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Nissin Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Instant Noodle 5 Packets, Pork, 500g $4.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Lowest price recorded on Amazon AU. Atleast that's what 3Camels say.
Amazon AU it's price matching Woolworths.
I haven't tried them before. I grabbed a pack to try.

Brand Nissin
Item weight 500 Grams
Number of items 5
Package information Can,Packets
Flavor Pork
Package weight 0.56 Kilograms
• Black garlic oil with Tonkotsu artificial pork flavour noodle
• Sealed to ensure maximum freshness
• Quick and easy to prepare
• Perfect lunchtime snack

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Grabbed one cheers

    • Any good? Haven't tried them before.

      • i haven’t tried this one, but I ate many of the nearly expired other version and it was really good!

        • Looking forward trying this ones. :)

      • -5

        Any good?

        Toyota ones are better.

  • +1

    Thanks grabbed 1 as well :)

  • +2

    Say no to ultra-processed food.

    • +5

      But but.. I am a lousy cook and a tightass. What else can I do? 😄

        • -1

          I done few of those free trials. At some point you can't get them anymore. It's a lot of effort to cook and after clean just for one person (me). If cooking for more people then it's worth the effort.

    • +6

      Just chuck some cabbage, beans, mushrooms in and it's allgood

    • +6

      processed food was literally designed for you to eat. organic is just some crap they found on the ground somewhere.

      • +3

        So drop the packet on the floor and once picked up it's organic? Deal.

  • Just price matching Woolies.

    • +3

      Yes, I have mentioned that on description.

  • +2

    These are quite nice for instant. I'll try to grab some from Woolies.

    • There are more flavours on special at Woolies. I done a quick google search before posting to see who Amazon it's pricematching.

      • I try my best to get groceries from the supermarket rather than Amazon.

        • Why? So much more convenient if you have Prime too.

          • +1

            @Craze: I don't really like to have a packet of noodles, box of cereal etc shipped across the country when I can just grab a pack the next time I'm in the store especially if it's the same or similar price. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon but it's usually stuff that I'd have to get shipped from somewhere else or it's significantly cheaper. You can sometimes have stuff delayed a little and shipped together but I wish it was available for just about everything.

  • +1

    Nice mate
    I just finished my last pack this morning! Great timing

    • +1

      I trust your taste. This must be tasting good.

  • -4

    Contains palm oil and msg. In before the ingredient police get here.

    • +10

      contains the best ingredients

    • +2

      womp womp

    • +8

      MSG King of Flavour!

      • Ok Uncle Roger with the fake accent

  • +4

    Just out here waiting for Shin Ramyun Black to go for the same price

    • +1

      you'll be waiting a while

      • Sigh 😞

  • Showing 2 to 4 week delivery for me, that's a bit long

  • +6

    artificial pork flavour

    Does that mean it is Halal?

    • -1

      jv always with the right questions. 😆

    • +1

      I've been doing the pork challenge. Eat something from a pig everyday. Currently at 536 days without fail. I shall see how this goes.

    • Almost, my habibi friend said. Change pork to wild boar & you good to go.

    • +5

      You gotta be joking saying HK is low end country…

      • Yeah I thought I had no idea for a second

    • how about made in chyna?

      • HK is cheena. :(

  • +3

    Don't put this in your GTR

  • -2

    How do these compare to Ippudo?

  • This brand is an OG, and this flavour is ELITE.

    Add some spring onion, scramble an egg in the broth, makes this so good.

  • Back in stock @ $4.95. Bought another pack :)

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