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Orient Kamasu Red RN-AA0003R Men's Automatic Watch $347.35 Delivered @ Amazon JP via AU

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There is a huge price hike recently for the Orient watches, but still a good deal for the made in Japan red model.
Can also use the following methods to bring the price down to 330-ish :
Amex card spend 60 or more to get 10 cash back.
CashRewards 2.8% cashback for watches from Amazon au.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Top tier diver watch. Punches well above price

  • If only it wasn't red…..what's with that?

    • +6

      I don't understand your question.
      You're asking why it comes in a particular colour?

      Do you believe watches should all be a specific colour which is not red? Or do you believe watches should never be red?

      The red looks fantastic. I have a Kamasu in deep green but kind of want red, as well.

      • +1

        Don’t overthink it, man. It’s red watch. Why is it a red watch….

        • +7

          I saw a blue car, today.
          Why was it blue?
          This is going to keep me up all night.

          • +1

            @O15: Imagine what I thought when I saw a yellow car. Like, how do their babies sleep?

          • @O15: Miss Lippy’s car is green.

    • I think it looks tasteful , im sure it looks better in the flesh .

  • +8

    Gorgeous watch. Red is the best colourway too imo. Grabbed this in the last deal when it was $300.

    Random thoughts:
    The bezel on this is MUCH more usable than the Orient Mako II line as it sits a little higher and you can actually grip it.
    I like that it doesn't have numerals on it like the Mako II (makes it feel a little dressier).
    For only about $80 more than the Mako, you're stepping up to sapphire glass. Well worth IMO.
    Watch size is perfect, even for my spaghetti wrists.
    The bracelet is TRASH. Factor in a replacement. I grabbed a cheapie from ebay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/266462265189) with solid end links and it feels so much nicer.
    Keeps excellent time. My copy only gains about 4 seconds a day.

    Edit: Just wanted to add that the red is actually pretty subdued in real life compared to photos. But when the light catches it right, it looks brilliant.

    • Is the replacement bracelet you linked all solid links or just the ends. I see ebay has a few listed that links are solid staneless steel but around $100 shipped from US.

      • Yep. The links are solid. But being a jubilee style bracelet the links are tiny. Also uses screws instead of pins. I’d LOVE a Strapcode, or even a Long Island bracelet, but I’d been on a bit of a watch spending spree at the time and really couldn’t justify it. I still need a replacement bracelet for the trash Mako II bracelet, but the Kamasu is not interchangeable with it.

    • The bracelet is TRASH. Factor in a replacement. I grabbed a cheapie from ebay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/266462265189) with solid end links and it feels so much nicer.

      Best upgrade you can do. I got a jubilee from Long Island Watch - really lifts the whole watch and makes it what it should have been (but that's not a bad find for a cheaper option - still a press clasp though).

      • Have you got a Citizen Fugu? Both have similar specs but wondering about build quality and lume? I'm guessing the Fugu would be better.

        • +1

          No dont have one, they are a bit big and don't like the style with those recessed case backs to hide the thickness.
          I've always liked them but best for lefties.

          The Orient is still a lot of watch for the money, fairly classic decent quality.

  • Check out this teal one as well - same price, have seen it for more and less (I paid $315)

    • What movement? Amazon descriptions are trash. It says this is 46.8mm diameter

      • +1

        Haven't looked into it that much but think they all use the

        In-house 'Orient Caliber F6922 found in the Kamasu..'

        Pretty good no issues.

        • +1

          General consensus on forums is that this calibre usually runs quite well out of the box. Most people seem to report in the 7 second range. I personally find it interesting that Orient’s tolerances for time slippage on this calibre are much tighter than Seiko or Citizen’s mass produced movements.

          • @ASR-Briggs: Yeah no complaints here, I think great for the price. When you are paying more for say the Seiko 6R35 and it's no better than cheap movements you feel a bit ripped, although I think you're mostly paying for the extra power reserve.

  • It's a little big for me but I really like the design language on this one.

    • +2

      Doesn't wear as big as you think, and not too thick like many others!

      • +1

        Ditto. I have 6.5" wrist and usually don't go beyond 40mm. However, the Kamasu looks fine on my wrist.

  • +1

    Wow how nice is that red dial

    • +4

      Yeah but you like everything.

  • Insane prices for watches like this

  • Why have orient jacked their prices?

    • Companies worldwide have jacked their prices…Have you not been paying attention?

    • Which one were you looking at? How much were they?
      Can't buy in Aus is the main thing now, thought they were always under $400
      Some good deals on Amazon from time to time, but these are still a lot of watch for $315-350

  • Are you able to claim TRS refund for these purchases? Ie. is the invoice from Amazon Australia with an ABN?

    • +1

      Amazon Australia issues proper tax invoice with ABN and GST. However, this deal is shipped and sold by Amazon Japan, invoice is issued by the "sold by" party, so don't think Amazon Japan has an Australian business number.

      • No worries appreciate the response and thought as much

  • Going to Japan soon. Anyone know where to get good deals on watches over there? Tokyo and Kyoto?

    • +3

      I went watch hunting in Tokyo and only bought 3 watches. Surprisingly, local prices are better here, unless you want a JDM model.

      • +1

        I like that you said JDM instead of "Made in Japan".

        • +1

          the good thing with the orient is it actually is made in japan (Amazon Japan too).
          Most Seikos have never been to Japan 🤣

      • +2

        Seikos definitely have better pricing here when on sale (who pays RRP on a seiko?). Orient is slightly cheaper with tax free. Same as you, I go for limited edition or Japan only models when I’m there.

        • +1

          Yeah always aim for 40-50% off Seiko RRP.
          Like rosebank says, the prices locally are the sharpest, plenty of ripper deals on Ozbargain.
          Didn't used to be the same discounts not that many years ago, but the RRP has rocketed up as well.

      • +1

        Oooh, yeah. Mrs C wants to go to Canada later this year and I'm arguing we need to go via Japan because I'm hankering for some JDM goodness. Ever since I saw Jody's video about the Citizen Chronomaster I'm thinking that's the top-tier watch for me. I also appreciate his followup video where he explains why he thinks it's so good.

        • I didn't wath the full video, but that's a nice watch, it reminds me of the OG SARB. Kinda skipped through and saw that its supposed to be good quartz movement, but no sweeping hand like Jet Stars. My Jet Star's sweeping hand is smoother than my SBGJ275

          • @rosebank: Heh - I have a Jet Star at the top of my gift wish list in the hopes that one of the family gets the hint and watches the Starbuy deals page. Watson’s in Launceston are really great about price-matching (they matched Deepak’s price on a watch I bought as a gift for Mrs C) however they don’t sell Bulova, which is a shame.

            • @Chazzozz: The non LE Jet Stars have been as low as $350-400 if memory serves. Citizen owns Bulova, so surely they can use the 262khz movement in their own watches.

              • @rosebank: Yep, that’s what I’m aiming for price-wise. I agree it would be good to see Bulova and Citizen do some cross-over. Imagine a 262KHz quartz with Eco-Drive? Now that would be an awesome movement!

  • Weird the camel says its $305.93

    • +1

      Last update scan - 5 months ago

      Also it was that price in Jan.

      • Hi WatchNerd - have PMed you - pls reply whenever ur free - thanks

  • Nice one, I agree that it's a good looking dive-style watch at a good price

  • The Green same price subjectively looks nicer.

    • That's the newer version of this watch and was on special for $315 last month.. The original teal kamasu as red one linked by the op is this one and it's a bit more expensive.

      Orient Mens Analogue Automatic Watch with Stainless Steel Strap RA-AA0004E19B, Pine Green, Default Title, Bracelet https://amzn.asia/d/3uamffo

    • Yeah I got this new teal one for $315, favourite colourway and more versatile than red but each to their own. They are all great for the price!

  • +1

    Oh shit that red reminds me of the Grand Seiko SBGH269.

  • I'm not a watch guy but that's a nice watch

    • +1

      You're just a guy looking for a deal.

  • I don't own an Orient, but this look nice. Too bad it probably won't get here in time for TRS

  • Out of stock

  • I bought an orient chronograph when last on sale. Black on white dial.
    Very nice build quality and amazing feel.

  • Bambino deal when

    • +1

      I posted some in February, where were you? Looks like they've been jacked more than the usual now.

      • I don't know how I missed it, the ivory dial is the colour I want too!

        • Waiting for the 38mm to go on sale - doesn't seem to!

  • Is it safe to assume ordering from Amazon Japan will provide the kanji wheel version?

    I’ve read some models have both and switch using the crown.

    • +1

      Yep. Mine does, they got kanji and english.
      I got the teal one linked above.
      Was inspired to wear mine today..

      • +1

        Thanks. Awesome, that one’s a beaut

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