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2000 Bonus Flybuys Points on $100 Spend at Coles @ Flybuys (Activation Required)


Targeted twice in Flybuys app but I think the offer is different for everyone.

not sure but I remember the offer being better before. something like 4000 points on $120 spend. or 2000 points on $70 spend or something.

I want to know what other ozbers got targeted with in Flybuys app to help me remember what the better offer was. please share below in comments.

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  • it all goes on you previous spends. My husband's is $60, mine is $70. We will use my husband's offer as he will be in week 2 of the spend $50 x four weeks for 10,000 points….so next Tuesday will spend $60 instead of the $50 and get another 2000 points, meaning the extra $10 is effectively for nothing

    • sorry yeah I was targeted before for $XX x for four weeks many times as well. but this is a different targeted offer.

      just single shop $$ and get X000 points. just wondering what everyone else got for single shop offer.

      • -1

        I was targeted before for $XX x


    • -3

      Thanks for letting us know…

  • I got 17-19.4 Spend 130 Get 5200 Points Did that shop today, and got 10% off as well
    Also in Week1 of Spend $70 for 4 weeks Get 10000 Pints, but did that shop last Saturday Today's shop wont count towards that :-(

    • Spend 130 Get 5200 Points

      hm yeah sounds familiar. I think I got something similar to that before. $120 spend and 5000 bonus points which is much better offer than $100 spend and 2000 bonus.

      in the past I only got $60 to $70 spend for 2000 bonus points every time which was much easier to use. now they want $100 🙃

    • +1

      I got two 10% offers on the same day. No min spend.

      When I shopped yesterday, they both applied at the same time so I got 19% off in total… Saved close to $80.

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        small grocery spender here. never ever got the 10% offer I seen in comments. 🤷‍♀️

        • You pay $7 a month to get 10% off 1 shop per month.

          • @jv: ah coles plus sub?

            • @harshbdmmaster718: coles plus saver

              It is new… it started a few weeks ago.

              • @jv: oh hey interesting. never get groceries delivered so I ignored coles plus.

                cant even look up the prices for some reason probably in one of the T&C's links on this page https://www.coles.com.au/ways-to-shop/coles-plus will have a look when I got time.

                and I assume yearly sub to save a bit extra which makes it $7 a month? anyway will have a read.

                • @harshbdmmaster718:

                  oh hey interesting. never get groceries delivered so I ignored coles plus.

                  it has nothing to do with delivery

                  'coles plus saver' is a completely different program to 'coles plus'

                  they probably should have removed the 'plus' from the name to stop confusion.

                  • @jv: I think one of the main benefits of plus was getting free delivery's with minimum $50 spend (says as many as you like atm).

                    but yeah $19 a month for plus I think? way too high even with whatever other benefits.

                    yeah I get you Plus Saver is a new tier. kind of like basic tier sub on streaming services.

  • Was hoping I could double dip a bit better but seems insistent on giving me 5x points with my 10,000 pt 4x$50 shop lol

    Yay an extra dollar 🤣

    • -1

      Call their bluff !!!

      Spend $20,000 on groceries and get 100,000 points.

      That will be worth $500 in points !!!

      • $500

        in terms of groceries that amount is so little.

        • -1

          Can't please everyone…

          • @jv: This is the motto of policy makers

  • I’m in the middle of 10k points/4 week offer. I’ve got targeted offer of buying a product for 3500 points. Can I double dip? TnC’s don’t state otherwise (just says bonus points can be collected only once per FlyBuys account).

    • +1

      Yes, I have done this many times. Save an SC when you activate just in case.

    • +2

      We’ve double dipped successfully.

  • what if you buy and refund after few weeks

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