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Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0151-88X Deep Gradient Blue Dial $380 Delivered or $361 with newsletter subscription @ Watson’s Jewellers


Cheapest price on the web currently, this colour normally sells for ~$450 on eBay. StarBuy doesn't have this colour in stock.

Only 6 in stock so hurry.

Mod 11am: Still 5 available after 3 hours of posting, mod discretion applied to keep it published as a deal.

Subscribe to news letter to receive a further 5% discount bringing the price down to $361, credit goes to @DaWarriorWithin

23/4 10:40pm: Only 3 left in stock

28/4 10:40pm: Only 2 left in stock

29/4 05:40pm: All gone

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  • Very tempting. I had a tiktok come up in my feed 5 mins ago saying "don't buy this, buy this instead" in reference to this vs a PRX.

    • Definitely this watch over the PRX, you can't beat the value. Don't get me wrong, the PRX is nice looking watch. I had a green PRX but then sold it because I found the bracelet to be a bit uncomfy and very cold in the winter.

  • Waiting for NK5010-51L to drop

    • I haven't seen it in person yet, but tbh it doesn't do it for me.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got a 5% newsletter discount to bring down to $361

  • Can’t decide between this and the 88L…

  • Received mine yesterday. This is the third Tsuyosa I've bought after yellow and tiffany blue, the dial is absolutely stunning.

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