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[Switch] Monster Hunter Rise $14.98 @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price for the Switch version according to Dekudeals: https://www.dekudeals.com/items/monster-hunter-rise

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    if you are going to buy the game, i think its best to get the expansion as well.


  • Is this game and its expansion worth the time?

    Or is it a game that people buy because of hype/ known game/ name - but it’s a game that may actually go into a ‘pile of shame’ after a few sessions of play?

    My last experience with monster hunter was the one on the Wii (monster hunter Tri) and it was such a ‘yawn-inducing, long and boring grinding experience with hardly a narrative to steer the game’ (didn’t bother with it after about a week)……is this one like that, or has it become an objectively better gaming experience?

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      I've played MHFU, MHP3G, and MHW + Iceborne to completion. Haven't played Tri or the 4th gen. Rise was amazing for me, although I haven't found the time to play the Sunbreak expansion yet.

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      I played hours of Tri on the Wii, so excited when world came out on PC (didn't see the point of playing it on other consoles and knew the Wii was handicapped with graphics) and it truely lived upto the hype. For some reason I just never got into rise, think I got half way thru Iceborne (MONKE) and got burnt out lol

      MHW is $14.83 on steam atm (cheaper @ fanatical $12.58) which I think is a pretty good price and theres 30,000 players on it atm in steam so you multiplayer is still alive and well, rise isn't in the top 100 players so unsure of multiplayer but i think that's a testament to MHW's quality

      EDIT: Looks like theres a sale on the franchise/capcm in steam atm

    • if you only buy the base game and not the expansion, then there isn't really any grinding. The base game has included goodies (ie Blackbelt armor + weapon set) that would let you waltz through 90% of the content. The grinding (and the actual monster hunter gaming experience) starts at the sunbreak expansion.

      • well you also have the choice of not using the goodies.

      • If I just buy the base game does it come with those goodies to make things easier or do I need to get the deluxe base game?

        Is the expansion worth it?

        I’ve never played a MH game before

        • You don’t need to buy the DLC for the goodies, not sure about the standard vs deluxe though

          • @ctan7: Since I have a Xbox and ps5 too and it’s on sale on these system too. Would it be best to get it there?

    • MHWorld and MHRise are much better than previous games
      Included a lot of quality of life features and focused more in the gameplay.
      I hated doing the paintball and guessing where the was going. That is gone now
      Combat is more fluid, especially in MHRise with the wirebugs stuff.

      If you dont know if MH has the gameplay loop you enjoy, just buy the base game.
      expansion adds more monste, some wirebugs moves and NPCs that can hunt with you

  • I've never been a fan of monster hunter. But I can see how the concept may appeal to some. For me the map navigation woes were too annoying that it broke the game series for me

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      moving around map is now heaps better on rise.

    • MH Rise (and MH World before it) replaces the small segmented maps of the older games, with much large open-world maps.

      MHR, between wirebugs and wall-running (especially once you've unlocked and planted all the giant wirebugs), will let you zip around the map like you're a Ninja Spiderman.

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