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Rust-Oleum Grey Gloss EpoxyShield 2.5 Car Concrete & Garage Floor Coating Bundle $299 (RRP $410) Delivered @South East Clearance




  • Durable protection
  • Indoor use only
  • No hot tyre pick-up
  • Excellent Wear & Chemical Resistance
  • Drive on in 3 days
  • Brighten your garage with a clean, glossy, showroom-quality floor. Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield garage floor coating kit applies in one easy coat and protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt, hot tyre pick-up and cracking for years to come.

  • For best results - Top coat with premium clear coating for ultra protection and a high-gloss finish.

About Epoxyshield

EpoxyShield® Water-based Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is a two component, water-based epoxy floor coating designed for
finishing concrete garage floors that are in good sound condition and are free of curing agents and sealers. It is not intended for use on unsound previous coatings or floors that have a moisture problem.
- Dries to a gloss finish.
- Solid base colour with a colour fleck finish.


  • Diamond hard finish for maximum durability
  • Barefoot-grade texture
  • Mix with one gallon of epoxy, latex or oil-based paints, stains or sealers
  • Rust-Oleum® Anti-Skid Additive, when mixed with epoxy, latex or oil-based paints, stains, or sealers, creates a skid-resistant coating for concrete, wood, metal or fiberglass.
  • Made from aluminium oxide, Rust-Oleum® Anti-Skid Additive is the hardest, most durable additive available.


  • Knife Applicator for Easy Application: Designed with a user-friendly built-in knife, this spackle ensures a virtually invisible repair with an effortless application process, making it the ideal choice for quick and seamless fixes.
    • Innovative Lightweight Formula: utilizes advanced glass microsphere technology for a hi-tech, lightweight composition, enhancing productivity for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.age
    • Quantity: 1
    • Versatile Surface Application: This spackle is your go-to solution for repairing holes, cracks, and imperfections on a wide range of surfaces, including drywall, plaster, wood, stucco, and brick, suitable for both interior and exterior use.
    • No Sanding & No Shrinking:
    • Our product eliminates the need for sanding, offering a smooth finish with its one-strike application that doesn't sink, shrink, or crack.
      Patch & Prime Simplicity: Streamline your repair process with our patch and prime feature that ensures no shiners, saving time and effort in your repair work.
    • Rapid Drying Time: Ready for painting in just 20 minutes, it accelerates your project timeline, allowing for fast and efficient task completion.

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    We will also be giving away one of these ozbargain Kits to a lucky ozbargainer who has purchased from us in the past. If by chance the winner has already purchased an epoxyshield it will be a $299 voucher instead

    • Where do I enter?

      • +3

        Any ozbargainer whose purchased from us is automatically entered. We will do a live call & giveaway tomorrow via our facebook page.
        If you've already purchased an Epoxyshield Kit you can choose a $299 gift card instead

        • Thanks @DIYcharcat purchased it. For the non facebook buyers how do you include them in this draw?

          • +1

            @mbriaz: Everyone whos purchased from us via ozbargain is automatically included. We will be calling the winner tonight. Anyone whose purchased via ozbargain is automatically entered.

            • @DIYcharcat: Thanks to everyone who joined in the live chat and congrats to the 3 lucky winners!

    • -5

      I’ll take one free

    • Hi everyone
      As we’ve had a number of people still purchasing we’re going to leave this open until 5pm tomorrow so that everyone has a chance to enter
      We will be live streaming from our Facebook page at 5:30 Melbourne Time. One ozbargainers will win the Epoxyshield kit or $299 voucher and We will also be giving away two $50 vouchers to 2 other ozbargainers :)

  • +1

    What skill level is required for DIY?

    • +1

      If you follow the instructions you will be fine it’s not too complicated

      • Hi OP, does this have any use best before date? I want to buy now but use it during summer, as I have some moisture in my garage floor.

        • The kits are fresh stock, they are good and expire in about 4-5 years

  • @DIYcharcat. Re: For best results - Top coat with premium clear coating for ultra protection and a high-gloss finish.

    Question- will this top coat will be slippery when the floor is wet?

    • +2

      I don't think you really need the top coat. It can be slippery.

    • +1

      Definitely it will be slippery when wet, I have used different brands (even the ones that say non slippery) they all are slippery to a certain extent. I have even gone and etched the concrete before painting still no success. All the brands that I have used, I have contacted their customer service and none will guarantee you non slippery surface when you apply their product. So finally, I gave up on all these coatings and carried out concert resurfacing with choice of my pigment and the output has been fantastic. At the end of the day, it’s what you want. (YMMV)

      • +1

        Yeah mine is way more slippery than expected (only when wet). (I didn't use this kit but through a company). Also not sure if it has a top coat.

        Will also say that we got a darker/black with flecks, and it shows dirt etc really badly. And water pools that dry look awful too.

        • +1

          Yeah, I had nothing but trouble despite following instructions. I even got professional help to get my garage done just to be sure it was not me 😂 😂 😂, results no different. I have wasted around 1.5K on these products before learning my lesson not to use them anymore.

      • I wonder if adding a grit, would improve the slipperiness.

        • In my experience no. We got a contractor to test an area in the storeroom of a supermarket and although it seemed more grippy when dry it was still slippery AF when wet. We also noted the clear coat did not last as long

  • Thanks all. Placed an order!

  • I have a floor covered with Berger Jet Dry (terrible product, a lot of reviews online of paint peeling, including mine). Can I just put this over the top? Or would I have to get it back to bare concrete?

    • +3

      You'll have the same problem if you don't bring it back to bare.

  • I've had this stuff for about 6 years with the same range of clear top coat. It's turned yellow (common with epoxy) and has some hot tyre lift from parking hot 325mm wide tyres on it with a BMW X5. Other bits have burn marks from grinding/welding and some parts also lifted up from E85 fuel leaks. Overall It's held up relatively well given the abuse it's suffered despite in a domestic garage.

    It might be worth using this as a base and topping it with a polyaspartic clear coat on top.

  • Is there a top coat i can add to make this UV resistant?

  • what's the shelf life of this bundle?

    • expires in about 5 years

  • Will you be doing a deal with the topcoats as I dont need any of these extras, however need multiple base kits

  • Hey op, I need cans of the 2:1, one pink one matt black.

    Only lets you order 2 of each. Can I get the two as per above?

  • Is it possible to do this under pergola area. It will b exposed to rain & sun but just on edges of the area

    • Probably not it’s recommended for garages and interior

      • thanks

      • what if it had topcoat?

        • Indoor use only

  • Gosh, if I win I am going to have to take so much stuff out of the Garage!

    • +1

      Or more likely just add your winnings to your existing garage stash lol

  • +1

    I had a commercially applied epoxy floor , it is great , 4 years later and it’s still perfect . But they ground the floor and cleaned all the oil off the floor; so good prep work is essential if you want it to last.

    I had 3 coats applied and then flakes and a clear coat/s , getting a commercial epoxy is more expensive than this, but they do last … if you do one of these cheaper retail epoxy versions , do use solvents to clean any oil spills off the floor.

  • Not to be off topic but how easy is doing this by yourself? I bought a house and has just the 1 garage, already tight with a Mazda cx5 so we just use it now as a storage space but can you do this epoxy on any garage ground surface? Or should get someone professional to do it if I just buy the epoxy?

    I saw this at aldi thinking one of this should do the job? https://ibb.co/rZF5292

    • +4

      The epoxy is actually the easiest and cheapest bit, it needs a lot of prep. Any hairline cracks in concrete are enough for water ingress. Old stains, especially oil, also impair adhesion. If you're DIYing, I strongly recommend hiring a diamond grinder to polish the floor first, followed by a sealant for cracks. If you're pouring this on without prep, it'll start peeling and flaking off within a couple years.

      • +2

        great advice !

        we have a 3 car garage and it took a team of guys to grind , clean ,fill cracks and 3 coats and then the top coat and flakes in a day, or maybe 2 days, not sure.

        but doing good prep really makes the difference, dont rush the prep

        for a 1 car garage you could try it yourself

  • -2

    How big a area is covered - have a 15mx9m shed floor would love to epoxy..

    • Coverage: 42-46 square metres

      • Comments in previous deals suggested only half coverage was achieved or more correctly they needed to double the material

        • yes, do good prep work, and do extra coat for a long lasting job

  • I have a newly built house with garage. Do I need the same prep work before application?

    • +1

      Provided there is absolutely no oil/tyre marks etc. you probably won't need much cleaning (just high pressure wash) but you will need to etch otherwise the paint will not stick. Remember to let it dry completely (several days) after washing/etching - when you think the floor has dried out, tape down some clear plastic (larger is better, try for 500 x 500) and leave overnight. If ANY condensation is showing, it's not ready yet.

      On a related note, it's not advisable to paint over concrete for at least a 60 days (depending on weather) after pouring

    • +1

      Prep for any coating on a concrete floor should be grinding,or an acid wash. Generally less chance of issues with a grind, regardless of the state of concrete IMO.

  • Make sure not to use the 'flecks/sparkles' if you work on your cars. If you place any tools/sockets on the floor they become camouflaged

  • Hi OP, the top clear coat on the website is almost same price as this kit $299 for two garage. Is there any deal win this kit and top coat?

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