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Bonus 5000 Everyday Rewards Points with Minimum $50 First Order at MILKRUN @ Everyday Rewards (Activation Required)


MILKRUN is now powered by Woolworths! Check your email from Everyday Rewards. It’s this easy to collect 5000 points:

  1. Download the MILKRUN app and sign up
  2. Link your Everyday Rewards Card to the MILKRUN app
  3. Spend $50 or more on your first order with MILKRUN
  4. Enjoy 5000 points on your first MILKRUN order until Thursday, 2 May*

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Everyday Extra: random (880)

Referee and referrer get 1500 points after referee's first paid month of subscription.

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  • Prices jacked up heaps on Milkrun compared to instore Woolies prices.

    However if you need those Qantas points in a hurry, suppose this offer will do..

    • +2

      "heaps" sure if you think a 10% surcharge is heaps
      just buy things that never go on sale and you'll save about $20 worth
      theres also things that don't have a surcharge, got some thigh fillets and drumsticks for the same price as instore

      • 100% depends on the product. As you mentioned things like meats that are by the kilo are often the exact same price, whereas panty products could be 20%+ in some cases.

  • Anyone know if this works on a duplicate account with same woolies rewards card? Asking for a friend

    • +2

      I think all milkrun bonus pts promos are based on your EDR accounts. As long as you have received the offer on your EDR account and link it to any MR account it should be fine. The app tells you the exact number of pts you will be getting before confirming the order, so you can just try it out to be sure.

  • +1

    Received these offers so many times. Download app… But not in delivery area :-(

    • +1

      I had a similar issue. Maps showed clearly that my address was covered, then just message "sorry, we are not delivering there". Got in touch with Milkrun. Guess what, they corrected something in the background and I can order and use these offers now.

      • Will try that.

    • That is why you have received the offer many times :) if you ever use it once you wont be getting anymore milkrun offers.

      • Obviously, but useless…
        Can't use - not in delivery area!

        Been waiting for delivery area to come to me… For the 5000 pts!

        My weekly shop is about $40.
        Get targeted offers of 2000 bonus pts for $40 shop (or better) almost every week.
        Did 4 x $40 shop last week for 9000 pt!

        About to go to Woolies 2k away.
        No added fees. No price jacking.
        Use Rewards Dollars to pay for shopping. (Does Milkrun allow that? Haven't used it.)

        Since my shopping is small - use (free & fast) public transport, 5 min walk away!

        • +1

          Yes you can use Rewards Dollars to pay for milkrun shops

          • @jjimbo: Thanks - happy about that!
            Just paid for $40+ shop in store with $40 Rewards Dollars

  • +9

    stacked with promo code ORIGIN15 and got $15 off $50 bill. So $25 in rewards + $15 promo code. All for $10.

    • Wouldn’t you have to spend $50 after discounts for the bonus points so $65?

      • +2

        Nop, all milkrun bonus promos have been calculated based on pre-discount amounts.

        • +1

          correct. On checkout page it will say how many reward points you will get. I got points as soon as it was picked for delivery.

    • Nah it says exceeded the usage limit

      • For your account, it only works on new milkrun accounts.

      • Makes sure your Milkrun account and Origin account have the same email address. Worked for me even though I don't have Everyday Rewards attached to my Origin account.

  • +5

    Thanks OP, lunch and pantry essentials on the way. ORIGIN15 worked for me with an order of $60+, taking it down to $45 while still reaping the 5k bonus points.

  • +1

    The origin15 code no longer works for me even tho I tried it earlier today and worked but didn't place the order. Now it says you have exceeded the maximum number of usage :(

  • Just bought some eggs, bread, milk and freezer products about 10% more expensive than the store. But for the $25 worth of points. Not bad

  • +6


    This code offers $20 off when spend $50 in your first order.

    • This the best so far…worked for daughter's order. This is why sharing on Ozbargains leads to unexpected receiving from the community.

      • Ditto. Worked out to be $26 out of pocket plus 5k points.

        • +2

          And now they sent me a $15 off $40 voucher for missing the delivery deadline.

  • Anyone managed to use Coles mc gc for this? It’s asking me to contact support lol

  • where do you enter the promo codes? I can't find it in the app

    • +1

      On the Payment screen (last step on Android)

  • +3


    This code just worked for me. $20 off a $50 spend.

    • thanks, used this one, was able to still get discount on $50 spend and point came through too so only $30ish total.

    • +1

      Ahh worked this morning when I tested.. no longer working now :/

  • +1

    None of the codes above worked for me anymore. This one worked for me - RUN29SB2 - $15 off $40 or above.

    Quite impressed, order placed 9.10am, some items out of stock and refunded, items packed and delivered and received at 9.40am. Got 5000 points still despite my order total being $40 only as $10 worth of items refunded.

  • I have tried RUN29SB2,HERES20 & MILKRUN20. But none of them working, has anyone got any other codes for new account/1st order.

    • I've also tried these and they've all worked in the past week, including this morning. You might need to vary your original total to get them to work. $50 isn't enough. But $80 and $70 has worked for me.

      • no worries. I tried $60 but not working. bumping the bill more might make overall benefit less.

    • +1

      Did you also try origin15 ?

      • -1

        yep. No luck with that too. should have added that to my list.

      • +1

        Worked for me with a total of $70 before discounts applied.

      • +1

        Finally works for me for $65 before discount for origin15, none of others works even over $70

        • Yap. working for over $65. Thanks

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