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Gaming PC: RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB, AMD R7 7800X3D, B650M Wi-Fi/BT, 1TB M.2 SSD, 32GB 6400MHz CL32 RAM $2798 + $50 Del @ Nebula PC


Hi OzBargain,

Lots of demand still for fast RAM, SSD and Wi-Fi/BT on the base model so that it's ready to plug and play without many upgrades to save coin! We've got an awesome 7800X3D with an RTX 4080 Super rig today including super fast 32GBs 6400MHz CL32 RAM and a 1TB Gen4 SSD with 5000MB/s read and 4500MB/s write. Super future-proofed machine with incredible value ready to smash 4K gaming and 1440P without a sweat.

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  • We’re proud to offer a fair and transparent price that our competitors struggle to match with a quality service
  • Usage of only premium high-end components with the absolute best value - all components are listed
  • All necessary drivers and software installed
  • Each PC is quality controlled seriously before despatch, we run checks on all components multiple and stress tests including 3DMark and MemTest86
  • 3 years return to base warranty and lifetime support included on all purchases
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Introducing the Supernova Elite - RTX 4080 SUPER - $2798 after OZB_SUPERNOVA_SPECIAL.
  • GPU - PNY NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER VERTO OC Triple Fan - 16GB
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D | 8 Cores | 4.2 GHz (Max 5.0 GHz)
  • CPU Cooler – DarkFlash Storm Z4 Tower Cooler
  • Motherboard – MSI B650M Gaming Wi-Fi - DDR5
  • RAM – Lexar ARES RGB 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MHz CL32 DDR5 - Black
  • SSD – 1TB Lexar NM710 Gen4 M.2 (R: 5000MB/s | W: 4500MB/s)
  • PSU - FSP Hydro PRO HP2 800W 80+ Bronze
  • Case - DarkFlash DK352 Mid Tower ATX - Black

Below is the PCPartPicker list and prices for this build:
PCPartPicker Part List

Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor $587.77 @ JW Computers
Motherboard MSI B650M GAMING WIFI Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard $199.00
Memory Lexar Ares RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory $158.00 @ Mwave Australia
Storage Lexar NM710 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $85.00 @ BPC Technology
Video Card PNY VERTO OC GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16 GB Video Card $1689.00 @ JW Computers
Power Supply FSP Group Hydro Pro 800 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $99.00 @ Scorptec
Custom DarkFlash Storm Z4 ARGB $39.00
Custom DarkFlash DK352 - 4 ARGB Fans $79.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2935.77
Generated by PCPartPicker 2024-04-09 16:31 AEST+1000

Any questions please let me know!

Phone: 1300 553 985
Email: [email protected]


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  • Has anyone got experience with the cooler used for this system? Im a little sketch on it being strong enough

    • +2

      It's good, similar to DeepCool AK400/AG400. It has a 120mm fan and a good size heat sink to keep the CPU cool. If it was a smaller size then it'd struggle, yes.

      • I don't see an option for liquid cooling.

        Is it possible to have a deal with liquid cooling instead of a fan cooler?


    • +6

      7800X3D is actually a pretty cool CPU. Basic coolers handle it fine. Focus on noise.

    • I have the AK400 on my 7500f. It's great. 48 idle. 80 load.

      Prior to this, I was using stock Wraith cooler. 60 idle, 100 load.


  • There we go

  • Nice

    • :D

  • Hi, sorry for a silly question, can I take the GPU out?

    • +2

      That’s not a silly question at all. We have some BYO GPU systems so that you don’t need to spend too much on a GPU - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/837145. We’re all for reducing e waste and affordability in todays economy!

      Let me know if those BYO GPU rigs suits :).

      • Thanks,

        One last question is that how long it takes for shipping to Box Hill North Melbourne?

        • Hi nguyenhoai,

          Our despatch times are 7-10 business days from the order date, each system is hand-built meticulously and we have hundreds in the backlog. Once despatched delivery is extremely fast as we use express couriers only.

          The following are our estimated delivery time frames with our couriers after despatch:
          Metro Sydney – Same-day delivery (for business addresses, authority to leave and customers available to take delivery)
          Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Newcastle - Same-day delivery (for business addresses, authority to leave and customers available to take delivery)
          All other non-listed major regional town in NSW - Next business day
          Metro Melbourne – Next business day
          Metro Brisbane – Next business day
          ACT – Next business day
          Metro Adelaide – 2 business days
          Tasmania – 3-4 business days
          Metro Perth – 4-5 business days
          Northern Territory – 5-7 business days


  • This looks pretty sweet, would it worth the upgrade to say an antec case to get pwm case fans? Or would running the default stock fans at a lower rpm all the time be fine

    • +2

      I would that depends on the user, in general I think PWM fans aren’t necessary and it’s an aspect you can save coin and use towards other upgrades. The DK352 case fans aren’t noisy and do the job. Airflow is quite good already but if you want that extra customisation and feature of PWM fans you can upgrade to the AX90. Will be case to case, I would say it makes a negligible performance difference.

      • +1

        Thanks I'll put it towards the gold modular psu instead :)

        Edit: Bought, been slogging with 4k using a 1070 for a year now and it's been brutal.

        • +1

          Thanks legend!! :D

  • Thats a good setup :)

    • Cheers Filayq :D

  • +1

    will this PC help me get from emerald to diamond?

    • +3

      You'll need to change emulators too, but it shouldn't be a problem with these specs.

    • +6

      Yes, you will get Challenger and rank #1 OCE.

      • NGL I had to Google this.
        I thought OCE was an acronym lol and was thinking what the heck these gems have anything to do with a GPU…

  • Sorry can someone tell me the difference between the two mobo's?

    • +1

      B650M-P has four RAM slots and B650M Gaming Wi-Fi has two. B650M Gaming has a little bit fewer features but comes with Wi-Fi/BT. Both are great mid-range boards, B650M-P has been around longer.

  • -1

    7800x3D with 6400 RAM.

    Can you confirm what MCLK:UCLK ratio do you apply?

    not every Zen4 CPU able to run 1:1 @ 6400Mbps

    • -1

      Motherboard compatibility page has LD5EU016G-R6400GDLA listed and supported at 6400MHz - https://gyazo.com/fcd1efe392b3494d5ceffa22a3ce5b64.

      Typically, we don't make any overclocking or BIOS changes for stability reasons. You are more than welcome to play around and tinker with any settings you like knowing that there may be stability issues.

      • mind you supported mean as long as it's up and running stable then it's on the list, regardless if it's running 1:1 mode. Using 1:1 is not about stability (if anything it actually improves stability —- your memory controller is running on half speed, slow == stable)

        but instead by using 6400 memory I am quite certain motherboard will automatically dial it to 1:2 mode, which will have some performance hit.

        It's worrisome that both you and whoever designed this list are not aware of the issue. System integrators should be aware about this and make adjustment on this matter (enable XMP and downclock and configure 1:1)

        • Happy to swap RAM to another kit for anyone who is concerned about this, this has not been an issue for us whatsoever regarding a performance hit. Benchmarks have shown it performs better than 6000MHz RAM in-house.

          • @Nebula PC: which benchmark?

            • @OMGJL: 3DMark Fire Strike on the same system with only the RAM kit swapped out from 6400Mhz and 6000MHz.

                • +4

                  @OMGJL: I can definitely get the scores for you, won't be an issue. However, I don't want to make it seem like I need to prove my point, I am okay with you not believing me. I feel like we don't need to go back and forth with this haha, you are entitled to your opinion and I completely respect it. I am not interested in arguing or proving my point to you as we don't need to agree. I always act in the best interest of the customer.

                  From my end, I've done the benchmarks and comparisons to make sure it won't have a performance hit before doing this system build. I want to make sure the customer is happy, and if what we did was not satisfactory I understand. That's why I've mentioned earlier if it is a concern I am more than happy to swap it out for a 6000MHz kit for anyone :).

                • +6

                  @OMGJL: Please see the test results I've run again to make sure that there's no performance hit - https://imgur.com/a/QLgD7xW. We've done these benchmarks on the same 4070 Ti Super and 7800X3D system. The first photo is with the Lexar kit running at 6400MHz with XMP enabled and the second is a Corsair kit running at 6000MHz with XMP enabled.

                  You can there was a score increase of 179 points however please keep in mind we need to take this with a grain of salt. Numerous factors can affect test results, sometimes the 6400MHz kit might even score lower. I've done multiple tests before and averaged the results out and can confidently say that the 6400MHz kit yields a higher result without any performance hit. I've made sure to pan out as many factors as I could to ensure accurate results for example waiting around 10 minutes to give ample time for the system to cool down before running the next test so that it won't impact the result accuracy. You can see the time stamp of the test results and it was completed close to each other not on different days.

                  If you want to know more information about the system we used or test results please let me know, again to reiterate I don't want to argue or prove my point or change your opinion. I just want to make sure that customers are making the best decision on what suits them! Completely understand if you still don't believe me, it is okay. You are more than welcome to FaceTime me or visit our Bankstown workshop and test the system with different kits or speeds yourself for educational purposes.

                  Please excuse the poor photo quality, I purposely took them on my phone so that you know I didn't tamper with the image. It would be much harder to alter the image from the photos I took compared to a screenshot.

                    • +5

                      @OMGJL: I'm okay thank you, I think we are taking this a bit too far now. I believe I've spent a good amount of time on this and at this stage no matter what I do whether it's your request it won't change anything. Hope you understand.

                      If anyone does experience issues please let me know and I'll be more than happy to help!


                      • -5

                        @Nebula PC: I wouldn't call this too far.

                        genuine concerns here.


                        however, if you exceed the DDR5-6000 limit, you will be forced to use a 1:2 IFC. DDR5-6400 operating at 1:2 is said to offer poor results and is not advised if you want better gaming performance.

                        again, concern is fire strike is a old GPU benchmark and not heavy on memory system, and X3D will remedy most memory system slowness under light load.

                        • +1

                          @OMGJL: Understand your genuine concerns, you are more than welcome to tinker with speeds, timings and voltages to achieve 6000MHz to avoid the performance hit. It won't be an issue regardless as we are not forcing you to use the kit at 6400MHz, there are plenty of other profiles you can play with in BIOS to achieve a stable 6000MHz :). If not satisfactory as mentioned earlier I am more than happy to swap out for a kit that's 6000MHz.

                          The purpose of using 3DMark is that it is to give you a general guideline of the system's overall performance, load wise it's not light and will simulate general game loads.

                          Appreciate you bringing this up, this will give a good insight for customers to play around and see what suits them best. Hope you have a good night, will leave it at that :).

                          • -3

                            @Nebula PC:

                            1. never confirmed if it's running gear2
                            2. system integrator should care about out-of-box-experience, correct?

                            seems generally have no interest in confirming technology details?

                          • +1

                            @Nebula PC: The link OMGJL provided to guru3d is interesting and it seems he might have a point.

                  • -1

                    @Nebula PC: what I care:

                    proof enable XMP/EXPO on 6400 will fall into gear1 or gear2 (zentimings) —

                    ——if gear1, (I don't think it'll auto gear1, but I am not 100% confident on this) how do you ensure stability with CPU having lower IMC quality. (demonstrate what stability test you've done)

                    ——if gear2, proof performance loss (or not) with a heavier benchmark (linpack/yc) or heavier games (COD/BF) on bigger maps.

                    sorry if this seems a hassle for you, but I would assume you've got everything except game setup for daily testing purpose.

                    • +3

                      @OMGJL: you probably would have gotten all the results you wanted had you (1) asked nicely, and (2) done it right at the start.

                      • +3

                        @thisisscotts: you are right. I did get impatient and attacky, which is my bad.

                        but on my defence, this is such a basic mistake that a system builder should never make.

                        Should've never used a kit in gear2, let alone with defending without acknowledge the fact gear2 exist / degrade performance.

                        (also uses GPU benchmark to judge memory throughput. I hoped it will at least give a hint in physics score, but it didn't either, should've denied 3dmark and asked for a more memory heavy benchmark)

                        • @OMGJL: Well this comment thread certainly interested me, and like I said to Nebula, you appear to have a point.

                          As someone who is nowhere near up-to-date on CPUs, motherboards, RAM etc like I was 20 years ago, I do want to know what the truth is before I purchase my next PC!

                          • @thisisscotts: I can swear what I said is true.

                            Gear2 will significantly affect performance. x3D chips on the other hand greatly reduce memory bottleneck, especially in random access.

                            That's probably why their test never show any signs of performance degradation, because it might never run out of L3 cache and hit the RAM.

                            Real life application will hit RAM however. one example, you'll see x3D have lower 1% lows in big open world game like COD Warzone comparing to a well tuned high memory OC Intel system.

                            Trust me or not I don't care. my goal is hoping to save at least 1 person from falling in the loophole. I get negged more than I get up voted, nor I will get any money from anyone on this forum, feel free to trust me or the company who trying to take money from you and get rid of their stock.

                            Present as long as they didn't break anything while building the PC (should be unlikely, but they don't even know gear2), this PC is okay to be purchased. just need to go into BIOS, dial 6000 memory speed, force 1:1 mode and you'll be fine thereafter.

                            but I dislike this company as a whole. They have done:
                            1, didn't know gear2 as system builder
                            2, made a bad list
                            3, trying to cover up
                            4, didn't do further testing
                            5, amend to this and promise to setup appropriate BIOS profile (literarily 1 minute effort)

                            I wonder what sort of after support you'll get. If one unfortunately got something to warranty from them and trying to say anything negative, are they going to slap another low effort benchmark and push you back?

                            • @OMGJL: I don't think they are trying to cover anything up.. they gave you the option to change.
                              They also provide their benchmark scores from the tools they had. They don't have issues with their build and showed it to you. They offered you to go and do tests in their store if that helps and you still say you don't like this company as a whole. If you don't like them move along. They have tried everything they could to address your concerns.
                              They have the best support and warranty here. If you want to go with someone else just go with someone else.
                              From a user end they want the PC to work as intended and it does. You are projecting problems on a system that works.

                              • @maverickjohn: no testing tools required, it's simple, let them answer this single question: is the system running in 1:2?

                                I have said this system is purchase - able, except needing to go into BIOS and tweak 2 settings.

                                but simple and obvious things like this shows they aren't capable of detecting tech problems, at least their acts so far implied this to me.

                                • @OMGJL: How much of a make or break situation will this really be. If the user end is not experiencing any issues even if it is 1:2 how would that affect anyone. If benchmarks are showing an improvement over 6000mhz then it's obviously performing well.. if it's just not as optimized as you would like them optimise it… There's clearly no issue with it running.so for everyone this is good enough.

                                  • +1

                                    @maverickjohn: I have said this previously.

                                    you are relaying on a GPU benchmark results for memory performance, where the benchmark didn't hit memory very hard at all.

                                    bottleneck is there but not shown.

                                    why bother buying x3D in the first place, if you don't care about CPU/Memory performance? if your use case doesn't hit memory hard, just go buy a r5 7500f and it might work just as well.

                                    • +2

                                      @OMGJL: Stumbled on this thread which was quite remarkable. @OMGJL completely agree that it's unusual to use a benchmark that won't place sufficient load on memory to determine the performance loss. And yes agree that gear1/2 is pretty basic stuff for a commercial pc builder to know about… Shame you've been downvoted.

                                      • +1

                                        @Noodles93: I wasn't surprised about being negged at all..

                                        people always refuse to trust what they never heard.

                                        I learnt that whilst working in a tech-customer service place. I am glad I end up getting a programming job that's not customer facing at all.

                                        I still make the comment because it's a accomplishment to me if I can save 1 guy out of the trouble.

  • I am trying to upgrade my computer to a new one but want it to still be as multi functional as my old one…. Which means:

    Running Plex Media Server on it… Any issues with 4K stream having to be transcoded on this being that it's AMD (No Quicksync)?
    I currently run 1x SSD and 5x SATA HDD 3.5". Now this board would have GEN 4 M2 for the System Drive, and motherboard has 4x SATA 6Gbps… I Could re-arrange my drives for that, but no space in the Case? Is there bigger case options? Antec P101, Fractal Design 7 XL, Thermaltake View 71… or something that can fit more drives? Even a motherboard with 6 SATA connection in a bigger case? If not possible, maybe an Intel build aim at Gaming but with space for extra storage/plex, etc…
    All the deals seem to be AMD and with small/mid towers with flashy lights… Happy with that if I can fit enough drives however.. save money and build time/capability….

    • There shouldn't be an issue with 4K streaming on this AMD CPU system. There are larger case options available, Lian Li Air Mini can support a total of 6 x 2.5” drives or 4 x 3.5” + 2 x 2.5”. If this doesn't suffice we will need to order in a larger case for you. MSI B650M Mortar will support 6x SATA ports to cater for your requirements, B650M Gaming Wi-Fi will only support 4 SATA ports.

      Yes, all these builds will typically be AMD with small/mid towers as that will be sufficient for the majority of users. There are upgrade pathways to cater for different use cases, they vary a lot and it's super hard to have one build that is suitable for all, unfortunately!

      • Thank you for your detailed reply… Let me recheck the components and options and see if I can order something straight through or contact you directly. Thank you so much for you answer, I really appreciate this (very professional)…

        • No problem brother! If you have any other questions please let me know!

        • +1

          Spaceman, my friend has had a plex server running for more than 8 years using a Raspberry Pi - this machine from Nebula (a great one at a grear price) isn't built for what you're wanting it for I don't think.

          I would recommending reading a few websites to understand what you would need for a decent plex server if that's all you plan on using it for (if you're not gaming). If you are gaming, you could buy larger hard drives (8tb+) thus lowering the number you need to use in a build as mentioned by Nebula below.

          You could build a great plex server excluding hard drives probably for half the cost of this machine.

          • @aaronmr: Hi aaronmr…

            I totally understand where you come from… And I have been debating how I could separate my needs too… This is what I have been doing at the moment…

            I run the Plex Server on my main PC which I use mostly for work/studies/productivity, but with an increase interest in gaming (Want to run PS3 emulation, Sim Rig, Steam games ect out of it…). Aiming for a 4K screen that work well for productivity and gaming, maybe the 27” UltraGear™ UHD Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate.

            At the moment I run an Intel i7 2600k, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a RX580 on 2x 24" Dell 1080p monitor (60hz). The computer is 13 years old and still run the original CPU, Motherboard and Power Supply. I have upgraded the SSD, Video Card, RAM and added tons of HDD in it.. At the moment these are:

            Disk 1: Sandisk SDSSDHII240G: WINDOWS 223.57GB
            Disk 2: Western Digital Green WDC WD60EZRX: 5.46TB
            Disk 3: Western Digital Red WDC WD80EFZX: 7.28TB
            Disk 4: Western Digital Caviar Green WDC WD30EZRX: 2.73TB
            Disk 5: Seagate IronWolf Pro ST16000NE000: 14.55TB
            Disk 6: Western Digital Caviar Green WDC WD30EZRX: 2.73TB
            Disk 7: Western Digital Green WDC WD60EZRX: 5.46TB
            And I keep running out of space…

            Mixture of Movies (Now mostly BR or 4K REMUX), TV (h265), Games, as well as Family Photos, Videos, Work/Study files ect..
            In a Coolermaster RC-692 Tower…

            So yes, the computer is overpowered for Plex, I understand that (mine is just starting to struggle due to 4k remux). But why build 2 or more when 1 can do it all and his on anyway… that was my plan originally… This computer is on when I am awake and can serve to plex client on Android TV, Nvidia Shield or Apple TV in the house (at most 2 at a time).

            So Options would be:

            1- New computer for gaming/work as in this deal
            1x NAS for the drives and Plex Media Server (but that adds a lot to the cost, maybe $1000 and not all drive fits, so maybe upgrade a drive too?)
            1x Intel Computer build for about $850 in my old case that has all my current hard drive for Plex and just keep the work/gaming files on the new one.
            Making sure the NAS or PLEX computer are low powered and run mostly 24 hours…

            2- New computer for gaming/work as in this deal
            BUT only use my 14TB hard drive and buy a 20TB to fit almost everything?

            3- Upgrade the motherboard and case to accomodate moving my drives into this…

            4- Build something more specific to my needs by myself to save some cost (don't really have the time and worried to mess something up).

            5- Use another builder for more parts customization. However, my local one charge like $350 to build and test making this here a great deal with a better video card (vs 4070 TUF OC 12GB) for the same price, even with motherboard and case upgrade to what has been suggested above.

            What do you think? Any other idea, suggestions?…

            • @spaceman: I think if you're planning on doing 4K gaming and running a Plex server I imagine this system will be good for your needs. You're still able to fit most drives with a larger case but ideally would be better with larger HDDs to save space and initial build costs on a larger case and/or motherboard to support your current amount of HDDs. Can get a bit of all in one action here :).

  • What do you do to protect GPUs from sag? Brackets installed?

    • +1

      GPU bracket is mounted to the chassis and installed to prevent sag, for large GPUs like the 4080 Super always as far towards the other side of where the GPU is screwed in on the chassis to provide the most support.

      Can take a picture for you in the workshop tomorrow :).

      • Thank you! Bought a pre-built PC and the bracket was in box but not installed which I thought was odd. 2 years later started getting serious issues because of it. Stuffed things under the video card to hold it up but a more permanent solution would be appreciated. Feel like the video card was too big for the motherboard and case but it was in there anyway. Good to hear what you guys do.

  • Completely not relevant but simply curious

    @Nebula PC or any computer fanatics out there that have an indication at the depreciating rate of the above….. i.e. the above is priced at $2800, how many months before it drops to $2500 then $2000 etc…

    I know a big aspect of price drops is component releases in particular GPUs, however, those that have been playing in this space would have some idea based on past experience how quickly or slowly a drop can occur.

    thx in advance

    • +1

      Probably 6-8 months when as you mentioned the GPUs enter the market.. or Nvidia may keep raising the price and these will never get a cut.

    • +1

      Really hard to put a figure on it, you're on the right track regarding GPUs as it is the most expensive component. IT is a very fast-moving industry and we are already selling rock bottom and below SRP. The depreciating rate should be somewhat slower for this reason but expect it to drop as soon as newer generation components get released and in particular GPUs as they're the most expensive. Sometimes it may not drop in price at all due to various factors like supply and demand and NVIDIA's pricing. Currently, a lot of new GPU SKUs are in demand for crypto mining so likely this will keep the resale price strong for now. What @maverickjohn said is correct.

      Apologies for the late response, I am currently overseas for a business trip.

  • New to PC building, I want to game AAA at 4k 60fps+ and got recommended this build. If you were to upgrade the current base build, which components would you prioritise? e.g. picking up the samsung pro ssd or different mother board?

    • +1

      This system would be awesome for 4K 60FPS+ gaming, I would recommend upgrading to a gold PSU and higher-end motherboard for more features if they matter do you. A larger CPU cooler like AK500 if you want extra low temps but in general the system is ready to rock and roll even with the base model.

      Case is subjective and depends on what feature you need. SSD speed depends on what your needs are also, the base model one is very fast.

      Apologies for the late response, I am currently overseas for a business trip.

  • Bought this, cant wait to see how it goes with MSFS 2020 and 24:)

    • Keen to get this for msfs too. Can you let me know how you go? My 2060 super is struggling

      • Will do mate.

      • It flys, even with ultra setting it over 100fps at most times.

        • Thanks mate. Did you change any spec or exact model?

          • @Clemzstar: I went with the 850w gold, the Mortar motherboard(because of the usb's etc) and the Deepcool ak500 digital as a bit bigger and displays temp.

            Runs nice an cool .

            • @tonywind: Thanks mate. Looking to do the same except with the MB and increasing the SSD to 2TB.

              Just waiting for my CC to come across so I can place order!

    • Thank you for your support!

  • @Nebula PC - I am very close to triggering this order as its sitting in the cart waiting to go lol. Do we have an option to go on to a more fish tank-like case?
    Also, I am not very tech savvy firstly. I have my current Samsung 870 EVO SSD that contains alot of my work and content, is it easy to plug into this PC? Will your team be able to prep the cables so that I can just open up the back and plug in the SSD?


    • Hi,

      We have MSI M100R PZ in black and white for more of a fish tank style if you'd like? Can also order in Antec C3/C5 etc… We can add this option in. You can install your 2.5" SSD to the system, we can prepare the cabling for you. Could you please send me an email so I can let you know the details?


      • Hey Mate, Looks good, thanks for responding. Will place one shortly. The MSI M100R PZ in black is fine.
        Do I place the order with the standard care then just email your team to change?

        • +1

          Yep, I'll add that case for you for this system now and you can order it as usual :).

        • +1

          Sorry for the delay @Clemzstar, got caught up. I've added the option for the Pano case on the Supernova Elite :).

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