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Anker Soundcore Space Q45 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones $153 Delivered @ AnkerDirect via Amazon AU

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Available in Black or White for this price. Delivery was free for me without prime in Metro Melbourne.
For those that wanted Black, slightly more expensive than the recently Wireless1 deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • slightly more expensive than the recently Wireless1 deal.
    A whooping 10pct more but yeah black matters

    • +2

      Delivery for the Wireless1 deal was $10 for me, which brought it up to $149. For the extra $4 I'd rather black, as did a few others on that deal.

  • Confused one review said good for small head another said this is too big bulky. Maybe bulky but fit is good for small head people?

    • I haven't seen anything about the fit being small on this model, though I know their previous generation (Q30 i think) was known for being a very tight fit.
      They do look more bulky than something like bose, probably more on par with the size of the sony's.

    • +1

      Fits my 7yo head and my big head just fine

    • +1

      I read a review somewhere that mentioned they were returning because the headphones were too big for their head and they would slide off easily.

      at the same time I read another review on amazon which mentioned the same thing. I think it was for their kids, but anyway they said after awhile the slipperiness went away. maybe has to do with the synthetic leather on the headband and pads, its a bit slippery out of the box?

      anyway if you still have issues with your small head, I recommend these wrap around covers for headphones sold by multiple brands on amazon. you just wrap it and it thickens the headband giving you a tighter fit. you might think oh ~0.5 inch of extra thickness underneath wont do much, but no its quite a strong effect because the headband is curved and when you will 0.5 inch of extra thickness it makes the headband smaller by a decent amount.

      something like this https://www.amazon.com.au/Geekria-Installation-Compatible-Sk… just make sure to check the measurements.

  • +2

    Great pair of headphones.

  • How do these compare to the 1MORE SonoFlow ? - Also on special for $105.

    • +1

      Better ANC, notably worse audio quality, mic works better in windy conditions.

      The Sonoflow is a further 5% off too, and there's the SE version for $73 that features a slightly cheaper build and no wired output (not that you'd ever use said output without significant EQ, or either Sonoflow Bluetooth mode).

      • Yeah I looked at them yesterday and they were $129. Just bought the 1More - should come today.

      • Which one has better sound quality? The soundcore or the sonoflow?

        • +1

          I believe it's the SonoFlow

    • I am currently listening to sonoflows while browsing this page. They are incredible for the price. I paid $99 in some deal last week. The sound is amazing. Noise Canceling is good. I was able to enjoy listening to them on commute and it is draning out my co workers decently.

      My only complain is if they spent little more attention to aesthetics. The headphones are not low profile like the sonys, sennheisers or even the soundcore. Especially the plastic around the sliders look too bulky.

      • Agree, it's pretty good except the bulkiness.
        Also just to add transparency mode is impressive. This afternoon I could hear the clicks on a mouse (I bearly hear this with no headphones on).

  • +1

    It needs to be said that these are the normal Amazon JP prices. This is a good price but do not feel the need to FOMO. They are just playing price anchoring us.

    • +1

      Yup, came in to post the same thing, this is the regular offer since November, just a matter of when they have a good supply of stock.

    • It needs to be said that these are the normal Amazon JP prices.

      yeah I mean its normal Amazon AU prices as well. black and blue always drop to this on the regular.

      I only posted the white one at this price because I have only ever seen it on sale twice. first time a month ago there was only 1 to 2 hour left in lightning deal so I didnt bother posting. next time I posted because it was available for longer giving people a chance to buy.

  • Based on the reviews I saw, this is better quality than soundcore space one (which is plastic build)
    Though I am not sure if it’s worth $50ish more than the soundcore q35 from this deal, even with BT 5.3 instead of BT 5.0


    • +1

      $50 ish more for the flagship isnt that bad. also with the exception of the white Q45 the black and blue have regularly dropped to $153 on amazon au so that tells me on a proper sale like prime day/black friday/boxing day this or next year the Q45 can drop even more maybe down to $120 to $130.

      not only the more premium build such as metal stalks for the cups that go through the entire band (I cant find it for awhile now but there was a teardown/snapped photo of Space one the headband was just hollow plastic) but Q45 also has a more suitable tuning for music.
      Q35 like the Q30 before it has a massive bass boost, a subbass shelf which I guess they thought would impress people sound wise but some find it extremely bassy. good for movies I think where you want to hear that rumble but it can get tiring after awhile for music if you are used to a more normal sound. I cant confirm this but I think Q35 also took Q30's bass boost up another step. but for customers in the budget area the Q35 sounds impressive.

      Q45 fixed the sound for the first time and gave a more neutral tune. it also has slightly better ANC than Q35. Q35 is still known as budget king though because of its price. for anyone who hasnt used ANC before its a easy recommend that doesnt cost too much but will do the job ANC wise and the ANC works while wired for plane enterainment (the Q30 doesnt do this).

      • Q45 has never dropped to $120 to $130 ever before.

        It will only go down that much if a new headphone in their line up is coming.

        • Q45 has never dropped to $120 to $130 ever before.

          yeah I never said it has already dropped to that price. just doing an estimate because when Q35 was released Q30 dropped to that magical price of $99. soon after Q45 released Q35 dropped to $109 (but I think more recently it eventually drop to $99). so that's just my estimate when new model comes, Q45 wont drop lower than previous model straight away.

          past release history for these headphones are 1 year apart btw. with Q45 first available end of 2022 so its over due for a new version.

  • wireless1 ebay store selling at the same price - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/285229469779
    I already ordered on Amazon, maybe useful to someone with ebay $10 coupon + GC

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