Earn up to 120,000 Qantas Points (after 60 Days Qualifying Period) @ Qantas Health Insurance


This deal is back again, 12 months from the last one. You know the deal.

Earn up to 120,000 Qantas Points when you join by 28 May

Get combined Hospital and Extras cover from $29.30 per week

Enjoy 60-75% back on Extras (up to your annual limit)

Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on your premium.

Points will be awarded based on your level of cover after 60 days. Offer not available if you’ve recently held health insurance issued by nib.

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5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

Qantas Wellbeing App: random (488)

150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for signing up to the app.

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  • +8

    Worked out to be 16000 for bronze single cover with a mid tier extras.

    Bupa still works better with 35000 qff, and premium was 20 bucks cheaper with 10 weeks free

    • +5

      With Qantas insurance, you can get maximum points by changing the cover a few days before 60th day.

      • yeah this is the play $300 for 120k points

        • Could you explain how to do this?

            • @shap08: So on sign up can I skip hospital cover and just choose basic extras at $35/m. Then on day 55 upgrade to the highest hospital cover and extras. That results in $300 for 60,000 points. To get 120,000, I have to choose couples and pay $715.

          • @spiderbite88: According to previous thread choose a lower premium and then call up let’s say at day 55 and ask to upgrade. After points are awarded cancel the policy.

            • @fozzie: not sure why you're being negged, seems legit. if you do weekly i calculated it's around $150 for single, weekly basic extras than on the 9th week bump it to gold top with top extras. total around $150.

              around 8.6/week for 8 weeks takes it to 56 days
              around 90/week for 9th week takes it from 56-63days.

              • @dnw213: Me neither lol. I just wrote what I gathered from previous thread 🤷‍♀️

              • @dnw213: Can you get max 120,000 points with a single cover with top extras?
                I could only see 60,000 points max

              • +3

                @dnw213: for 120,000 get couple insurance
                basic extras for 8 weeks at $16 per week
                then 9th week get max everything at $147 per week

                change to basic extras again after getting the points for $16 week
                cancel insurance

                so total about $290 for 120,000 points

                • @gembel: Yep that looks right!

                • @gembel: how do you get basic extras at 16? cheapest it gives me is $23…..

                • @gembel: What about hospital cover? not including hospital cover?

                  • @GeneralKeen: You add max hospital cover and upgrade extras to max before the 9th week.

                    • @gembel: Okay, this means no hospital cover the first 8th weeks. This means there is a chance for MLS (Medicare Levy Surcharge) by ATO.

        • Is it possible to get singles cover for 120k points?

        • What verification process is involved when calling Qantas up? Thinking to sign my folks up for this but I need to be the one doing the calling given their limited English.


      • Can you please explain the process to claim maximum points.
        I’m looking for family cover and moving from Bupa to get extra perks

        • +1

          Its a garbage policy, you play it for the points

      • The T&Cs state
        “(1) up to 120,000 Qantas Points after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days,“

        Does the switch to highest cover a few days before day 60 still apply?

        I would imagine the wording on the T&Cs could mean you need to hold “the [maximum] policy” - over 60 days to be eligible?

  • how many qantas points do you have shap08? flex on me. keen to hear from someone with this much knowledge/research

    • +1


  • my partner and i are looking to increase our policies before we begin trying for a baby anyway, so this might be good timing

    • I would be comparing the value. On a standard family cover (mid level), it was about $150 more per month then Bupa and slightly lower limits.

  • Controversial comparison

    This vs Qantas wine?

    • Our neighbour had Qantas coverage and decided it wasn’t great health insurance if you, actually, got sick.

      • Might as well get some points via wine then and enjoy that side.

      • Qantas health insurance is just a white label version of NIB - so really, it's NIB.

  • The last deal that expired 5 April was up to140,000 QFF points. Depends how much you want them points, if not in a rush - wait for another 140K deal

    • +1

      But was 6 month hold

      • 60 day hold

        • Have the T&C? i checked and it said you must hold for 6 months. This deal (60 day hold) started at 140k, then 130k, now 120k. It's slowly going down.

    • +1

      last deal was 112k QFF after 60 days, the rest after a few months, this deal is better

  • +4

    Just a word of warning. NIB/Qantas policies are all junk… Even top cover. The way they rebate hospitals and doctors for your care will leave you with an outsized out of pocket expense a lot of the time. So definitely sign up for the points but make sure to move away once they've posted the points.

  • Is it possible to keep my current insurance and apply this one as separate just for the points?

  • +1

    T&C says: "Points will only be awarded to the primary policyholder after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days and will be based on the level of cover held at that time."

    I'm planning to sign up for basic hospital + basic extra(Family Cover) and only upgrade on 55th day to Gold Hospital+Top Extra.

    My question is: do I need to keep Hospital+Extra cover for 55days prior the upgrade? Or can I only have the Extra cheapest cover (not hospital cover)before the 55th's day upgrade?

    The cost for the weekly "family cover" Gold + Top upgraded on the 55th day is : $190.95 per week.

    Only make sense if I can have the Basic Extra for 54 days ( $16.81 P/W) = R$129.67 + $190.95 = $320.62

    What do you guys think?

    • I believe this is the way to go, signing up now to do the same.

      • Are you keeping your current private health insurance policy and opening this Qantas one side by side just for the points?
        I'm wondering if possible to do that?

        • Yes that is what i intend to do - don't see why it isn't allowed.

          • @Schema: Found this in the Qantas insurance policy book:

            You cannot have the same type of health Cover with more than one health Fund (e.g. you cannot have a Hospital package with 2 health Funds, nor can you have an Extras package with 2 health Funds).

            I'm interpreting this to mean you can't do what you're intending to do (and what I was intending to do) :(

            Next question then is looking into waiting periods, whether they can waive them here or if it's worth claiming what I need to prior to signing up to Qantas, serving the 60 days and getting the points, then churning to another provider that waives the waiting periods

            • @jasong: Will apply anyway and see how it goes

              • @gembel:

                Will apply anyway and see how it goes

                I wonder what the ATO will say when or if it receives the information that you have had overlapping / concurrent coverage.

                Does the ATO just receive info on how many days you were covered under an eligible policy, or does it receive the actual dates of coverage? There's probably guidance published somewhere.

          • @Schema: Having concurrent health insurance breaches the Fund Rules of a number of insurers.

            I am guessing the restriction is related to private health insurance law or regulation, as you are claiming a government rebate for the same period of health insurance coverage.

    • Adding on to this, wondering if anyone knows/understands the conditions around having 'held' a policy with Qantas or any of the affiliates? E.g. I'm currently a primary policyholder on Bupa, with my partner. If my partner signs us up instead as primary policyholder under Qantas will that be eligible for the bonus? Or is it a case of any policyholder is not eligible?

      Also @shap08 I read through the post you shared (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/771870) and couldn't see the explanation mentioned. Sorry if I miss it completely.

  • Im currently with GU health which is part of Nib, does that mean I'm not eglible?

    • +4

      You will not be eligible for sign on Qantas Points if you have: held a Qantas Health Insurance policy at any time in the previous 12 months; or you have held a health insurance policy with nib, AAMI Health Insurance, Apia Health Insurance, GU Health, Suncorp Health Insurance, ING Health Insurance, Priceline Health Insurance, Real Health Insurance or Seniors Health Insurance at any time in the previous 6 months.

  • I get offered 9,000 Qantas points on the lowest hospital and extras cover. Works out to be paying 1.2 cents per Qantas point if I switch away from my current cover… doesn't seem worth it

  • +1

    Taking this one stage further - could you sign up as a single for 7 weeks, then add a partner and up the cover to get the full 120k?

    • -1

      It's called fraud.

    • +1

      I did this 18 months ago and it worked. They then changed the terms and conditions I believe

  • big risk taker

  • Is the changing cover easy enough to do? Just call and change, then right after you close insurance? Or do you wait for points to hit before closing?

    If I’m with BUPA am I elegible for this?

    • +1

      Of course wait until you get points then cancel

    • Looks like it's possible via the online portal too, though haven't tested it yet

  • Quick update: only PR / Australian Citizen can apply it since Medicare card number is mandatory during application.

    • Some countries get medicare even on working holidays like Uk.

  • Damn now I’m confusing myself.
    I applied today, it says I have to start my first payment on a weekday so I selected Monday 22nd and weekly payment

    Does my 60 day start from now or from Monday?

    60 days from now is Wednesday 19th June. Do I want to change my cover on Tuesday to avoid paying, or do they count it as the last paid week (meaning I’d want to change my cover on 14th Friday)

    Website seems to let you upgrade extras cover but I can’t seem to add hospital cover. I presume this is something that needs to be done over the phone

    • +1

      Yeah you are spot on. I use this to help with days https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html

      Yes add hospital cover via phome.

      • Suppose I commence cover in May (with application made today in April):
        1. Does the 60 days countdown start from May (when the cover officially begins)?,
        2. Once the 60 days mark has passed, can I downgrade right away or should I wait till the points land?


        • +1
          1. yes policy start date
          2. Wait for points, you can always downgrade and get money back policy.
          • +1

            @shap08: Cheers! Now I get the pay $600 for 120k qff reference. 😁

  • The next payment for my existing provider starts 2nd May. Can I switch to the new Qantas immediately without waiting for the end date?

    • I think you can, just call previous and ask to refund.

  • Is it possible for my partner to sign up for the couples cover with me as secondary and for me to do the same with her as secondary to yield 300k pts?

  • Not going to lie I'm quite confused. So based on what people are commenting on this post and the previous, I should purchase the lowest tier extras for couples, then switch to the highest tiers (both hospital and extras) on day 55, and on day 60 I will be awarded with 120,000 QFF points. I can then reduce those tiers or cancel the health cover for a better and cheaper policy. Is this correct?
    And why day 55 exactly and not day 54 or day 59 for example?

    • You pay per week so why not enjoy the week of extra cover I guess?

    • Don't worry you're not the only one.

      I think it's too late for us anyway. The offer for 120,000 QFF points expires in 22 days - so the offer probably won't exist by the time we reach day 55.

      Unless I'm misunderstanding…

  • Can someone confirm if the above mentioned technique of maximising points is still valid? (I.e Upgrade at day 55)

    It seems that they might have changed their T&Cs which reads as below:

    “ Points will only be awarded to the primary policyholder after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days and will be based on the level of cover held at that time.”

    • +1

      T&C wording has not changed
      I'm currently on my 2nd week. Still got many weeks to go.

      • This offer will expire by the time you reach 55 days. Are you sure you can still change at 55 days and get 120k points?

  • Btw you can change level of cover online (I signed up for both extra and hospital)

    • You can only change if you have already signed up for hospital. Most of the people will increase to extra cover on 55 days and also ring Qantas to add Top Hospital. Online doesn't provide an option to add Hospital.

      • That's what I meant, if you have already both.

  • Would upgrading to top hospital and then downgrading again result in me having to re-serve waiting periods if I am currently on a silver level policy?

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