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[Refurb] Dell Latitude 7400 Laptop Touchscreen Core i5 8265U 16GB DDR4-2666MHz 256GB NVMe SSD $300 Delivered @ Bufferstock


We have this lot of Dell 7400 8th Gen touchscreen Laptops in excellent condition this week

Use code BSA20 to get it for $300

Comes with 16Gb (8gb x 2) 2666 MHZ RAM
256Gb Nvme SSD
Battery tested 80%+ Health
Comes with Win 11 Professional preloaded.
Includes 6 months Return to base warranty.

we also have a small lot of the Toshiba i7 2-in1 laptops left from the last offer

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    Can you get 16gb into the Toshiba?

    • Is the 8GB memory soldered, not upgradable in Toshiba?

  • +1

    Comes in at $328, not $299!

  • Pricing incorrect, it comes to $328

    • fixed now

      • @hunterzz Can you answer my query on the Toshiba please?

  • 2166 (website) or 2666 memory?

    • its 2666MHZ , updated now

      • Thanks

  • Power supply not included?

    • +1

      dell power adapter included

  • Delete

    • +1

      Use code BSA20 on checkout

  • +1

    What does excellent condition mean?

    • +1

      Grade A

      • +1

        What does Grade A mean?

        • +3

          excellent condition

  • -1

    Battery tested 80%+ Health

    That seems like a red flag? Isn’t 80% when the battery starts failing?

    • No.. when the batteries are at about 40% we start getting reports that they only last a couple of hours. The best this laptop will ever get is about 7-8hrs

  • Are these a standard 7400 with matte touchscreen, or 2-in-1 glossy screen models?

    • yep standard touchscreen Laptop , not the 2-in-1 model

  • FHD or 1366*768?

    • FHD

  • People want all bells and whistles for $300?

  • Can you charge the battery via USB (i.e. USB-PD) ?

    • Yes , has a USB-C charge port as well

      • Is it possible to buy a new replacement battery? Thanks.

  • Can this play Fallout 4?

  • +1

    Hi OP, I'm interested to get theToshiba i7 2-in1 laptops. But the information in the website is quite confusing. In the additional information, it said the processor is i7 4th gen (not 8th gen as stated in description section), operating system is Windows 10 (not Windows 11).

    Is it possible to get the clarification on which specification is correct? And is it possible to uograde the RAM to 16GB?

    Thank you.

  • Using my mobile phone, I'm in the checkout page and have selected the stripe payment method but it wouldn't let me fill up my card details. Have tried with desktop but when filling up my details, it wouldn't let me proceed without providing a password to sign up. It wasn't required signing up when using my mobile phone so I'm confused why it's forcing me to sign up when using desktop.

  • Hi @hunterzz, How many days to reach Melbourne metro once ordered.

  • +2

    Hi OP, tell me the model for the laptop as the pictures on the site seem to have different laptops for the same post.

  • I ordered this laptop, it came within a few days and is in fantastic condition, thanks @hunterzz

  • +1

    I have paid for my order however I am yet to receive the laptop or shipping information. Appreciate if you could please provide an update @hunterzz

    • Same here, sent an email last week with no response, filed a dispute last night and was refunded today with 'item is out of stock', at least that was prompt. Pretty sure more stock was added to the listing after I ordered, seems something went wrong and then no communication made it more of a waste of time.

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