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