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[SA] INNO3D GeForce RTX 4060 Twin X2 8GB GPU $399 (Adelaide Pickup Only) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


First time I've seen a 4060 @ sub-$400 pricing. Deal ends 10am on 16/4.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

Update: Now only available for pickup in Adelaide

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  • +2

    Nice one. I got a 4060 for 450AUD. 399 is a good price. I only need the cheapest model. I don't care how looks at the price range.

  • -7

    This variant is a bit ugly unfortunately

    • +7

      You'll most likely be mounting it in such a way that the fans face the bottom of the case and the only part you'll actually see is the spine. Good thing PCs aren't art pieces (in 99.9% of cases) and it's the stuff on the monitor you'll be looking at the most.

      • +3

        I spent like 1 grand on case and rgb/aio setup (corsair costs $$) but couldnt bring myself to spend $100 more for a white GPU. Ill have to learn to live with the shame

        • Nothing wrong with getting matching components, but you're in the mid-range price tier just for that privilege, which doesn't really fit this budget card

  • -2

    One single heat pipe …

    • +16

      It’s not like these cards run hot

    • -1

      I don’t get why it’s downvoted. I didn’t say this is bad, it’s just something should be aware before buying. Less heat pipe could indicate louder fan …

  • Is this a big upgrade from a 1650 4gb?

    • +7

      It's a massive upgrade mate

    • -6

      I'm still using RX570 and its enough to play all the old games get I get / buy off Epic store. Fail to see why you'd bother with something new.

      • +1

        FOMO? Isn't that the reason most of us visit OZB?

      • +1

        To play newer games surely

      • Lol.

    • +2

      I have a 1650 Super 4Gb, I'm hoping this will be a decent enough upgrade (1080p gaming).

      • it will be, I upgraded my sons PC with a 4060 from a 3050,

      • Its about the hugest upgrade.

        Im suprised the 1650 runs anything…..even a 1070 is about a million times faster than that gpu

  • Good upgrade from a 2070RTX?

    • +9

      Consider a higher model imo

    • -3

      Grab a 5080 later this year… seems set to be affordable given the chip used will cost about the same as the 4080 Super's current pricing.

      5070 may even appear this year if the 5080 & 5090 launch September/October.

    • Not really, the performance increase isn't worth $400 and the 4060 is kinda made to be outdated, you will quickly be wanting to upgrade again. You're much better spending the extra $200-300 to get a better card that you can actually get years out rather than months.

  • +3

    Tempting to upgrade from my GTX970…

    • +4

      50 Series are rumored to be end of this year. Hold brother!

      • +1

        Only high end models I heard. Other need to wait longer

      • +1

        Bro's still on a GTX970 in 2024. I doubt he's gonna be up for spending $4 or 5k on a 5090. IF it does launch this year, we'll still be waiting till mid next year for the 8gb 5060 with 64bit bus.

    • ive no idea how some managed to get by gpu for a decade

      • +1

        Depends on the game they are playing

      • I'm equally surprised by GTX970 was able to hold up with OW2 @ 1440p 165hz at high settings.

        That was the most GPU intensive game I've played in a long time.

        Really want to play helldivers 2 and it's forcing me to make a move.

      • I had 2GB 960 until only last year when I upgraded to a 3060 lol

  • Does anyone have any idea what the warranty on these are like ? And I am presuming if I ever needed to I could go back directly to centre com for warranty?

    • +1

      Pretty much and CentreCom's warranty process is generally more lengthy. If you are lucky, the store would do the RMA for you directly, instead of sending it to Sunshine store (in Victoria). For non-VIC stores, hopefully, those stores will directly manage the RMA, instead of sending them to Sunshine store.

      • Exactly this. I returned an Inno3D card to CentreCom and it had to go from Sydney to Sunshine. Took a long time! Once there they processed the RMA fairly promptly with no issues.

        • So did they send it for repair or did they issue you an refund ? And How long was the warranty on your Inno3D card?

          • @ninohax: I got a refund as the card had issues from when it arrived.

            Unsure on warranty length.

    • CentreCom ignored me when I tried to claim warranty on a GPU. I avoid them these days.

      • Ignored you? well they can't ignore you if the product is still in warranty. Did they instruct you go through the brand to claim warranty?

  • How would this compare to a 1070 at 2k?

    • According to the Tom's Hardware list, the 4060 is about a doubling in performance vs the 1070.


    • I've got a 6600XT and play at 1440p. The 8gb vram is really showing its limits.

      Personally waiting for the next series of cards to drop.

      If you do go for the 4060 you'll be teased with RTX which it is woeful at and perhaps mislead for actual performance from being able to access the latest DLSS. If you play fps games frame gen lag is noticeable.

  • +2

    Cool, this should sell out soon to stop me from doing yet another FOMO purchase.

  • The name makes it sound like Its 2 GPUs.
    If it's because it has 2 fans, that's silly using it as part of the name. 2 fans is extremely common, and not exactly a selling point.

    • +1

      No it doesn't, that would be made clear otherwise

  • Would this be a huge boost over a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid? I tried googling and it seems the answer is yes?

  • This is a good price in the current market and the maximum that I am willing to spend on a 4060 considering its more of a downgrade rather than an upgrade compared to the previous generations.

  • +3

    I lust for the days that we have another generation jump close to the 10 series. I guess I'll stick with my 1080 for a little while longer.

  • Good price, but note the memory bandwidth is quite slow on the 4060, on many benchmarks a 3060ti is considerably faster, except Ray Tracing.

  • Bah, i keep saying i shouldn't upgrade (from a 1060…) but then these deals come along…

  • Tempted to upgrade from my 1060 and only play Stardew Valley

  • Sold out online, in store only

  • Worth upgrading from my 2070 from to this?

    • As per the aforementioned Tom's Hardware GPU hierarchy, there isn't all that much in it between the two.
      At 1440p Ultra, it looks like it's 52 fps vs 60 fps, with a slightly higher margin at 1080p Ultra (looks like 68 vs 84).
      In my opinion that would not make it a worthwhile upgrade, but - of course - in the end it's your choice (and money).

      • Thanks, I’ll stay as is for now. I only do 1440p anyway.

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